Choti Bahu 1st June 09 – Written Update

Part 1

The episode begins with Radhika looking stunned at Dev. Radhika begins to walk away, when Dev stops her. Dev says Aise Kaide ja sakti ho tum, abhi abhi to tumne apne dil ki baat kahi hai na (how can you go like this, just now you told what was in your heart). Jo baat, mere jine ke liye zaroori thi, aaj tumne woh keh di, yeh pal mujhe jhi bhar ke jee lene do (the words that were important for me to live, you said those today, please let me live these moments to my heat\’s content). Radhika looks upset. Dev comes closer and says kaho na jo abhi abhi tumne kaha (say what you said again). Radhika turns away and says nahi main yeh nahi keh sakti, bhavnayon mein behke jo mujhse galti ho gayi hai, main woh phir se  nahi daurana chahti (no i can\’t say it again, the mistake i made due to my emotions, i don\’t want to repeat those words again. Dev says mistake, you call this a mistake? This is the most beautiful moment of my life Radhika that the person who I love, also loves me. Radhika turns around and says jis sach se apno ko dukh pahaunche woh galat nahi to aur kya hai (the truth that brings pain to out loved ones, if not a mistake, then what is it?). Dev says whatever happened till now was a mistake. He says since the day I saw you, I dream of you, but maybe fate didn\’t agree and we were separated but if our paths have met now then…Radhika says our paths are still separate, you wanted to know the truth, so I said it, but now we have to continue on our own path. Dev is shocked and says why are you saying this. Radhika says Ma-Babuji trusted me and kept me here and what have I given them, just dhoka (mistrust). She says even you are with me away from your family, is this not a dhoka. Dev says I have not given anyone dhoka, you knew from before I loved you and not Vishaka and to find out this truth became the reason for my existance. Radhika says you have found out the truth, you have found the reason to live now. Radhika cries and says aapka dil na toote, isliye maine apne gharwalon ka vishwaas todh diya (by not breaking your heart, i broke the trust my family had in me). Dev looks upset.

In Vrindavan, Shastriji is feeding Devki food to break the fast. He blesses her and says now let\’s call Vishaka and congratulate and bless her on finishing her fast successfully. Amma says yes even I was thinking of the same. In the purohit house, Vaishali tells Dadi, I cannot find him, don\’t know what to do. Vishaka says I cannot find him. Arjun says Dev didn\’t go to the office today and no phone of him. Chacha says Dev isn\’t a kid, he must have gone somewhere, don\’t worry about him, what about all the women who have assembled to break their fast, does not look nice in a Rajpurohit house. He should have knows that this is the time to break the fast, today he is the Rajpurohit. Dadi says, you are right. Vishaka looks upset. Dadi says Choti Bahu can wait a while longer.

Part 2

All the women are doing pujas with their husbands, Viashali asks Dadi that it is Vishaka\’s first fast and all this is happening. Dadi says maybe what Chacha/Sushil says was right. Birju also comes and says he couldn\’t find Dev either, his phone is in his room ringing. Vishaka says she will go search and leaves. Deepika asks Dadi if she can eat since she has broken her fast, Dadi says yes.Vishaka says where is Dev atleast he should have shown his face, I could have eaten. Just then the phone rings, it is Shastriji, he congratulates Vishaka and asks if she broke her fast. Vishaka says where, the person whose face I have to see and break my fast, he has disappeared. Shastriji is shocked and says it out loud. Amma and Devki look shocked too. Shastriji says, don\’t worry he will come, must have gone out. Vishaka says he wasn\’t feeling well, he couldn\’t have gone out. Shastriji says don\’t worry and puts the phone down and tells Amma & Devki. Shastriji says don\’t worry maybe God is testing Vishaka and says please go put the food, I will go out and feed the cows.Devki says, I know why this is happening. Amma sarcastically says yes yes I know you know why this is happeneing, now go and serve food. Devki looks worried.

