Qubool Hai 27th May 2013 Written Episode

Scene 1:
Location: Asad’s residence
Asad finishes what he started, (MITWA MOMENT) amidst zoya’s joyous confusion. he goes on to say…I… and then musters up the courage to say LOVE YOU….. but a terrified scream yet again, interrupts him, and he rushes to search fotanveer. Zoya too searches. Zoya finds a silhouette, walking past, and then runs after her. Tanveer, in the hood, is scared that her gig might be up. She runs to the fence, and then as Zoya catches up on her, she gives hera jerk, and runs off. Zoya finds an earring on the ground, and she keeps it and starts looking around. Asad searches in the house.

In the room, zoya is searching around for something, when asad comes and asks where had he gone. She tells him that she just saw someone, and she’s pretty sure of that. Asad gets tensed and also starts searching around. He then sudenly has a thought, if tanveer is fine, and where is she. Zoya is also startled hearing this, and they both begin to look around. They hear a noise in the backyard and they rush up after her. They fin d tanveer lying on the ground, and they rush to her. tanveer screams and says that the person had come to kidnap her, and she got scared, and came to hide here, and in her nervousness, she and threw everything around, and spoiled their evening. asad says that its okay and whats important is that she’s okay now.

As they seat her in the bed, zoya asks her who attacked her, and then her eyes go on the missing earring in her ear. She looks at asad. As asad cajoles tanveer, zoya finds an earring missing from tanveer’s ear, and she asks where is it. Asad reprimands her for being so callous as to being worried about the earing at this sensitive time. She says thats because she has the other one, and shows it. Tanveer is shocked while asad is confused and surprised. She told asad what she saw, and how she found the earring. She said that the person was running with great vigour, but how can it be that one earring is with her, and the other with the person who attacked her. Tanveer says that maybe in scuffle it got latched on to his clothes. Zoya demands for a plausible explanation for this. Tanveer asks if she thinks that she’s lying. Zoya says that this isnt the case and that this is just odd. As tanveer continues to protest her innocence, asad asks zoya to go and get a glass of water. After zoya leaves, Tanveer says that she can take an oath that she didnt know when the earring disapperaed. asad says that she indeed is lying. Tanveer is shocked. She again takes an oath. Asad stands stoical, and says that to hide the truth, is also lying.

He says that he would have to tell her the truth, and maybe she doesnt know how the earring got there, but she knows who that person is. He asks her who is it. Tanveer says that she doesnt want him top be in trouble. But asad cuts her saying that she would have to tell him the truth today. She says that that stone eyed person is her husband, shocking asad. When asad asks about it, tanveer says that she didnt say as there was nothing to say, as its just slavery, and its with much difficulty how she got free from that, and how much she suffered, being treated to animalistic cruelty, and kept affairs and prostitues in her house. she says that she tried to run away, and when she did, she thought she got her life back, and she started her factory, and she felt that she got rid of him. But he found her. Asad confirms that the stone eyed person is her husband. Tanveer says that she didnt want to involve him, taking his hand, and says that she didnt have anywhere else to go, and now he wants to kill her. She says that she didnt want to marry him, and had he been there, he wouldnt have let this happen. She sees that it is having its desired effect on him. She hugs him, and he says that he would help her in starting her life over. as zoya comes in with the water, she finds tanveer smiling. Tanveer changes her face back to being sad, when she sees zoya. Zoya thinks tanveer was smiling, and why would she, in such a difficult time.

Scene 2:
Location: Ayan’s residence
Imran says that haseena is upset with the video and this time he cant say that this is wrong. She says that she’s very sorry, and she would take care that something like this is never repeated, all the while repeating that she didnt mean to hurt anyone. He says that he doesnt have aproblem with her dancing. She says that she understands her responsibilities, as a well mannered girl always has her eyes down, as on her shoulders lie the responsibilities of two families. She says that this would never happen again, and she would give up dancing if that is what haseena wants. But ayan comes in and says that this wont happen. He says that he wont let imran take away nikhat’s passion for dancing, which she loves so much, just because imran’s mother doesnt like it. Imarn says that he never asked her to do so, as it was a joint descision. Ayan accuses him of forcing his descisions on her, and depriving her of her freedom, when he promised that he would always be by nikhat’s side supporting her. Ayan confronts him saying that he hasnt come to talk to her on his own, but on his mother’s coaxing. He says that nikhat wont leave the dance, as its her passion. Imran says that nikhat is his wife, and therefore he too has some right on her, because of which they can take their life’s descisions togther.

Ayan tells imran sternly, that before that she is his sister, while nikhat continuously tries to stop him, that he wont let anyone take advantage of his sister’s innocence. imran is startled at being confronted like this. He says that he isnt trying to do anything like that. He is taking away everything fromk nikhat that she likes. Imarn says that he’s getting late. Nikhat is distraught seeing this. She tries to stop him but in vain. she turns to ayan and says that he shouldnt have talked like that to imran. As ayan continues tries to defend himself, Nikhat warns ayan not to say anything to imran, with folded hands, and leaves from there. Ayan stands hurt. Razia sees this, and thinks that her trap is working. She reiterates her plan, in her own mind.

Scene 3:
Location: Asad’s residence
On the breakfast table, dilshad says that she should have told them earlier only. Tanveer feigns to be very sad and upset. asad says that she neednt fear anymore as now if anyone even thinks of hurting her, he would kill him, and then clenches his fist in anger. Tanveer holds his hand reassuringly, thanking him especially to annoy zoya, and it has its effect. zoya is visibly angry. Nazma says that they shouldnt spoil their mood talking about this, and assures tanveer that asad would do everything alright. Tanveer says that she too agrees. Nazma says that they should forget everything and go on with the rituals that are reamaining. Seeing tanveer’s clasp on his hand, Zoya says that this might be over, but one thing still remains, and asks asad about it, as he wanted to say something and which is very important and in privacy only. Tanveer is upset, while dilshad is amused. asad is at a loss of an answer. The screen freezes on on Asad’s face.

Precap: When the delivery boy asks for tanveer, zoya pretends to be the same, and takes the parcel. She opens the parcel to find tanveer’s bank statements. as she goes through them, she is surprised to find that tanveer is definitely hiding something from them, and wonders why.

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