Pavitra Rishta 5th September 2013 Written Episode

Episode starts with Gauri is angry recalling Soham’s words and doesn’t get why Soham would think like this when she never gave any hint to him She says she always took him as Archana’s son Purvi’s brother and never even thought about anything else at the same time, she is also concerned for him and says, don’t know what he will do He was fully drunk and I never saw her in this condition before Gauri’s mother comes and asks you’re still awake? How you will be able to sleep now Gauri says nothing like that her mother then asks her if she is happy with this marriage Gauri says yes her
mother then gives her their traditional jewelry seeing Gauri
tensed her mother asks if anything
happened Gauri doesn’t tell her
and decides to talk with Soham
tomorrow Gauri then just says that
she is going to leave this house that’s why she is a bit sad her mother hugs her.Soham wakes up Arjun and Purvi come there Purvi gives him the
coffee and Arjun gives him the
medicine they tell her that they
talked with Archana and he doesn’t
need to tell them anything just go
to home before going to work. Soham is about to drink the coffee, and Purvi’s phone rings It’s Gauri. Gauri wants to talk about Soham, but Purvi says she is busy and will call later Soham puts the coffee on a side Purvi tells him that this is his
sister’s house and he can come
anytime She suggests him to apologise to one person Gauri saying she must be very disturbed
after what happened last night.
Soham doesn’t answer and says he
wants to go home Purvi tells him to
be careful and Archana shouldn’t
find out what happened Arjun goes
with Soham to drop him.
Purvi calls Gauri her mother picks up and tells Purvi that she needs to help them for Gauri’s marriage preparations Purvi says I will surely come to help you Gauri now takes the phone and comes on a side they both talk about Soham Gauri says it’s good that he came to you, and didn’t go to Archana Purvi says I know it was his mistake but try to understand his situation just don’t be angry with him Gauri says she won’t.
Soham returns home Archana tells
him to eat puranpori but Soham
says no Archana then tells him to
get ready as they have to go out
Soham goes in teju says it’s his
favorite why he said no archana
says he was at Purvi’s house so must have had breakfast there Archana goes to the kitchen Teju follows her and asks her why Soham stayed there as he usually doesn’t stay at anyone else’s house like this She says he must be hiding something from you Archana says no they are planning surprise party for Sachin, that’s why he went there Teju says, party and they didn’t tell me Archana says it will just be for the guys Archana comes to Soham’s room and tells him to wait for her. Soham says he can’t go with her as he has to go to work he says i am already uneducated don’t know when everyone kicks me out. Archana says what are you saying? Soham says I am just saying that I can’t take a day off Archana says I am not saying that Come to Gauri’s house with me and then go to work from there also tell the owner that you will need to take day offs as it’s your brother’s marriage She asks him to wear a shirt but he says no at first Archana says I want you to look best in this wedding and requests him he says yes then.

Sandeep wants Mittal to talk to
Sachin about Gauri he doesn’t
get what’s in Gauri and doesn’t
know what to talk about Sandeep
says you said he’s greedy of money,
so offer him money I am not
interested in marrying that Gauri
either I just want to have suhaag
raat with her Mittal asks him have
you gone crazy? he may not be
Archana and Manav’s real son but
he still has Deshmukh blood inside
him Sandeep says money can make
people do anything you just try
Mittal says he will try Gauri is doing some work her mother makes her sit and asks to select sarees for different functions Gauri tells her to choose by herself her mother says, but it’s your wedding Archana and Soham enter Gauri goes to get tea. Archana tells her parents about doing engagement tonight she comes back and takes Soham with her saying she needs some help.

In the kitchen Gauri tries to talk to
him about last night but Soham
says there is nothing to talk about.
you said clearly that you don’t love
me you’re doctor why would you
love an uneducated person Gauri
says it’s not like that Soham says,
it is like that you never loved me I
was crazy that I took all you that did
for me as love he requests her not
to tell this to anyone as he doesn’t
want to make fool out of himself he
walks off outside he tells Archana
that he got a call and he will have
to leave for work right away Archana
tells Gauri’s family that she will see
them tonight for the engagement
and leaves Mittal talks with Sachin. He gives money and says Sandeep sent it and if he listens to Sandeep, then money will not stop coming to him. Sachin gets angry at Mittal he says Soham and aai warned me about you and Sandeep but I kept dealing with you thinking I should not mix personal and professional life I am ambitious i want to make money I want to succeed in my life, but not by losing my values and Gauri is my fiance he gives money back and tells him to get lost he pushes Mittal out.

Purvi is confused which saree to
wear in the function arjun comes
and says he has already selected
saree for her Purvi says how did you
choose you just came Arjun gives
her new saree that he brought He
says I want my wife to look most
beautiful so no one can stop
praising and then I wil proudly tell
everyone that you’re my wife. Both
hug Purvi tells him to get ready now
and she will also wear saree that he
brought Purvi comes out in the new saree Arjun cannot take his eyes off her he then helps her in getting ready by putting bangles in her hand he then kisses her forehead. Purvi feels shy Arjun then puts sindhoor on her forehead both hug again.Arjun tells her you’re looking very beautiful Purvi seems tensed. Arjun asks her what’s the matter Purvi is worried for Soham yesterday he drank and today there is a function what if he does anything and Archana finds out the truth Arjun tells her not to worry as he talked with Soham earlier he says, Soham is little hurt but he is sensible. He won’t do anything like that they
both hug again Arjun tells Purvi to

Episode Ends

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