Dev comes towards Radhika and says dekho roh mat, tumhare aasoon chubte hain Radhika (don\’t cry please, your tears really prick me) I cannot see you crying Radhika. Radhika says if you don\’t want to see my cry, please try not to come near me, whateevr you wanted me to confess, I did. You said it would be enough if you knew I loved you, now you know, please don\’t expect more than than from this relationship. Now please let\’s go towards home everyone is waiting. Radhika moves forward towards the house, dev starts coughing, she turns back and says why are you waiting here, you heard what you want to hear and you fulfilled your dare, now please come inside and break your fast.Dev says I will break my fast but first you break your fast here with me. Radhika is shocked and says how can this be possible, you have  to break your fast with Vishaka. Dev says I don\’t know all that but I will break the fast only with you. Dev says after sometime, come to the back garden, Radhika says no, I won\’t and leaves. Dev is about to faint, she looks back and runs towards him and catched him and holds him up. Mrinalini is smiling and clicking pictures of them hugging.

Part 3

Dadi and Vaishali are walking and Mrinalini stops them and says, I have a very interesting thing to show you. Dadi says we do not have time to hear this interesting this. Mrinalini says if you don\’t have the time, then atleast see it. Mrinailini opens her phone to get the pictures but cannot find it. Vaishali says we don\’t have the time, when you find it show it to us. Just then vivek comes and says Mrinalini, I have something important to talk to you about. Mrinailini says not now, I am busy. Vivek says I have to talk to you now and holds her hand down with the phone and says I have to talk to you right now. Everyone is shocked including Mrinailini. Dadi says Mrinalini don;t make a scene, go talk to him. Dadi and Vaishali leave. Mrinailini is angry.Mrinalini and Vivek are in their room, she is asking what was the urgent talk that couldn\’t wait. I was going to tell Dadi and Vaishali something important, you don;t know what is happeneing under your own nose. Vivek says, you think that way but the truth is I know everything. Mrinalini says oh really, then we will then tell them together, you tell one line, I will tell one line.

Vivek says, no you will not, Dev and Radhika\’s relationship is pure, you are not worthy of even talking of it. Mrinailini says oh ya whatever your brother does is fine, if I have to talk about him I need to go ganga snaan(bath). Vivek says what you don\’t know about, you don\’t have the right to give that relationship a bad name. Mrinailini says I don\’t need to do research on his relationship that I have to understand him. Mrinailini is about to leave, Vivek says if you tell anyone about their relationship, I will tell everyone about you and Arjun. Mrinalini is shocked. Vivek says why are you quiet now, you were saying that I don\’t know anything in my own house. I know everything but yet I was quiet. I was just blaming my wheelchair. If you tell anyone about Dev and Radhika, even I will tell everyone about you. Mrinalini says baazi to tumne palat di, par is waqt Dev aur Radhika garden mein hai. dono almost ek dusre ke bahon mein the (you have changed the game, but right now Dev and Radhika are in the garden, both were in each other arms almost). Vivek is shocked. Mrinailini says I have shot the entire video on my phone. Vivek says if Dadi sees this video, it will not be good for you.

Meanwhile, Radhika tells Dev, please go in, everyone is waiting for you. Dev says, I have so much to talk to you about, I have waited months for this moment. You just told me you love me, I have suffered a lot because of this and I am sure you have to right? Radhika looks down. Dev says I wasnt to know of every moment you spent in my love. Radhika says the moment I accepted my love for you has now passed (Dev looks so upset) and it is better if we don;t talk about it again. Dev comes towards her that the feelings and emotions that have been pent up inside for so many months, today when it\’s come out you want to hide them again? , . Radhika says this is not the time, your wife is waiting for you and so is everyone else. Dev says fine, I will go inside and even break my fast but as I said come to the garden behind, you will come na. Radhika says no, we have to stop meeting alone.Just then Dev and Radhika hear someone approaching and see the doors open. Vishaka opens the door and calls out for Dev. Dev is holding Radhika and sitting behind the tree. Vishaka turns around but doesn\’t see them and walks inside.

