Qubool Hai 7th August 2013 Written Episode

Scene 1:
Location: Ayan’s residence
The imposter goes to the kitchen, and eyes the delicious non veg items prepared. Rajni and nuzrat too come and start discussing about nikhat’s condition, and asks nuzrat to come along with nikhta downstairs to cheer her up. Rajni is shocked to see vikram eating non veg. She reprimands him for that, and he pretends to be equally shocked and tensed of this, and goes hurriedly to take a bath. She thinks how could he not see, as she guessed completely.

Shirin doesnt respond positively to rashid’s request. Mamu comes and asks her to get nikhat. But rashid is adamant that haseena would apologise and not nikhat. Mamu says that he’s crossing his limits. rashid says that they are doing so, and that they wont get away this time, and he wont allow them to do this to his daughter. mamu says that he would deal with him later, and shouts out for nikhat. Nuzrat comes and tells rashid and the family that nikhat is nowhere to be seen in the house. All are scared and tensed.

Shirin is distraught at nikhat’s disapperance after badi bi. Rashid asks her not to worry, as every thing would be alright. Ayan comes in with nikhat. Rashid and nikhat both ask where had she gone. Ayan tells her that nikhat had gone to the mazaar. They ask her to sit down. Rashid asks her not to be afraid, and whatever is her descision, they would accept it, and she neednt think about haseena’s threats. rajni too supports and says that she shouldnt feel guilty. Ayan asks her too to forget. Shirin asks them how can she forget as she loves imran a lot. Rashid asks if nikhat too feels the same and is regretting that the relation was called off. He says that if its so, then he would go and apologise to hasena, as he can go to any lengths to ensure her happiness. But nikhat says that he wont do or say any such thing, as whatever she has done, she doesnt regret it, as it was done for the house. And as for the relation, they are always from both the sides, and she has given herself to this relation completely, and now its imran’s turn and if he loves her, then he would return back this time. They are tensed to hear her talk like this. rashid hugs nikhat, and she says that she knows how much he loves her, and he would come back.

Scene 3:
location: On the clifftop
On the clifftop, imran calls up someone and expresses in a suicidal tone that without her there’s nothing in his life, and that whatever happened to them, she must have thought that he would never call and he doesnt care to live or for anything else. He asks her for meeting up once. As he cancels the call, someone places a hand on his shoulder. He turns around and is happy to find someone, who he instantly hugs tightly, saying that he knew that she would come back and the lady too hugs back. It turns out to be nazma, shocking the audience. He says that she is his first love, and till date, he loves just her. they go into a flashback of their romance, how their friendship had grown into love, and then she had turned him down, due to Asad’s fear. He says that he never should have let her go, and he went on the wrong path, and haseena forced him to get married to nikhat. She hears this and is shocked. He says that he tried to lopve her, but couldnt despite her being a good girl, and that he still loves Nazma. Imran takes her hands in his, and says that had she not come today, god knows what he would have done. He asks if she can again give a place for him in her life. Nazma is shocked, and fliches her hand away.

Scene 4:
Location: Asad’s residence
As zoya is working, she hears the sound of the same doll piece, that asad has held in his hand, all in one piece again. She is shocked to hear this. She happily comments that he finally found a way to mend things. Asad is happy at her happiness. he says that there’s still a tear even if broken things are mended, and apologises for not being able to mend it completely. He says that he cant bring back old memories, but he would make new memories for her, and maybe her childhood cant be reversed but he would bring back her father, to her, come what may. She thanks him for that. She also adds that she doesnt have any hope that she would see him again, but if he fails, he shouldnt blame himself for it. Asad says that he has al;ready blamed himself for love with her, and as anxious she is to meet him, he too is, as their torture is the same, as their hearts and destiny is the same now, and even fate cant deny them that. (MITWA MOMENT)

As dilshad and zoya are talking about celebration of Eid, they overhear asad planning a big function especially invited where, are the people around Badi Masjid. Dilshad asks if asad is sponsoring such a mega function. Asad says that he would have a mega function for Eid, and thinks that there all of Bhopal would come, so that zoya can have a hope for finding her father. Dilshad acclaims this idea, and praises him for his good act. Nazma comes back tensed. zoya asks how was the iftar at her friend’s place. She says that she did enjoy. Dilshad tells about Asad’s plan, and nazma pretends to be very happy. Zoya breaks into her poetry:

Gore Kale, lambe patle, chote bade, amir, kadke…
To choose from, vaha aayenge Bhopal ke sabhi ladke.
As she wanted, asad duly praises her. Zoya teases nazma that she might get her prince Charming on the eid celebration. nazma is tensed to hear this. The screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Rajni asks ayan if he can do something for her. Ayan hurriedly says yes. Rajni asks him to hug her. He is shocked but yet complies.

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