Saath Nibhana Saathiya 1st January 2013 Written Episode

Episode starts with Urmila telling Rashi about Faguni how she acts rich and actually is a very poor .Puppy comes to Rashi . Rashi is confused why it came so early when she has left it in her room.Rashi thinks it wants ice-cream and keeps it to eat . But puppy leaves it . Rashi is confused what wrong with it . Rashi then places milk for it and it refuses it. Rashi is confused with what happened yesterday and today.Kokila comes there and asks what’s happening and rashi says she’s trying to feed milk . Kokila says it’s an animal and she said to not keep it in kitchen.Kokila asks what happened to her nails and rashi makes an excuse telling when she was cleaning it happened.Kokila says meera spends alot of time with her so she need to be cleaned and asks if she has cleaned the puppy . If she hasn’t then how can she become a good mother . Kokila says she will see when you clean it .Rashi follows Kokila .

Rashi is cleaning puppy and Kokila taunts saying to do it fast not slowly . Baa calls Kokila is about to leave . Rashi is about to go when Kokila says to clean again and do clean with soap . Rashi requests god to save her .K asks R what she is looking for and telling P not to follow her . R goes with it . R praises P that the polish didnt go and telling it really has become her champ. Rashi gives the puppy a wool and keeps it near bed and when she goes she sees a puppy again one with wool and other seperate one . Rashi is shocked.Rashi is on phone with Urmi and tells she has two dogs and asks what to do with both dogs . Urmi says leave the duplicate one out of MM and leave it somewhere on road or so . Scene shifts to Hetal who was showing her hand made socks to Kokila. Kokila praises Hetal.There Rashi comes with a basket and puppies starts barking . Kokila asks where she’s going.She says she’s going out , Kokila gives permission asks what’s with champ’s voice and rashi says it may have caught cold.Rashi is about to go when her saree gets stuck . She bends to correct it and the 2 puppies come out of the basket. A puppy goes to jigar who takes it and the other one goes to Kokila.Everyone shocked to see 2 puppies.Kokila asks how did 2 puppies ? and rashi tells how a vehicle was going to kill it so she saved it and couldn’t help so took it with her.Rashi asks Jigar what could she do after all she too is a mother . Hetal is pleased to here it .

Kokila asks why she didnt tell about it and rashi says she didnt want to distturb them thats why and is about to leave it outside . Hetal says why on road.Baa says to keep the puppy in MM too. Kokila asks why ? Baa says it will live with them and rashi would take care of it . Hetal says if 1 is living then why not .Kokila says if so then okay . Rashi says if they dont want she cant sacrifice and jigar says no if she wants it then it will stay here . Kokila warns rashi that puppies should stay away from meera.Baa says to name the second puppy too . Baa names it Sona. Meera starts crying . Kokila tells to wash her hand and go to handle meera to rashi. baa says the little ones are so fond of rashi .Rashi does some funny faces .Two puppies enter GoHem’s room . Rashi afraid of kokila shuts the door. Rashi tells if kokila comes 3 of them will be out .Meera is happy seeing the two puppies . Rashi says meera likes puppies ? and gopi too agrees . Kokila passing through gohem’s room hears dogs voice .

Precap: Gopi lies meera on craddle and goes to iron the clothes . Meera’s craddle screw is shown loosing

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