Sasuraal Simar Ka 4th April 2013 Written Episode

It starts with Roli and her friend about to talk to her (Roli) about the past but Veeru interrupts them.

Roli’s friend is suprsed when Veeru calls Roli as Vidya and represents himself as Roli’s husband.

Veeru feels relaxed that Roli did not talk to her friend.

Veeru tells the servant to keep an eye on Roli and do her works.

Shailu and Pari argue over Pari’s pregnancy.

Khushi tells Naina that their plan is getting success to win Bharadwaj family’s trust.

Prem decides to find Naina’s truth.

Prem supports Simar in her decision to publish an article on Roli’s missing in the newspaper.

Veeru drinks alchohal and tries to go closer with Roli.

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