Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 8th April 2013 Written Episode

Part 1

Neha splashes water on Vikram n he wakes up with a start n cribs..! She tells him that they have to go to Kapoor Mansion! Shipra is singing.. jiska mujhe tha intezar .. n her hubby asks the matter n she says.. going to Kapoor mansion! Nutz takes her to tone down her make up! Vikram tells Neha that if its Rahuls holiday. .they can take him along as he is good at fooling people..! Rams dadi and mom are excited too..! Neha calls Priya n says..they are all excited its a fab plan..! Priya says..they will meet there.. n she is coming after a check up! Neha asks why? Before Priya can reply, Vikram calls Neha they hurry out!

Ram gives breakfast to Pihu and Pihu asks where is mom? Ram says..he is mom today n Priya is dad so she left early n he will help her have breakfast..! Pihu says the omlette is very bad..! Ram offers apple n Pihu says..cut n give.. Ram is not able to cut..! Pihu offers to eat as it is.. n Pihu suggests him to stay as dad..! Ram says..he has to learn to be mom a bit more! Ram asks Pihu what kids have to do? Pihu says.. what? Ram listen to parents.. so why she talked to that stranger? Pihu says.. the guy is not stranger.. he is good uncle..he saved her ..from being kidnapped! Ram says.. the guy is not good he would have met her family if he was gud not called her to terrace alone! Pihu says she wont talk to him anymore! She asks Ram not to make breakfast ever again..! Ram says..he will taste.. n he does n says its too bad.. n tells Pihu not to tell Priya..!

Shipra and Nutz arrive at Kapoor mansion..! Shipra knocks on Ayeshas bedroom door and asks her what servants are whispering? Ayesha asks what? Shipra says.. they are saying that someone is there in her room n Ayesha says..Sid is there! Shipra screams.. that before hearing this she should have died.. ! She asks why Sid is there in her room? Nutz comes n says…he isnt here to save electricity..n says sorry to Ayesha! Ayesha asks Shipra why she is here early morning? Shipra says. Priya says..that she and WOH are getting married? She was shocked to hear..! Ayesha says.. Woh nahi.. its Sid..! Nutz says..till now she was shocked seeing Sid-Ayesha in one room n now why shocked that they are getting married? Ayesha says.. enough..go! Shipra says..she wont go.. till Ayesha says no to marry Sid n that all this is a lie! Ayesha screams.. its not a lie..she is marrying Sid..! Nutz asks Ayesha if Sid knows …or else he will disappear again! Ayesha says..they are getting married..! Nutz tells Shipra that its good as such also who will marry Ayesha now? Shipra says.. Sid will go to jail ..then what will happen to Ayesha? Ayesha says.. Sid wont go to jail..! Shipra goes crazy hawling saying.. dont marry .. u will regret!

Priya asks Ram on moby how was breakfast..? Ram cribs that Pihu told her everything? Ram asks Priya where she is? Priya says.. in hosp outside docs cabin! Ram arrives..! Ram asks Priya why she is here? Priya says.. she is pregnant..! Ram says.. he knew something like this was gonna happen! Ram stops n realises what he said.. n asks what did she say? Priya says she is pregnant..! Ram says.. they will be again? Priya says.. yes… u me n us.. ! Rams cell rings..Its Sid..! Sid asks where is he? Ram says.. at hosp.! Sid tells him that Shipra-Nutz are trying to convince Ayesha not to marry him. .dunno what to do! Ram says.. he doesn’t know either n asks him to call later!

Ram asks Priya if she is serious? Priya says.. she cant joke outside docs cabin! Ram hugs Priya n her bag falls..she bends to lift n Ram says no n then asks her to sit n offers to get taxi.. water .. juice.! Priya says.. whats the matter with him? Ram says..she is pregnant..! Priya says..its not first time .. Ram is for him..he hasnt done this before! Priya ..says..sorry n hugs him n smiles..! Ram asks if he will be able to manage? Priya says..yes.. very well..! Priya asks for kulfi n Ram says. .no outside food n he will cook for her..! Priya says.. he will? Ram says.. yes..! Priya asks Ram to go to Kapoor mansion n Ram says..first he will drop her home n then go..! Priya says.. she is not delivering.a baby right now…n she can manage! Ram insists to drop her home ..! RaYa walk arms in arms in the corridor..! BG- Bade aache lagte hain ye ummedein. .ye aashaein ..aur tum!

Part 2

Shipra says..there is no Gun (astrology) matching between Sid-Ayesha..! Nutz asks..whose rashi (horoscope) has problem? Shipra says both..! Nutz says.. obviously two bads cancel out any good..! Shipra asks Nutz to shut up and comforts Ayesha! Vikram-Neha arrive n Nutz greets them..! Vikram tells Sid that the have to go to police station n Sid says..his bail is done! Vikram says.. but case is not over..! They leave! Neha rues Vikram has not had breakfast either ! Right then Babaji arives..and all greet him! Shipra asks him to give some way out to Ayesha..! Baba makes some hand movements n Neha says..some chudail stays in this mansion? She says.. but only Ayesha lives..! The Baba makes some gestures n Neha says.. he means that the girl who keeps relation with a guy before marriage.. that girl is Kulta, Kalmuhi,, Badjalan! Neha says.. this is all ok in todays world. .they have kid too.. only need to marry! Shipra says.. yes Ayesha is about to get married..! The Baba makes some more gestures n Neha reads that if the guy n girl stay together before marriage then guy n girl will end up in jail..! Nutz says.. they can go to jail right? Shipra says.. she should not marry Sid .. but Ayesha says.. they can leave .. she will marry whoever she wants..! Shipra goes hysterical and says… she cant watch Ayesha ruin her life..! Shipra coughs n Baba leaves .. while Neha offers Shipra water..! Shipra offers to live with Ayesha.. till marriage.. n suggests that Sid can stay outside..! Shipra offers to let Ayesha live with them till marriage..! Nutz says.. Ayeshas dad wont let her stay there..!

Part 3

Priya comes home excited n calls out to Shipra and her dad says.. they have gone to be part of Ram Leela at Kapoor mansion! Priya asks why he din go? He says..he doesnt like to go to rich peoples homes..! Priya asks why is he sad? He says.. it hurts to hurt ones own! Priya says.. she n Ram were feeling sad too .. but its to help Ayesha..! Priya says.. whatever hole Ayesha is falling into.. is dug by her.. so but she is still small! He says.. she is no longer small ..she is too big..calls him by his name! Priya asks him to let it go..! Priyas dad says…its their mistake..they din discipline Ayesha.. ! He says.. that when the person doesnt learn before being slapped by life.. what to do with them? Priya says..they are all trying to help Ayesha turn a leaf! Priyas dad says..its too late..n it doesnt make a difference! Priya hurts her.. she cant see him hurt like this..! She says..this time Ayesha will say n feel sorry genuinely..!

Precap — Ram asks Shipra what her problem is ..if Ayesha wants to marry Sid..what is the issue? Priya comes n says..there are problems n problems .. biggest problem is Sid..! Ram asks Priya what she is doing there? She says..she had to come to save her sister! Ram asks Priya to relax and calm down..! Priya asks Ram to behave maturely and understand what she is trying to do!

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