Diya Aur Baati Hum 24th December 2012 Written Episode

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Written Update Episode starts with last day’s promo, Dhaisa comes and informs that a kakisa has just turned Dadisa, everyone take turns to congratulate her and Suraj says he will make ladoos and within 2-3 hours will make the ladoos reach their house, Suraj goes to shop but before going says to Sandhya that he will talk about her education just after he is done with those ladoos and retuning from shop will tell straightaway to Bhabo

Meena tries to hardsell saris to kakisa, says she should buy some new sarees khushi khushi

Bhabo says Sandhya to go and pay the electric bills, Sandhya goes away

Dhaisa asks Bhabo when they will get to hear some good news from SurYa end, and Bhabo as usual looks worried.

later, Bhabo asks Meena to go upstairs and take some clothes, Meena thinks that Bhabo is giving away sarees as gift and runs hard, but find Bhabo distributing baby clothes so gets disappointed

Full night college gang is coming to Rathi mansion to give Birthday surprise to Sandy

Bhabo shows an old cap of Suraj, Meena says it to give it to Sandhya as she will soon have child Bhabo says it is about time, and will give it to Sandhya only, and moreover says it is engraved with some silver artistic designs, Meena now asks it

Suraj was busy receving phone and didn’t notice them at first, and they goes in and knocks the door, Emily was saying they should have informed Sandy first, but Pappu said it is birthday surprise and so no need to fear about anything

Emily still says that Sandy is married, and her saas may have some problems if they go in as a whole gang like this, and Pappu says the saas is a rocket, he adds that the words fire out from Bhabo’s mouth like rocket taking off

Suraj finally notices them and runs but the door opens before that.

Luckily, Chaturi opens and says Sandy isn’t at home and has gone to market.

Bhabo says she will give the cap to Sandy only, Meena looks at it lustfully, and tries to take it from Bhabo on the sly, but Bhabo notices it and so she had to make excuse that it has got dropped

Suraj, seeing Chaturi comes forward and takes guard at the door says Sandy will take long time and they can come on another day, but Pappu says all have enormous free time and so they are willing to wait endlessly if possible

Pappu and others congratulate Suraj for SurYa baby, Suraj accepts the congratulation (Badhaai)

Sridhar Ji starts coughing, and Pappu looks for some water and asks Suraj to let them in and have some water, Suraj is confused and unsure about what to do.

Aare today I am also present, beside Pappu, watch out for the guy with spectacles

Bhabo who was busy chatting with Meena on balcony and hanging baby clothes, now spots Suraj near the door, and calls out Suraj, asks who is there near the door

Suraj says no one is there, Bhabo asks Suraj to come upstairs once, Suraj helplessly goes upstairs and Bhabo says if he can remember anything about the cap, Suraj says he remembers nothing, and Bhabo says he use it adore it in childhood days
Suddenly a hanging cloth falls off and near the door it went, Suraj was about to go, but Bhabo says him to open a box whose lock had got stuck and says she herself will go down.

Bhabo goes, and Meena is present as well, and they enquires about who are standing outside, Emily straightaway says they are income tax officers , Bhabo is confused Meena too doesn’t get it

Pappu too says everyone is from income tax department and Sridhar Ji is their senior officer who is leading the team and conducting the operation

Meena remembers some vague idea about tax officers which Vikram has told, and prays that those officers shouldn’t spell trouble for her.
Meena asks Bhabo to welcome the officers.

Bhabo is unsure as well, Suraj also hurriedly comes down, everyone manages to get inside and making fun by gesturing and talking in sign language.

Rathi members doesn’t notice, and Suraj thinks what for Emily told lies to Bhabo, gets confused

Precap–> Sandhya is retuning from market, when she spots the college gang going away from Rathi house, and the gang was in total masti, saying they had a good fun, befooled the people inside and taught them a lesson, Sandhya partly overhears it and fears for the worst

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