Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 26th August 2013 Written Episode

Part 1

Madhu asks where is my RK.. answer? Lights come up and its RK standing in front of Madhu ..holding the gun! Madhu says RK? RK says for this reason her return to Mum was important? Expecting Sultan? RK says..for this she wants to divorce him to leave him? RK says..for this..she kept saying she hates him? Madhu cries..! RK asks Madhu if all this is so weak that one Sultan can end all ..can shake all things up? Madhu hugs RK and breaksdown..! RK caresses Madhus face…! RK asks Madhu why she lost faith in him their love? RK asks when she thot she can fight alone.. face all pain alone? RK asks why.. she thot.. he would let anything happen to his love..his her?? He says am with u.. n till then no one will be with her..! RK says Sultan is not a God n even if he was..he would not have let him snatch her from him! RK asks Madhu to spill the beans and Madhu says when told Sultan is alive.. no one believed in me..! She says he came to meet her everyplace..! RK starts thinking..! Madhu says Sultan came in the house too .. n said that if she din leave RK he would kill RK! Madhu says in jail he got RK attacked..! RK sits on the bed…listening! Madhu says then he threatened if din get the papers signed he will end RK..! RK breaks things in the room and fumes.. how dare he.. hurt u.. MY MADHU ..! RK asks Madhu why she din tell him ..all the truth? Madhu says was scared..! Madhu says..if it was about her .would have retaliated but it was about RK so could not take risk..!

Madhu says… my every happiness. .evey relation nothing is above u ..RK! Madhu hugs RK again..! RK says.. as if he would be alive without her? RK says keeping aside all the pain aside if she would have told him the truth he would have set all right..!RK says what done is done.. but now for every tear and every pain that Sultan gave Madhu .. he will have to pay with service tax! RK says Sultan thot that ..he played a game on them. .n won but now he will realise that Right Kameena is Right Khiladi..! Madhu asks what will we do? RK says.. in Sultans style we will do. Chall Shay Maat..! RK says.. its a habit of hero.. to teach Villain a lesson n this is habit that wont break..! RK tells Madhu a plan… .!! RK asks for Madhus phone.. n Madhu shows..! RK tells Madhu that Sultan must be trying to reach her.. see Sultans call and asks her to receive the call and talk ..!

Sultan asks where are u? Madhu stammers..! Sultan asks why she told RK about their plan n Madhu says she cant do anything like that else he would hurt RK and i love him…so cant risk it! Sultan she forgot she was to come to him? Madhu says was on the way but RK locked her in the room..! Sultan says why is he calling his death by coming between them! Sultan asks where is she? Madhu says locked in room . .n Sultan says .. get out of there and come. or else she will pay.. by RKs life..! Sultan says am death.. if she wants to stop his steps towards RK ..she has to come to him ..right here right now! Madhu says dunno where i am will i reach. .n Sultan says then i will come to u. .but after RKs death! Madhu says.. dun do this.. coz if he wil ..will end my life..! RK writes some details n tells Madhu to read..! Madhu says.. its dahi handi .. parso ..n RK will come .. will convince RK to bring me there n Sultan n her will leave from there..! Sultan says so she will decide? Sultan says.what is to be done n how.. all will be decided by him ..!! Sultan says she thinks she will set a trap for him ?? Pyaar me dewana hun bewakuf nahi..! Sultan asks where did u get the idea from?Films? Madhu says if he has to reach her.. he has to trust her..! Madhu says if wanted to trap him .would have told RK all ..long back..! Madhu says he knows.. she wont put RK in danger..! Sultan says .. cant trust u fully . n if RK thinks he will keep her away from him .. by locking her up?? No ways.. will fly u away in front of him if he is alive..! Sultan says coming to take u with me… wait for me… right away..!!

Madhu tells RK he will take me away from u n RK says not with me around n Madhu says am too scared! RK says am with u n this time we will reach to him..! Madhu says what if plan fails? RK says even if it does.. from today they will love each other so much that even destiny will be hurt to separate them.! Ek dusre ko itna pyaar de ke hum jee uthe..! BG – Sang hun tere! Rishbala hug!

Bittu tells servants to set the breakfast table.. ! Radha asks for her phone to call driver to return..! Bittu says RK ordered ..! Radha says will have to live at his cost? He talked of whole family ..where is the family? No RK .. Madhu .! She says its Janmashtami tomorrow have to set things at home n Bittu says one minute n excuses himself..!

Part 2

RKs moby rings and Madhu wakes with a start asking for RK n he with u ..n he takes call ..! Bittu says Radha wants to return for janmashtami..! RK cribs and says so many things are going on ..n Madhu syas its abotu her faith .dun say no! RK says.. its about faith in the biggest superstar director writer so .. ok ..! Madh usays its important day..dun say no . .n dun be angry.! She says.. wanna set things right..who knows its their last Janmashtami ..with family! RK says not to talk crap as if next year she will celebrate Kans = Ravans budday? Madhu says.. i love n RK says.. why saying like this? ITs not last day of their ife..! Madh usays sitll wanna say. .n says I love u.! RK says to Madhu… its monday.. its my fast day of love. .so today my ears cant hear romantic things. n says ok bye… .n leaves..! Madhu stares..!

Family is on its way back… to mansion! Sikky cribs about day being wasted n Dips asks what was he gonna do? Sikky says meet producers in dreams..! Bittu says so true..! Dips asks Bittu where are Rishbala? Bittu says at home..! All are shocked..! Dips wonders where is Sultan? Radha tells Dips that .. its Janmashtami .. lots of preparations to do. .need u and Madhu n Dips agrees..!

Part 3

Radha enters the mansion n sees decorations of janmashtami underway n she is delighted ..! Dips fumes that Aashiq don is busy setting his aashiqui n Chawlbala seeing gruhasti..! RK comes and says.. Bittu ji thanks for brining everyone on time! RK says today evening.. some media people are coming to cover the puja n they have to appear to be a happy family .! Madhu smiles..! RK says biggest lie is wear sweater to the sun .. but media sells lies..! Sikky says..we can lauf but what to play..! RK says FILHAL ki biwi.. please behave well before everyone else.. her wish to get divorce will be a wish only ..! Madhu fumes n Dips smirks..!

Precap —- Dips touches RKs arm n asks how is his injury? If its hurting can apply oinment n RK turns away..! Madhu fumes..!

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