Jodha Akbar 12th August 2013 Written Episode

Scene 1
rukiya comes to jodha she thinks its jalal but ruks laugh and says he’ll not come. Only i have the authority over him and tells about her importance in his life. Jodha smiles and says fine keep him with you lets make deal dont let him come close to me if he listens to your words.

Scene 2
ruks comes to maham all laughing and relaxed and say we were fearing for nothing.

Scene 3
preecap. rukiya laughs and says i dont fear. Maham says you didn’t see in her innocent eyes the revenge the hatred against jalal ruks still laughs so maham says she doesnt lust for anything nor has fear of anything so she can do anything openly ruks ask what can she do now maham laughs and says she is different unique from all thats why i am afraid of her now ruk is thoughtful.

Scene 4
rukiya and jalal is in room. Jalal ask where were you you know i meet you first. Ruks says there is new bride in harem you with me jalal says its nothing new and she needs to be punished for what she did. Ruks says she is stupid as she doesn’t want king. Jalal ask what she said. Ruks says she said that jalal will not go close to her, she will not allow him to make any relation now itr upto him whether send her back or get insulted.

Scene 5
jalal comes to jodha all drunk jodha below down the curtain jalal tears it. Comes close to her says its agra not amer so much arrogant. Jalal says you insulted me infront of everyone jodha says you asked me to sing so sang that i knew and ask him to go. Jalal holds her hand tight you will throw me out of harem. Jalal says you don’t know drunk man says truth ruks told me you want me to hate you so lemme tell you i hated you always i married only to put you in this cage to crush your arrogance i won in my hatred. For world you are my queen but in this room you are nothing. You will regret you hated wrong man no one will save you. He takes out her veil off and says you are the gift of my win and pushes her to wall says i am your husband can do anything with you but will not because you will think i love you i crave for you if i come close i will not let that happen.

Scene 6
jalal says to servant send ruks massage that i will spend night with her. Moti is applying medicine on jodhas hand and says i thought i sacrificed for amer but jalal married me to take revenge . I thought will live life for amer but now 1 minute is difficult to live here. My life has no direction, nothing has left. In morning jodha is singing bhajan( hindu sacred song) ruks says she will do same thing every now and then, we will have to stop her. Some girl comes and says she broked another rule that other man than jalal has entered the harem. Jodha tells Maan singh that he has not done right by visiting here, Maan asks why, Ruks comes and tells that he will be punished for his folly by Jalal. Jodha tells that he is a kid, ruks tells her its only punishment which is counted not age. Jalal with all his courtiers are sitting, Jalal asks Maan about his behavior, Maan talks back and brings his point of view. Jalal says that he will definitely be punished. The screen freezes on Jalal’s face while Maan is surprised.

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