Part 4

Radhika is aware she is so close to Dev and moves away and says please go inside, everyone is waiting for you. dev says I will go, but you have to meet me here to break my fast. Radhika is shocked. Vaishali tells Dadi both Dev and Viashali have kept such hard fasts, they should have broken it first. Dadi says don\’t worry Vaishali, everythign will be ok.  Meanwhile Mrinalini is looking at Dadi\’s hand, the phone she had given Dadi with Radev footage is not with Dadi. Mrinalini is walking down, just then Vivek asks Dadi about Mrinailini\’s phone. dadi says it was with me but I think I might have given Vaishali. Just then Vishaka walks in and Vaishali asks if she saw Dev.

Just then Dev walks in, Vivek is looking at him. Mrinailini is upset on seeing him and walks away. dadi and Vaishali both run toward him and ask him where did you disappear and keep us worried Dev? Dev says worried? Dadi says Choti Bahu has not broken her fast and you are not well and you are asking us why we were worried? Dev says I was just in the garden, I was felling suffocated. Vaishali says why didn\’t you tell us. Dev is catching his ears and smiling (so cute!) Dadi says I was so afraid, Dev replies you and afraid, aap bahadur pote ki bahadur daadi hain (you are a brave grandma of a brave grandson). Dev promises he will never do it again, Vaishali asks Dadi to not be angry and see he looks so  maybe his prayer got answered. Dadi looks at him, Vishaka is also looking shocked. Dev is telling Dadi now my Dadi doesn\’t love me anymore, so i thought I would go. dadi hold his ears, and says you joking with me, you kept choti bahu hungry, now go and break the fast. Dev says michievously, ya ya I am going, why you screaming?

Vishaka and few other women are breaking the fast, Vishaka feeds Dev but he takes the sweet and holds it in his hand. Radhika sees it (cute scene, her pallu falls down from her head). Dev insteads feeds Vishaka. dev looks back at Radhika, she turns away.vivek asks Vaishali where Mrinalini\’s cell phone is, Vaishali says yes, I had it, it is on the sofa. Mrinalini is watching as Vivek is searching for it. Just then he sees the servants holding the cell phone.

Part 5

Vivek stops the servants and is trying to locate the servant with the phone. The servant meanwhile goes and hands the phone to Deepika. Deepika says no, it\’s not mine, but keep it with yourself, if someone asks me I will tell them to get it from you. Back in Vrindavan, Amma asks Devki to call Vishaka since she did not call back, asks her to use the chutki phone(cell phone) or her in laws will think we are calling late at night. Devki calls and Vishaka picks up, Devki asks if Dev was found. Vishaka says yes he was. Devki asks why you didn\’t call then, we were so worried. Vishaka says aren\’t you happy he was found, you are just upset that I didn\’t call. Vishaka then says I am hungry,please tell Babuji that we found him and she keeps the phone down

Amma tells Devki you are simply getting upset for nothing, Devki says Vishaka is more interested in eating than in meeting Dev and this sudden disappearance, I see God\’s hand in this. Amma says no nothing like that, with that puja, it so happened that the fire went out, but now nothing wrong will happen. Now whatever will happen will happen according to my wishes and my plans never go to waste, with by plan Vishaka\’s marraige will be saved and there will be happiness too.

Back in Delhi, everyone is getting ready to eat, Vishaka tells Radhika to go help serve everyone food since all the married women are eating after 3 days. Vishaka gets a call and she says I will be back. Dev is sitting with Chacha and Arjun and Radhika starts serving them as well. After she serves Dev, they look at each other, Mrinalini observes them.Radhika walks away and Dev keeps looking. Just then Birju comes to Dev and says someone has come to meet you. Vaishali stops Dev and asks him to go eat and someone else will meet that person. Dev says no, I know who has come, let me go meet him.

