Amita Ka Amit 5th August 2013 Written Episode

Ria makes it ladies first for women so Amita begins with Ajeeb Dastaan Hai Ye. Amit sings a romantic song from the letter M. Next one Ammu sings and Amit takes over for the men’s chance again (ummm are only AA playing 😛 ). Ammu is all shy hearing him sing romantic numbers. Ammu coughs as she sings another song. Amit looks worried. She is coming out of washroom when Amit takes her aside. She wants to go out back to playing antakshri but he holds her back. Who will you sing for when I am here? I don’t understand one thing as to what are you upset with me about (rightly said – the world is round ). She gets serious. You wont even understand it. He again insists wanting to know but she stays put with her things and is about to walk off when he holds her hand. I wont let you go out of this room till you don’t tell me the whole thing. She says what I tell you….I was always alone whenever I needed you the most. You never try to understand me. You cannot understand me ever. He just all the more confused (ha ha ha ha look at his face). I still cant understand what you are trying to say. She recalls her MIL’w words. I couldn’t depend on anyone after whatever happened yesterday. I saw the result of depending on anyone. Another flashback with her MIL confirming with Amit if the Prasad is brought from outside or not and how Amit agreed with his mom. See, you still couldn’t understand it. And why would you as one need to have a heart for understanding stuff like that. Amit turns towards her. You mean I don’t have a heart I am insensitive? Wow I don’t understand you! I am becoming bad in the eyes of my parents still I understand your problem and support you. I don’t understand what are you upset with me on. I am trying to persuade you since morning but you don’t want to understand. She replies this isn’t the thing. But the point is whenever I need you I cannot trust you. He asks her what she is talking. She reminds him how he had told her that she is responsible for MIL’s bad health. You only asked me to make the sweets carefully. He says I wanted you to make it carefully only. She agrees saying I too knew this. This is the thing which hurt me badly. You too knew this yet you told this to me again. After that you asked me to make Basundi properly and how I make it nicely as it is easy to make. He tries telling her he just wanted to make things easy for her but she cuts him off. Why did you come in the kitchen? He wanted to help. She says by telling MIL that the Basundi has been brought from outside? I know there are a lot of things which I cannot do nicely I know I am reacting a lot more than I should but I am trying to make everyone happy. I don’t want any credit I only want you to understand how tough it is for me. He understands finally. I only want you to support me be with me give strength to me. He goes closer to her to make her understand he is there for her (awww moment

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