Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2nd April 2013 Written Episode

Episode kick starts with Kokila striding into Modi Home From the front door ; followed by pleading Gopi ; others, namely, Baa, Hetal, Ahem and Raashi, all do likewise.

Gopi avers that she would have informed them of the true situation but was prevented by circumstances and lack of proper opportunity. Kokila is agitated and furious, refuses to see things in the right perspective and from Gopi’s point of view. So does Hetal and Ahem.

Scene at Urmilaa’s Home is no different, with nosey scenes. Kinjal says Urmilaa has stooped too low and because of Urmilaa’s misdoings ; her ‘ Kinjal’s, that is ‘ mother had to be in police custody. If Kinjal so desires, she could call the police and get Urmilaa to be in Police Custody, later in Jail forever, Urmilaa responds in tough but without basis and tells Dhawal how his wife is being insensitive and not fair. Also tells Kinjal that her married life is not a happy one with Dhawal not in talking terms with her / Kinjal.

Dhawal quietly tells Urmilaa that this time Kinjal is right.

At Modi Home : Ahem calmly listens to Gopi’s explanation and in the end he says Gopi ought to have revealed all the misdoings of Urmilaa.

Urmilaa is hyper and has few flashback scenes of Kokila telling her, Urmilaa that is, whatever Urmilaa has done is bad and not to maintain the cordial relationship, in fact, keep herself away from Modi Family. Urmilaa is angry and does not feel good, want to be vengeful.

Meera is crying ; Raashi calms the baby with the help of the Cellular phone, Gopi see something in the mobile.

In between, Gopi asks Kokila with regards to the food, Kokila wants Gopi to seek advice from Urmilaa as she is dearer to Gopi then herself, Kokila, I mean.

Urmilaa calls Raashi, but Raashi cuts the call. Second time over Raashi is irritated and ticks her mother off and cuts the call.

Urmilaa is very angry.

Later, at the Modi Home, dining hall, every one ignores Gopi. Gopi is sad.

Gopi tries once more to explain to Kokila that Gopi was not at fault but she ‘ Gopi ‘ is victim of the circumstances ; whenever Gopi wanted to reveal all of her Mami’s misdeeds. Cellular rings, Gopi is caught in two minds, Kokila, after knowing the caller identity, asks Gopi to take the call, she walks off, but Gopi rejects the call.

Urmilaa is angry.

Again, as Kokila Comes out of the kitchen, Gopi explains the circumstances leading to her silence on Urmilaa’s misdeeds. When the alert beep, beeps, Gopi reads and exclaims Krishna Bhagwan, Kokila comes over and reads the message.

Message is : Urmilaa threatens to commit suicide if she is not allowed to talk to her child, Raashi.

Kokila says Urmila does not have the guts to carry out the threat, for Urmilaa is a Coward, she just issues empty threats.

Kokila leaves the hall.

And Episode Ends On Gopi’s Mixed Emotion Filled Face ! ! !

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