It is KESHAV! Dev asks Keshav, you were going to come in the evening right, how come you came so late. Keshav says I was late leaving Vrindavan. Your name is Keshav chaube right? Dev then introduces Birju to him and says this will be our trust\’s charted accountant, Vishaka\’s father knows him. Dev says I have made arrangements for him to stay in the out-house and told the servants to clean it; please take him there. dev then asks if he will have dinner, Keshav says no, he had something on the way. Dev says ok, you must be tired, please freshen up and I will have something sent to your room. Keshav thanks Dev and says Shastriji was right, in one moment, you make someone your own. Dev says Shastriji is so nice, now you go rest, I will talk to you tomorrow.

Everyone has finished eating, Dadi asks Mrinalini if she got her phone. Mrinalini looks at Vivek.

Part 6

Dadi asks Mrinalini weren\’t you goign to show me something on your phone? Vivek looks alarmed. Mrinalini says yes the phone , it is lost, it will turn up somewhere. Deepika asks Mrinalini, that was your phone, I know where it is. Deepika then asks the servant for the phone and takes it. Vaishali then asks Deepika to do something and Deepika asks Vaishali to give the phone to Mrinalini. Vaishali is looking at the phone. vivek asks Vaishali for the phone, meanwhile Vaishali hands the phone to Birju to give Vivek. Birju then walks towards the servants and Mrinalini tries to take the phone out of his hand while is talking to them. Finally Mrinalini asks Brju for the phone, and Birju says yes, I will give it to Vivek and then gives him the phone. Mrinalini and Vivek look at each other, Mrinalini seems upset, Vivek goes towards her and says don\’t try doing this again, remember if you try to ruin other reputation, you will lose your own house as well.

Birju calls out to Radhika and asks if he can take the water jug. Radhika sees the jug and blanket in his hand and asks who the blanket is for. Birju says it is for the new accountant staying in the out-house. Birju says you know him since he is from Vrindavan. Radhika asks what is his name? Birju doesn\’t remember so he says ask him when you meet him tomorrow, he then leaves.

Vivek comes back to his room, closes the door and then opens the phone to see the pictures. He sees the pictures and is shocked. He says I need to talk to Dev before it is too late, is the rest of the family has seen him then god knows what would have happened. I am sure he will listen to me, but where is he right now? Dev is shown sitting in the garden swing, Radhika is shown walking around in the house thinking (baawre naina is playing in the background). Dev gets up and walks around in the garden. Radhika is near the Radha-Krishna temple in the living room and is praying.

Part 7

Dev suddenly fees someone standing behind him and turns around. He turns around and Radhika is standing with a plate which contains all the items needed to break a fast. Dev is so happy and says I was sure you will come. Radhika says yes, I had to complete the rasm/fasting ritual. Radhika then goes and sits down and Dev follows her. They both sit down. She then touches his feet and Dev is watching her and smiles(Choti bahu theme song is playing). Radhika is about to feed Dev and he nods no. Radhika is surprised, he says pehle tum (you first) and they both feed each other (sooo sweet). Radhika is looking down and then says bas, aaj ke baad hum kabhi akele nahi milenge, ab jab bhi milenge, apne rishte ki maryada ki seema mein hi milenge (now after today, we cannot meet alone, whenever we meet we have to meet within the bounds of our relationship). Dev is upset. Radhika says mein aapke ke liye aapki patni ki behen hoon aur mere liye aap mere behen ke pati (I am your wife\’s sister and you are my sister\’s husband).Dev tries to interrupt but she says please let me speak. We cannot fulfil our duties, but if we can forget something, it is this truth that we love each other and we cannot betray our loved ones. Dev says you are right, we cannot betray anyone, doing this will be an insult to our love. Aaj ke baad hum chup chupkar nahi milenge aur kisi ko dhoka bhi nahi denge, hum sabko sach sach bata denge and sabko bata denge ki hum ek doosre se bahut pyar karte hain (after today, we will not meet in hiding like this, we will not betray anyone. We will tell everyone the truth that we love each other very much.) Radhika is shocked.

Dev leaves and walks inside and starts screaming Ma, Dadima. Radhika folds her hands and says please don\’t tell anyone anything. Dev is still screaming for Vaishali, Dadi and Vivek and screams please come here, I want to talk to all of you. Radhika looks scared.

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