Punar Vivah 27th March 2013 Written Episode

PART 1:-
Morning all do pooja and then aarti gives aarti to all and bua comes there and ask wat happening..My babhi death npot finished days also u guys are planning wat..Arti says bua ji kal holi childrens want to enjoy but since mumyji death happend we are doing some pooja so that we can do festival in house..bua is like how come u guys finalized then Arti was like radha ma said us we can do this..bua got angry and said who is that women to say all these things..Meri bhagwan ki kasam still i am here in this house with life i can tell u ppl wat is there and wat is not and i hope u guys atleast give me that respect all went silent and vidhi was saying something about radha and bua made shut her..ishy baby comes there and says can i too take part in that function gay3 ma was like ma for me too na panku said AK will not shout then she said he is sleeping he will not wake up early then panku said ok she came they did some pooja and all went to wake up SP.ishy was happy that all going to get ashamed in a while

They opened SP door Iashy baby acted to put thaali down adn all shocked to see Radha sleeping behind SP in the bed and for a few mins SP souldn’t found wat is happening when bua came inside shouting he saw radha beside him sleeping..he tumbled himself from bed and was standing speechless..Bua made radha awake and she was totally shocked she was shivering all over.bua throwed her down and OMg she balsted her so badly poor radha.SP shouted wat the hell this women doing in my room WTH u ppl are doing here all are stunned totally..radha said i swear on god i dont know how i slept here i just came to put milk glass here bas.Bua again blasted her .SP shouted stop it and all just get out from here and he went and stood near Gay3 picture all went from there bua pulled radha and bring her to hall and gaian she insulted and humilated her saying this lady forget her age and doing all this besharams..All were quiet radha with shame ran from there and all went for there too

PART 2:-

AarYa in room..Yashu so so upset..He was feeling helpless..he say to Aarti it seems some one black nazar on our temple like house..he says now a days seems every bit of air in our house have a poison filled one..now in this house there is no love, peace nothing all relationships are scattered that now living here is difficult..mahan Arti she says no yashji not like that relationship never dies..we all know papa and radha ma cannot eb at fault..immediately yash says we both know aartiji but i saw the eyes of family there were confused and doubtful..aarti says we cannot loose faith and u cannot eb upset warna how this house will be united..yash says now a days i am not having any himmath only Aarti says dont say like this yashji..she says something is problem yashji someone is there who want to spoil our relationships and want us to break eachother..because i can sure radha ma cannot do like that and papa toh not at all..yash then got some energy and says ya Artiji u are right something is ghadbhad for sure..for radha ma and bauji their respect is the high we have to find out who did this cheap thing..Okay radha in hall crying AarYa console her but that lady radha is totally broken

PART 3:-

Ishy baby says AK that.. Radha and Papa S did nothing wrong they are aslo humans..that buaji wa like shouting as demon on radha ma//AK shouted there is no connection between my mother and that SP u understand..ishy says how come not??? they have a old love in them it seems ur papa is trying to make a new chota yash again kamini aurath ..AK got angry and he said let me see wat they are up to and went..ishy says to her how much humilation i got in this house i will give it abck one by one for all out here..Let me see how this yash and Arti save this pure house and purity of relations from destroy..


Radha in room.. her sub mind talks to her ..says her how did u did this?? cant u feel the shame for wat u did…before all point fingers on u it is better to close ur life for once

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