Qubool Hai 11th March 2013 Written Episode


Episode starts with Ayaan accusing Asad saying that he has proven that their relationship is nothing else but that of step brothers.Ouch Asad is crying and turns to see Ayaan but finds him going in anger and he is helpless.Cry

Ayaan and Shireen are discussing about what to be done , how to save Rashid when Ayaan recollects about Zoya. Zoya was once talking to him about the mysterious doll.Approve And he exclaims to find it out, but Momani is hearing their convo from behind.Angry

Asad is sad,Unhappy and Tanveer comes to cheer him up. She asks him to sing a song on the guitar. He sings "Zindagi Ki Yahi Reet Hai" thereby Tanveer is trying to resolve the issues between him and Dilshad.Smile He hugs Dilshad while singing the song, he is crying but at the same time hugging Najma, Dilshad and Tanveer hugs them as well.Hug Zoya finds him singing, she also has tears in her eyes and is about to leave when Tanveer holds her hand and makes her stand near Asad.Embarrassed Both have a Mitwa eye contact and there ends the song sequence.Blushing

There, Momani is thanking God for not bringing Badi bi back to senses and calls up Billo Rani to ask how much has she proceeded in her mission of finding the doll. Stern Smile Billo on the other side replies her saying that the doll has gone misplaced.(voice is similar to Tanveer..Ermm)

At home, Tanveer is trying to recollect Dilshad , how she used to enjoy having sweet dishes made by her during her childhood days.Tongue Here comes Asad, and Tanveer starts teasing him by his old name Jammy. She tries to remind him how he was so fond of Jam, but on Najma’s notice she comes to know he stopped having jam because of his fitness reasons.Cool

Now starts the ignorant session of Asad towards Zoya,Ouch he tells Tanveer that sometimes people should leave those habits which are not good for them even if they like it alot.Sleepy He serves her breakfast, and Zoya is getting jealous.Broken Heart Tanu and Asad start having the bread toast and stuffs in a proper manner, watching them Zoya also tries to have in the same way, but fails..Tongue Tanu gets choked and Asad gives her water, watching that Zoya also pretends to cough harder, Asad gets irritated and picks up the jug of water, but to Zoya’s dismay Najma hands over a glass of water and not Asad. Asad is not even looking at her, he is too busy with Tanveer.Pinch Zoya is sad.OuchBroken Heart Asad asks Tanveer to come along so that he can show her the rest of the house.Tongue


Asad asks Tanveer if she still writes shayaris in her small diary and she replies that yes & all because it was Asad who taught her how to frame them..Wink Hearing this Zoya whose following them, says that even she loves to frame shayaris and there she starts with a funny one which freaks Asad out.Tongue He tells her
"Shayari to suit the senses and Shayari to torture the senses mein bohot farak hota hai". LOL This saddens Zoya but she still keeps trying her luck in attaining Asad’s reaction,Ouch when she finds the maid Billo watching them.Geek Billo tells her that the gas cylinder has got over and says that he will order for a new one, but Tanveer instantly replies that she will fix it up, when Zoya again tries to gain attention a*nd tells that she will fix it.LOL This shocks Dilshad who reminds her that if she remembers , there are no gas cylinders in New York, so how is she going to do that..Confused Zoya replies syaing that there is nothing that she cannot *do and she has her magical i-pad that has solution to everything.Tongue Zoya leaves from there and thinking Asad may notice her this time, she purposely drops her i-pad on the dining table thinking he may come to help her, but to her dismay Tanveer comes to help her.Ouch She tells her that she is miss perfectionist and she loves cleaniness alot.ROFL This shocks Asad who even hears it standing far away, thanks to Ms. Farooqui and her huge vocal..LOL

In the living room, Zoya is all set to go out along with Najma, and she tells Dilshad that she has fixed the gas cylinder. Embarrassed She purposely exclaims Tanveer that she and Najma are best friends and they always go out together.LOL She then looking at Asad tells Dilshad that she wil return home safely and not to worry about her. She continues blabbering to Tanveer that Dilshad gets worried for her as she loves her alot. All this time Asad is just making helpless faces as he is used to her behavior.LOL Dilshad wants to go to the doctor and Tanveer insists her to go along with Asad. She stays back in the house by herself saying she needs to complete her boutique work.Ermm


Someone is shown trying to find something in the kitchen and then moving towards a room, Geekwhen Tanveer opens the room door finding Billo out there.Stern Smile She asks her what is she searching for in such a hurry? and Billo replies by saying that she is not in a hurry she is just cleaning and doing her work. Momani on the call tells someone to burn Asad’s house if she is not finding the doll.Shocked


All are in the living room except Dilshad.Stern Smile Tanveer smells some foul smell and asks Asad if he can smell that too. Asad is trying to smell what that is and they realise its gas leakage smell. Zoya and all are shocked. Dilshad is in the kitchen trying to light the matchstick unknown about the fact that the gas is leaking.

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