Balika Vadhu 2nd April 2013 Written Episode

In Car:

Shiv is driving Anandi home and enjoying some personal moments. Shiv makes a puppy face and tells Anandi that he had sent a private SMS to her not to the familu . Anandi explains how she let Nandu read the message. Shiv says he was expecting her to be missing him. Then sees her Mehendi and says it’s beautiful. They both mention that they missed each other last night and Shiv says that he won’t let Anandi stay away for this long from him. She blushes.


Ex-Sarpanch, Gulli and few other villagers come to invite Anandi and Shiv and Shekhars for AnSh farewell party. They talk of grand celebrations. Anandi feels obliged and accepts the invitation.

Daddu feels very happy to see how Jaitserains love and respect AnSh.

Saanchi complains that Mahi left for his cricket, Alok replies to her saying that cricket is Mahi’s hobby just as complaining is hers. Saanchi asks if there would be anything interesting about the evening. A says she will enjoy and Saanchi has a big broad happy smile on her face.

Shekhars start preparing for the evening. The men are ready and complaining over women taking their time to get ready. Alok – Ira make some light comments on each other, while all wait for Annadi.

Rest coming..

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