Sanskaar 4th June 2013 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Bhoomi playing the confession recording of Amritlal. While Everyone is shocked to know the truth, Amritlal is stunned. Kishan asks the Inspector whom will you arrest? you got the proofs. Amritlal keeps the gun on Hasmukh head and says it is not easy to arrest me. Even if I die I will not repent but I will die along with Hasmukh.
Everyone is shocked. Bhoomi says no no to divert Amritlal attention. Kishan manages to take off the gun from Amritlal. Inspector arrests Amritlal. Amritlal says he will not leave you all and will ruined the family. Kishan asks him to repent for his deeds. He says This mill is ours yesterday and for forever. You got defeated by this kid referring to him. He asks the inspector to take him away.

The labourers gives the credit to Kishan. Ansubaa says Kishan did what others cant do.
Kishan comes to Bhoomi and holds her hands. He asks how his mobile started working again. Bhoomi says because of her wit and hope. She remembers in the Flashback how she dryed the mobile to get it started. Kishan is amazed and says you are simply great. Bhoomi says she did nothing.

Ansubaa tells aloud Bahu Rani to Bhoomi. Everyone is surprised and happy that Baa accepted Bhoomi but Ketki is too stunned to react. When Bhoomi asks is she referring to her? Ansubaa says yes, she is calling her Bahu Rani. Bhoomi is at cloud nine with her happiness. Ansubaa asks her to come near her. Bhoomi takes her blessings and hugs her out of happiness while the Sanskaar song plays in the BG. Ansubaa says she called Bhoomi by the name she deserved. Kishan, Parul, Karsan and Bhoomi smiles. Ansubaa praises her and says she saved the family. She accepts that Bhoomi was right and she was wrong. Bhoomi did it and she accepts Bhoomi as her bahu infront of all. She blesses Kishan and Bhoomi together.

Kishan says it is time to start the mill. Hasmukh wonders what if ansubaa sees him. She will bury him alive. He decides to ask for forgiveness from Ansubaa and falls on her feet. Ansubaa asks Kishan to ask him to be away from her eye sight. Hasmukh asks for a chance. Ansubaa says what he did is a sin and he will not get forgiveness for the next seven births. Ansubaa declares that from now onwards Hasmukh is not a family member and has no rights on her property and mill. She breaks all the ties with him.

Hasmukh cries and asks her not to part with him and give alteast one chance. He cant live without his family. Ansubaa slaps him hard much to everyone shock. Hasmukh slaps himself and says give him a chance to speak as whatever he did because of helplessness. He says he did to save a life. he says he dont want to tell even now but have to tell the truth. Hasmukh says no one thought why he needed 25 lakhs? he wanted 25 lakhs for Ramila and not for himself. Ansubaa asks Ramila? hasmukh says your bahu is heart patient and she have a hole in her heart. He cries badly. Ramila is shocked as Hasmukh is lieing. Everyone is shocked. Hasmukh sees his plan working. Hasmukh explains that Ramila got fever some days back and when she was checked by the doctor, he informed him about it.

He adds that if she didn’t gets treatment within a year then…? He says Ramila could not bear it, so he didn’t informed her and kept quiet. He says he never thought mill will open again and anyhow have to sell it to Amritlal. but because of Kishan it was possible. Hasmukh says he have the proof as a medical report. Kishan asks why you didn’t tell us. Hasmukh says he was scared as Ramila could not take it and he didn’t want to risk her life. Ramila is touched and says you loved me immensely but you didn’t let me anytime. Karsan asks Ansubaa to forgive him. Kishan says kaka did the penance for his mistakes. He requests Baa to forgive kaka. Ramila also asks Baa to forgive her husband. Ansubaa says why didn’t you tell me once. I would have sell my house and get her treatment done. She forgives hasmukh. Everyone i happy. The Episode ends on Bhoomi happy face.

Vaishnav family open the mill door. Ansubaa asks Kishan and Bhoomi to enter first as they truly deserved and made this possible. Kishan and Bhoomi enters the mill while the title song plays.

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