Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 19th February 2013 Written Episode

Kapoor Mansion:

Episode starts with Ram addressing Priya as Mrs. Kapoor as everybody looks on them smilingly. Ram and Priya too smiles while BALH music in the BG playing. Ram asks her hand in silence and Priya gives her hand and they head towards the door while holding hands. They leave the Kapoor Mansion.
Ayesha opens the folded papers and reads. She says Oh God Ram gives me all his property. She gives shocked expressions. and Every present there gives angry looks. Ayesha says It means Ram knew that I will ask his property. Sudhir says angrily that yes Ram knew that you will choose his property over him because he had full faith on priya and his love.

Ram and Priya on the Road:

Meanwhile Priya and Ram on the road roaming. Priya says when people used to give valentine day cards etc, I dont believe them. read full written update only at but today is important for us. today is the new beginning of our life. From today whatever will happen we will handle together.

In the Background, sudhir says this is Ram and Priya. somewhat strange and different for us. And there love is different. When they met, people said that after one gets old then there is no love but compromise in the marriage. but they shows us that love do exist even if people marry at nearly old age. they do met up for someone else, it started with a compromise but ended up in true love. It shows us the flash back scene of their marriage. He says that the two of them have everything because they are together. they shows us that love is not the one where people make tajmahal but love is what people sell themself for their love. Ram and Priya shows us that love can happen at any time at any place at any age.

Ram and Priya go to kulfi stall and ask for 1 kulfi. They share kulfi together.

Sudhir house:

Pihu, Nats, Sudhir and Shipra came back home. Shipra asks Sudhir what Ram has done. Why did he give his everything to Ayesha. How will he handle now. read full written update only at I am troubled. Nats says me too. Bhai decision is emotionally ok but practically it doesnt make sense. Ayesha doesnt deserve this. Sudhir says Ram did give everything for Priya and his love and we have to support them and we cant do any other thing.

Ram and Priya on the road and Priya waving to the auto and Neha comes there.
and tells them you come to my home. they say we will not come with you. Neha says come home and we will figure it out. Priya says we thought of going to Papa’s place and then decide. Neha says why is the need of formality. Then they agrees and go to Neha’s place.

Kapoor Mansion:

Mamaji congratulates Ayesha on her achievements. Ayesha says thanks to you because of you it was possible. Ayesha says I am overdoing it. Ayesha then insults him and ask him to do as she say and he agrees. Mamaji thinks what she will do with Sid is a sure to watch.

Sudhir house:

Ram and Priya comes to Sudhir house and they decide to pack the clothes. Pihu asks Ram that is your money over. Pihu sais I heard when others was talking. Ram says I will not be able to give you toys and all. Pihu says its ok as long as you will be with me and my mumma. Ram smiles and ask Pihu to go and Pack your bag.

Sudhir and Shipra confronts Ram to rethink about his decision. Priya says I am with Ram decision. Shipra says after 10-15 days you will come to terms with your new choice of life. Now there might be so many relatives but you have to do your own things.

Shipra says life does rot yo wel with talLs. Pihu is yrawiny and what is luxury for you is the necessity for Pihu. Ram says we Lnow that what is easy to say is difficult to do, but Priya and I can do. We have the couraye to do on our own. pis trust us and we will handle everythiny. Priya says I dont Lnow what will happen tomorrow but whateever will happen will be yocd. I love Mr. Kapoor and not his money. I am happy hat Ram is with me, with Pihu. My life is complete and money dont matter to me.
Nats comes with Pihu stuff.

Sudhir says where were you yoiny Ile this. This house is yours and you shall stay with us. And Ram how can you thinE. that you stay at some other place. Priya says Nh.ha ash. us to stay at her home. Ram says it is all about our self respect. we want to do or our cwn. Priya says we Lnow that you are with us and this house is ours and we can come has at anytime. you dont have to tell this but me and Mr. Kapoor want this to be our be cur struggle and we want to do it cur way together. Ram asL priya shall we leave and they leaves with Pihu.

Sid house

Sid owner ash him to leave his hcuse or else give him all the rent. Ayesha ccmes there, and gives him the money andd says ..cnt bother him for nerL time. Sid thanLs her Ayesha says till what time you will stay in this small house. our plan is successful. Ram give ma Lapoor mansion. I am the owner of Kapoor industries tco. we got everything we wanted. Ram is now on the road. Sid dont believe her than finAy he says we will rocL now and rule the world. HP sap I am VPrki happki to:lay.we got heaven.

Ayesha calls Soumya and Rishabh and they enters with Mamaji. Ayesha ash Rishabh to dont come to office from tomorrow. She says Mamay will handle your jcb. you have other opportunties. you -Labe a breaL for some days. Soumya and Rishabh looL at each other and asEs what you wanna W. Ayesha Ws them st,e dont want to see his face in the &ice. Soum k d CIS.S LU .C1 . you want. Ayesha then says to Soumya to shift hcr room to the 9round floor Rishabh asL Scumya to come with him and they leave the room. A9esha than say to Mamaji. yai will handle the office frcm tomorrow. She thints everything is happening according to my wisiles. I am loving it. The screen Freezes on her cunning smiling face.

Precap. Priya says to Ram that I came In your life when you was already The Mr. Ram Kapoor. Ram says now soe your Ram Lapoor is in this condition. Priya says so what yai will again beccme The Mr. Ram Kapoor. If you was not with me then. Priya says why you are thinLing liLa this.She says Relationship beauty is not with standing on the destination but with being together in reaching the destnation.

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