Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 2nd January 2013 Written Episode

Avantika asks everyone to stop arguing, says she won’t listen to anybody, and thanks PaYa for making the Anniversary memorable, and leaves the scene. Nana asks for forgiveness from the Guptas, Dada Ji says it is not his fault but due to unlucky stars they aren’t quite enjoying and bonding everytime they meet. Dada Ji asks Pankuri to stay on as she is the one who can mend the relationship and make the Diwans united again, so Guptas bless Pankuri and leaves. Guptas take leave and Nana is left shattered, Harish was leaving as well when Anuj accosts him and asks him to reveal everything, they had a scuffle, and others rush in to control both, gradually everyone leaves with the exception of Maasi & PaYa. Maasi leaves, Adi says he doesn’t believe in the allegation but is shocked at the turn of events and suspects Maasi having an affair with Dad (Harish). Pankuri asks Adi to have faith in their relation in such a manner, and says as he didn’t believe in the words of Geeta, he should not pass any judgement without knowing the bottom of the matter, and without getting to know the truth. Adi says how long will he wait for truth and moreover both Maasi and Harish were silent all the while, so he suspects the worst. Pankuri advices him to stay with Harish for few days so that he can get to know what happened for which Preety Maasi had to undergo abortion, and moreover Harish needs his support. Adi says right now his Mom needs his support but Pankuri makes him understand that she is there, Nana is there for Avantika, but Harish is all alone, and asks Adi to keep faith in her.

Avantika is crying in her room, Pankuri comes, Avantika asks Pankuri to leave her alone & asks her to enjoy her life with Adi. Moreover, she is not going to believe in Pankuri telling something on behalf of Harish and says she can take care of herself. Pankuri tries hard to console Avantika, but Avantika says she is neither believing in allegations regarding her family, nor will she try to keep her away from Adi, and she may do what she wants

Adi comes up and says Avantika that he is there by her side to support her and he will listen to whatever she says, and will stand by her decisions.

Adi has flashbacks of the day while getting in car and closes car door in disgust and frustration. Preety Maasi too has flashbacks.

Rubel and Mami intentionally argues among themselves, and Rubel shouts that Avantika did so many things for family, but Maasi is such thankless that she had an affair with Harish & separated them, also says Maasi should either leave the house & go elsewhere if she has little bit of shame Maasi listens that and thinks of doing something

Precap Shanky tells Pankuri that Preety’s door has been closed for long, Pankuri gets anxious and bangs door of Massi’s room calling her, Nana too comes up & everyone is tensed and anxious.

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