Balika Vadhu 21st January 2013 Written Episode

cene started with last epi’s trick of shiv, anandi spoke out that she loves shiv a lot too. Shiv smirks, anandi stunned. Shiv said shivraj shekher is here in front of her n asked her to say how much she loves him. Anandi blushed n walked away. Shiv laughs.

At haveli, sumi n gehena r making pickles, all r present there. Ds asked j that in laxmibug there must haven’t any facilities. Jag said he never paid attentions to that, may be coz he was doing the work there which he always wanted to do, to help ppl as doc. Bhairon said he has full faith in him.suddenly ds noticed a burnt mark on jag’s arm. Jag lied but thought that it was mark of his mistake (ganga’s incident where he helped her hubby to find her thinking she is mentally imbalance) which he did again n is in guilt too.

AnSh reached CH. Anandi explained all things to choti maa. choti maa is very happy n said it’s a very good gift for her family for sankranti. She informed that this time ira wants to celebrate the festival in a grand way in Udaipur. Ansh r happy. Choti maa asked anandi whether she knew how to fly the kite. Anandi blurted out while talking that she cudnt ,even jagiya tried a lot to make her learn. But covered up later by saying she can only hold the “charkha”. Shiv told that he will make her learn how to fly the kite, will make her an expert n she is appointed as his official charkha holder. Cm told her that it will be very difficult for her to hold shiv’s charkha as he used to scold saanchi a lot while running with kite here n there. Anandi happily agreed to shiv’s proposal.

At haveli, at the dinner everyone fed jagiya his fav dishes by their hands. Jagiya got emotional feeling how badly he behaved with them. All consoled him. He said that hecant change the past but can make his future better. He promised that now on his every step will be in right direction, will maintain the honor of the family.

At laxmibug, padma n ratan r irrritaed due to ganga’s baby’s crying. Padma gave ganga her baby to make him stop crying. She said some bad words for the baby. Ganga got angry n asked her not to say that otherwise she will kill her. Padma was furious n threatened her that she has to pay for it.

Sumi was very happy. Bhiron asked her whats the coz as he didn’t see her so happy from a long time. Sumi told that she just came from jagiya’s room n made him drink the glass of milk like before. She is happy that everything is back to normal like before. Bhiron said indeed after anandi’s bidaai, there was emptiness in haveli but it was filled now due to jagiya. Sumi said she used to cursed that how can she gave birth a child who can never do anything good for anyone but now she has no feelings like that. Bhairon agreed n shared a plan to make jagiya happy. Both decided to give him as surprise.

Precap- ds invites meenu,saanchi n ansh to haveli for sankranti. Ira gets hyper on ph while talking to meenu that y didn’t menu tell ds that its ansh’s 1st sankranti here in udaypur too after their marriage. How can everything will be so dull in Udaipur.

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