Ek Hazaron Mein Meri Behna Hai 3rd May 2013 Written Episode

Teja asks what if she doesn’t reward him after saying the truth. Then he’ll lose what’s he gonna get from here too. Jeevika says why would she do that. She and her family will give him everything. He is happy and asks his men to leave her. He tells them to give her phone back. And starts calling her madam. She asks him to reach police station at 9. And they let her go. Inder chachù reaches there. He wonders how ‘ll he find jeevika in this huge mill. She comes out of the mill then. He starts questioning her. Why did she sound so scared and what happened to her phone. Why did she call from landline. Jeevika feels if she says everything to chachù now then he’ll bring police and arrest teja. So she lies to him. She says she came in search of someone. She thought he can give her some proof. But she couldn’t find him. So now she’s tired and she thought of going back. And she was going back home. And her phone’s battery got over. That’s why she called from landline. Maybe because voice was not clear she sounded scared to chachu. Chachù tells her they all got really worried. And police ‘ll reach here soon. She gets scared hearing that. She asks him to ask them not to come. He says he’ll call them on the way back.

At vadhera house, they are relieved that they found jeevika. But they are not tense about her recent behaviours. It’s not safe for her to go out alone like this. Jeevika comes with chachù then. Vanshika asks her what job she had now. I thought you were sleeping after having food. Jeevika replies that she wont feel relaxed unless viren is released. Beeji sees jeevika rubbing her hands. She goes and asks her what happened. She lies she had hit a wall. It got wounded then. Dadaji says if she had some works then she could have told them. She replies. Till viren is back she can’t relax. I’m sorry if ‘m breaking the rules of this house or if i’m not doing other responsibilities well. Please forgive me for till viren is back. All tell her it’s ok and asks her to go rest.

Jeevika is in her room. She has flashbacks of her conversation with sambhav. How initially he always supported viren. And the current turn in events. She wonders what problem sambhav has with viren. Anyways in the next few hours truth will come out.

It’s morning and jeevika is going out. Beeji asks her where’s she going. She replies she’s going to meet viren. Beeji asks her to have breakfast. But she says she had juice. Beeji says she is proud of her that she’s supporting her husband. But at the same time she should also take care of herself. She assures beeji that she’ll do everything and within a few viren ‘ll be back.

At Mumbai, virman reaches riya’s home. But it’s locked. So they go to the neighbor home and ask about riya. A lady come out. She says it’s riya’s parents’ home. But for past 5 years noone stays there. She says it’s a secret. Riya eloped and married. Her parents’ were heartbroken after that. So they left this place. Virman asks whether they know some details. But she says she doesn’t know anything else. When she asks who are they, they reply they are riya’s distant relatives. They stay abroad. And now when they came to india they thought they’ll meet her. They didn’t even know about her marriage. Lady asks them to find out. She then gives them some letters and says postman gave it to her. So that she can give it to them when they returns. Now you are their relatives. So you can take this. And she shuts the door on their face. Manvi feels bad about that. She says the lady didn’t even ask for water. Virat asks her whether she came to drink water. He opens one of the letters and is shocked after reading it. Manvi asks him what happened.

Inder chachù is talking with viren at the police station. Jeevika reaches there. Viren asks her whether she found anY details about sheetal. She tells them all what happened yesterday night. And says sorry to chachù for lying yesterday. She says she thought that police ‘ll scare tejan away. Viren is concerned as she went there all alone. Amidst such dangerous people. Chachù asks her how can she trust the guy. She says she had no other option. Other than trusting him. She couldn’t force him. At the same time teja comes there. He says what happened with viren is really bad. Chachù asks him to mind his business. He goes to the police officer and tells them everything. That riya is actually sheetal, his sister. And she’s still alive. Sambhav trapped viren.read all episodes detailed update daily on desitvbox.com He tells if they want he can bring sheetal here. Police officer asks whether he’s lying. When jeevika talks to support him officer asks her not to interfere. Viren asks police officer why is this happening now. Just then sheetal comes out and calls out teja. Viren is shocked to see her. He shouts at her. He thought she died because of his mistake. And she ‘s alive. Sheetal comes inside and asks what’s happening. She’s not ready to recognise viren. Chachù and jeevika warns her. They asks her to say the truth. They tell her teja gave his statement. Even police inspector asks her to tell the truth. But she says she’s sheetal. She doesn’t know riya, sambhav nor viren. She says teja is really selfish. For his benefit he’ll lie.

Precap: sheetal asks teja whether jeevika forced him into giving this statement. When she insists Teja says jeevika forced him into giving the statement. And she offered to solve all his problems. Sheetal points at jeevika and says this is all planned by jeevika and that’s the truth. Jeevika is shocked.

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