Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 17th June 2013 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Ram who is trying to convince Natasha that Priya is also in her side. But Natasha says everything is a lie and you only love and care only Priya and her family. All the family gather there and asks Ram what is the matter. Rishabh says are you helping Karthik? Ram says let me say what I want to say. Soumya says let Bappa speak. Ram says his men are after Karthik. Just then Ram cell phone rings and he says he will be coming there soon. He asks Rishabh to drive the car and asks Natasha to come along with them.

Scene shifts to Sharma house:

Priya is talking with Karthik and Karthik says he will go now as Mr. Kapoor’s men can catch him. Priya says Ram loves him. Karthik says he dont have time and he will leave now. Priya says till when you will keep running away. Priya asks him to surrender to the police and accept your mistakes. Then everything will be fine. Karthik doesn’t believe her and says at the moment he is thinking only about the baby.

Ayesha calls Karthik and informs him that Ram’s men is outside the sharma house and Natasha message him about this, and it is Ram and Priya di plan to arrest you. She asks him to come down soon as she is waiting in her car. She smiles evilly. Karthik says Priya that police is coming to arrest me. I dont believe, Ayesha is helping me today.

Karthik says you tried to fool me. Priya says dont believe Ayesha words as she is the one who is instigating Natasha against them. all the plan is her’s. Karthik says this plan is yours and Ram. This is disgusting, Police will arrest me and this baby will be given to orphanage. Priya swears that she didn’t done anything like that. Priya says I didnt tell Ram that she is meeting him. She asks him to surrender and accepts his mistakes and then everything will be fine. She calls Ram and asks did you send Police here. She says why you did this. Why didn’t you tell me that you are sending Police here. Ram says you also done the same, you didn’t tell me that you are going to meet him. Priya says just because I want to make him understand. She says I am with you and Natasha, you should have tell me about your plan. Now I dont understand how to stop him. You have made everything complicated. I dont know how to convince him to take his responsibility.

As karthik is about to leave, Priya tries to stop him but in vain. Ram hears her and says Karthik is trying to run away. Natasha says if Karthik succeed to go away then she will kill self. And you and your wife will be responsible.

Ayesha thinks my brother is a fool to believe me. She send a sms to Natasha that Karthik is coming to her and she will bring him to her. Priya tries to stop him and fell on the road. Karthik is in dilemma what to do. Ayesha asks him to come to her and says she is acting.

Ram tells they should have tell Priya about their plan. Natasha bashes him saying you only care for her. And says Ayesha is the one who is helping her at this time.

Karthik places the baby in the car and runs to gets Priya. He asks Ayesha to get down the car and is about to sit in the car but just then he gets shot by the Police. Ayesha is shocked.

Karthik drives the car and run away. Priya has a fainting spell but she tries to be in her senses. Priya asks what happened. Karthik says nothing. he hides his wound. Karthik says he will do as she wishes. First he will take her to the hospital. Priya asks him to promise her. Karthik says her sorry and says he is bad as a brother, son and husband. But he will make everything alright. He asks Priya to promise him that she will take care of his baby. Priya says ofcourse, and asks him to accept his mistakes. Karthik asks Priya to take care of the baby and Natasha. Priya says everything will be fine. Priya gets unconscious and Karthik takes his baby in his lap and says I am sorry I can’t be with you and you will be with your dada, dadi. He keeps the baby in Priya’s lap and calls Natasha.

Scene shifts to Ayesha:

Ayesha is with her parents in the car and they asks her why Police realised them. Ayesha says she wanted to help Karthik, but Ram send police there. Sudhir doesn’t believe her and says they will get down there. Ayesha asks them to believe them. She says Priya di was unwell and Karthik got hurt. Shipra asks about Raunaq baby, Ayesha says she is with Priya di.

Scene shifts to Ram:

Natasha, Ram and Rishabh reaches Sharma house and Ram’s men inform him that Karthik left with Priya and his baby. And Priya was looking unwell. Natasha says she was acting to help her brother. Ram is speechless. Natasha gets hysterical and says I will kill karthik. My life is ruined and he cheated me. She keeps on saying I want him dead. Ram says lets go to hospital.

Karthik brings Priya to the hospital and asks the doctor to get her treatment as she is pregnant. Karthik fells unconscious. Natasha comes to the hospital. Rishabh says police will punish him, she replies she will punish him. I will not spare that man. As she enters inside, finds karthik lying in a pool of blood. She gets shocked, Ram comes and is shocked. The episode ends on Natasha holding his cheeks and shouting Karthik name.

Karthik is being taken away for the treatment while Shipra and Sudhir are crying. Natasha is in deep shocked.

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