Pavitra Rishta 12th April 2013 Written Episode

Episode starts with,
Soham thinks that Purvi n Arjun gave a big dhoka to Ovi but he thinks that Arjun is a big culprit in this matter i need to talk to him as its serious matter for all three lives,Ovi comes out of Archana’s Ward n she is walking like a blindly without looking any where Soham tries to stop her but she doesn’t.
Soham goes behind her while she is walking then a car is coming towards her Soham takes her behind n says that if anything would have happened to you,Ovi sees him n cries says Dada i got betrayed they cheated me.Soham asks who cheated you then She says Arjun n Purvi,Purvi took everything from me My Life,My Husband,Now My Child also Nothing is left for me now then Soham says you would have got any wrong info everything is there with you n Lovely Daughter Pari too then she realizes that its Soham where she is crying in his arms n leaves him says that you are also like them Leave me alone.
Scene shifts to Teju talking to Jignesh saying that she is now very comfortable with his family bcoz she got to knew everyone n lastly she says that keys are kept in drawer otherwise Charulata will get on fire,Last time you saw that a Cat took the packet of milk she created a drama so i don’t want that again.Teju thanks Jignesh for helping her then he says that still she calls his mom Snehalata ji then she says that one day will come when i’ll call her as Mother in law.Manav comes in Teju’s room asks her hows she?Teju replies that she is fine n got adjusted with Sunny’s family,Manav says its good n goes.

Part 2:
Purvi thinks that why Punni called her in hotel n that time she was not there so whats the matter?She gets a call from Manav n he says that Tomorrow its Arjun n Ovi’s Marriage Anniversary you need to be there n tell everybody in the house about it.Purvi nods ok Baba then Onir comes with a glass of water n gives to her,She drinks it n Onir asks her why Punni called her then She says that Punni might have a plan in her mind.Purvi says to Onir that she remembers when she said to Arjun to get married to Ovi that time i forgotted him but what will happen when everybody will Pari’s truth its My n Arjun’s baby.Onir says he will do something but when the party of Arjun n Ovi gets over that time they’ll tell to Manav about this,Purvi agrees.
Ovi is at D House where she is crying suddenly stops n wipes her tears goes inside the room lights turn on Teju comes out with a cake n everybody starts wishing her happy anniversary though she is not in state to celebrate then Arjun comes n hugs says Happy Anniversary,Ovi gives a wink smile.Ovi in her room thinks about Purvi n Arjun how they betrayed her of Pari’s Truth then Pari starts crying she takes her in arms n sings a Lori after it Pari stops crying but then she thinks its Purvi’s Daughter n keeps her in Baby’s bed.Ovi is trying to sleep when Arjun hears Pari is crying he goes n picks her up takes outside then Ovi wakes up.

Part 3:
Soham is thinking about Ovi when Varsha gives him a glass of water then she asks who got him bailed out,He says that Archana signed those bail papers before going in coma.Varsha says that Archana has a Big Heart but still she didn’t forgive me for my mistake there is a valid reason for that,Soham says that he is thinking of Ovi as she was saying Arjun n Purvi cheated her but i didn’t asked her why?then bell rings a man comes in asks Soham that he wanted a part time job,he says yes. Man says that he will be attend Manav’s party listening this Soham says i can’t go but Varsha says he will do the work.Soham says i can’t go Mai then Varsha says go for ur Sister Ovi bcoz you have supported her in bad times now be a part of her good time,Soham agrees to go.
Manju calls Punni for that she needs to come in Arjun n Ovi’s party but she denies it then Manju forces her.
Mittal comes n Punni hungs up the phone,he asks if she had done the work of his she says i m trying to get it done,Mittal gets angry do the work urgently then Punni says that the work i gave to Purvi bcoz i got some proof against her.Mittal gets shocked what proof then she gives the CD of Onir n Purvi,Mittal says where did you get that when you were have this CD then why didn’t you submitted in court While gets a clue n laughs that the Tomorrow’s day is big day for me.

Precap:Onir says to Purvi that everything will be alright when they will say all truth to Manav.

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