Pavitra Rishta 2nd January 2013 Written Episode

Part 1:
Episode begins with deshmukh house all family members are playing game.. The pillow is passing to each other.. Then pillow get to teju.. savita says now u r turns.. teju says I will dance.. She is doing dance. Then again game starts.. then manav gets pillow.. manav says aai I don’t know anything.. DK says u praise about u r wife.. He says I m so luck I got life partner as archana.. he praises about archana.. Then again game starts.. Pillow gets archu… teju says arjun u will do dance.. arjun refuse but teju says ok.. u play mouthorgan … purvi is remembering flashback scene.. arjun is looking at purvi while he is playing mouthorgan.. ovi notices arjun.. then ga,e again starts.. pillow gets to Damodar.. he says I will think my punishment. He does his act.. then game again starts.. then pillow gets to ovi.. teju says u sing a song.. ovi sand one bit of song.. Then game again starts.. Then pillow gets archu. Archu says in every womens life her kids are so important. . she says I m so luck I have soham, ovi, teju, sachin & purvi.. ovi looks upset….
Part 2:
Archana says purvi .. she says when all my kids had away from me that time purvi gives me good mother’s experience.. she says purvi gives me love a lot.. ovi is looking annoyoing at purvi & she leaves.. In ovi’s room ovi is packing her materials in her suitcase.. archu came & asks what happen ovi..? ovi says aai I don’t want to stay here.. she says now u decide one slecet eiter me or purvi.. I saw u love so much purvi.. archu says no.. I can’t do differences in my childs.. ovi says if purvi will stay here I will not stay here anymore.. she tells purvi was staying in Kolkata na so why she is now coming back?? Ovi says to archu that u say to purvi leave this house… archu says ok.. I will say to purvi leave but when sulochana will come back from her threet yatra… but till purvi will stay here. ovi says ok.. then archana says to ovi that I want to tell u one thing that u trust on arjun.. please ovi u don’t lose u r faith on arjun.. then archu leaves..
Next moring manav is sitting in hall. Teju gives tea to manav.. he says so strange.. he sees teju & says u made tea for me.. manav says yes I like u r tea.. teju says u only say good for not hurting me.. manav says u want to know what happened in office in between me & sunny?? Teju says no.. but manav says I like sunny.. his honesty.. he is so hardworking boy.. manav says to teju u told about my life to sunny.. teju refuse to says that now I never told about u to sunny.. manav remembering that sunny said to him that manav is his inspiration… manav says strange.. he knows about my past also.. teju says may he collect all information.. manav praises about sunny & teju is looking happy…
At karankar house vinod arrives in house.. manju & her friends are sitting in hall. Vinod invites all manju’s friend for punni’s engagement.. then he goes inside in his room. Manju friend asks now u have no problem in with us bcoz u r husband had problem with us in this house.. so strange.. manju says I will come back within 5 mins.. manju goes inside & vinod says to manju that I got new job.. so u eat this sweets.. punni says congrats baba.. manju says where..?? she asks what is u r salary now?? Vinod says now I will get double salary.. I got job in construction side.. manju says may be u got job bcoz of manav.. but vinod says now they had called me for job.. he says Mr malik’s company name.. punni is remembering that Mr malik told her that he had recently took over one construction company.

Part 3:
Vinod says they have given job to me after my interview. Punni says but baba.. manju says punni.. & says to vinod that she will go outside now & I will distribute this sweets to my friends..
At deshmukh house purvi is calling to onir.. but he does not pickuping the call.. then she calls at onir’s clinic.. but onir agains ingnore the call… then teju came & says to teju u are talking with onir na. purvi says no.. they are not pick up my call.. teju says I hope Dr onir will come Mumbai soon.. I know they have refused to treat ovi but I know onir will come in Mumbai.. teju asks I know u r rishta is so strong na.. purvi says to herself that u don’t know teju.. in between me & onir everything is not fine.. she says to herself but I know they will melt to see ovi’s complications & they will come Mumbai to treat ovi.

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