Mrs. Kaushik Ki Paanch Bahuein 27th December 2012 Written Episode

-It starts with everyone, except masa, dressing up as ghosts in the sangeet-mehendi function.

-Everyone is enjoying themselves in this new type of function. Aarti and her mother-in-law didn’t get as good dress as others, and they are upset because of that. Aarti says that her devil horns are broken too. She sees Komila’s mother’s horns and likes them. She asks her to them her, but Komila’s mother refuses as her horns are permanent while others are artificial. Aarti says how dare you to say no to me. She tries to pull off her horns. Komila’s mother somehow manages to run away from there.
-Radhe says to put the music on, and they dance on the song. Everyone is loving this ghosts theme, and enjoying themselves. Lovely and Karthik are trying to take photos of Komila’s family so they can prove to everyone that they are ghosts.

-Seeing Radhe and Komila enjoying, Billo decides to call some more ghosts to reveal the truth to everyone.
-Billo calls a ghosts couple who also join the party.
-They meet to everyone. They first chitchat with Gehna and Nimmi. Lady from ghost couple say them, you two look so young and beautiful, how come you’re from our group (ghosts)? Since when did you join? Gehna and Nimmi think, the lady ghost is asking since when they got married and came to house. They say 10 years. Ghosts wonder how come they never saw them before then. Gehna and Nimmi ask them from which side are they, bride’s side or groom’s. Ghosts are confused.

-Komila’s mother sees ghosts having conversation with Gehna and Nimmi on a right time. She goes there and says that they are her relatives. She takes the ghosts couple with her.
-Guy from the ghosts couple flirts with Aarti, and lady ghost sees that. She gets angry at her ghost husband and creates the drama in the function. She tells him, you insulted form of ghosts. Everyone wonders why did she say ghost. Komila tells Radhe, we are dressed up as ghosts today.. that’s why may be.
-Komila’s family take the ghost couple downstairs. Masa says that such a weird relatives they have. Ammasa supports masa saying how can behave like this in a function. Lovely and Karthik follow Komila’s family.
-Komila’s parents show disappointment in Billo’s behavior. Komila’s father says that he didn’t expect this from his sister. Billo says that they have to tell truth that they are ghosts to everyone. Lovely and Karthik hear this conversation from the stairs.
-Billo sees Karthik and Lovely, and they try to run. But Kaushik falls down from the stairs and gets unconscious. Komila’s family get worried. Komila’s father tells Lovely to bring water for Karthik.
-Komila says that she will go and tell Kaushiks, but her father stops her and says that they should not spoil their happiness, and instead they will take Karthik to the hospital.
-After Lovely leaves, Billo tells her family that Karthik and Lovely heard everything, and if they take him to the hospital, he will tell everything to everyone and this marriage won’t happen.
-Karthik is conscious, but he acts as if he’s unconscious to hear their conversation.
-Komila’s father says to Billo that it’s fine if this marriage doesn’t happen.. it’s fine if Komila doesn’t turn into a human being, and it’s fine if Komila’s family don’t get rest in peace.. but he can’t leave Karthik in such condition.
-Lovely comes back with water, and they throw water on Karthik’s face, but he remains unconscious.
-Komila’s father says that they will immediately have to take Karthik to some hospital that’s close to Kaushiks house. Lovely says, there is one beside a temple.
-Billo says to Komila’s father, then you can’t go there. Komila’s father says that no matter what he will take Karthik to the hospital. Lovely, Komila, and her father go with Karthik, while Komila’s mother and Billo stay at the Kaushiks house to make sure no one finds out about this else their happiness would turn into sadness.

Tomorrow: In the hospital, Komila tells Lovely-Karthik that she truly loves Radhe a lot. Lovely tells her that no matter how much you say, but the truth is that you’re a ghost. And marriage of a ghost and human is a big thing, so please tell all truth to Radhe.

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