Balika Vadhu 2nd March 2013 Written Episode

Part 1:

Shiv finishes his tea and is about to leave. He once again asks Sumitra (S) and Bhairon (B) not to let Anandi (A) find out what happened. S and B assure him she won’t. Daasisa (DS) shouts for B & S and Shiv goes upstairs with them too. They go to Basant (V) and Gehna (G)’s room. DS scolds them that since Anandi has left the house, everyone has changed. Earlier she used to know everything but now such a big thing they’ve hidden from her. Everyone looks guilty. She continues to berate them for keeping secrets from her. Shiv looks uncomfortable. B tries to awkwardly explain but DS cuts him off saying she found out everything for herself. She questions V as to why he is going against nature and treating G thus. V is shamefaced.

Just then Jagya (J) comes in and DS exclaims that she should’ve known he was behind the whole show. J calmly and clearly explains the situation. DS is adamant that there are natural laws governing such things and one shouldn’t go against them. J continues to explain that there is nothing unnatural about the process of IVF and here also nature’s laws work as some are able to get pregnant and some aren’t. V jumps in and says this is the reason they didn’t tell her beforehand. They didn’t want to give her any false hopes and he apologizes. DS seems consoled. In her gruff way she scolds G for hiding it all from her and says if she’d known how much G was going through then she could’ve taken care of her better. G tells her how sad she was to hide all this but now she won’t hide anything. DS is happy and they hug. All are happy that DS has come around. DS prays that their wish comes true and then goes on to tease V & G.

Shiv goes to leave but Ds stops him. She asks him when she will be hearing ‘good news’ from his side. Shiv is somewhat taken aback. DS gushes that she wants to play with his and A’s kids before she gets too old and is unable to. B & S are uncomfortable and so is J. Shiv shyly tells her that everything is in God’s hands. DS blesses him and A and he leaves. DS once again blesses G and shoos all out of the room so she can rest. V & G are relieved.

Ira (I) clears up everything with Alok. She is repentant of having interfered in AnSh’s personal matter. Alok consoles her. She wants to apologize to Sumi in person. Meenu (CM) is happy and says once A comes back they’ll surely go and apologize.

Part 2:

In haveli, all are sitting. Ganga (Ga) comes there and DS tells her that from now on she won’t do too much work in the kitchen. Ga is tensed and asks if she’s made any mistake but she is assured that is not the case. DS wants her to concentrate on her studies with the books J has brought. Ds gives A example, saying they encouraged her in the same way and now look what heights she has reached. DS tells Ga education is the key to her freedom and happiness. Ga is overwhelmed at their love and care. She is doubtful of her abilities to study and wonders if the one who she’s doing all this for, her son…if she’ll ever get him. J soothes and encourages her to hope for the best.

DS calls Ga to sit near and explains to her that to be totally free from Ratan Singh (RS) she’ll have to legally divorce him. Ga is shocked and so are the others.

Part 3:

DS encourages Ga to divorce RS. She asks the other if she has said anything wrong. All are in agreement with DS. Ga says she has been divorced from RS since the day he got remarried so what difference does a piece of legal paper make? J tells her it will make a big difference as she’ll be better able to get her son back. Ga says it’s very difficult as she has dreamed of dying a married woman. She says she won’t be able to do it and runs away from there. J runs after her.

S says Ga may have made A her role model but it’s very difficult for everyone to take the path A has. One needs a lot of courage to do what A has done.


Jagya is saying to Ganga that Ratan Singh was her husband after all. Ganga says he wasn’t her husband but her purchaser. He did whatever he wanted with her. She wonders why she is finding it so hard to move on. Jagya says it’s because from childhood they’re taught that marriage happens only once. He tells her that this isn’t true though. It’s better to break a relationship which only causes pain. Ganga stares at him.

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