Choti Bahu 9th June 09 – Written Update

Part 1

The episode begins with Dev watching both Radhika and Keshav picking up the pickles. Suddenly Radhika observes Dev looking at her, he turns and walks away. Then Dadi comes and she sees Keshav watching Radhika and smile and she smiles too. Keshav goes to Radhika and gives her the pickles. Keshav then realises Dadi is looking at him and he says oh sorry Dadima, I was searching for Dev but couldn\’t find the study. Dadi says jo cheez aakhon ke saamne hoti hai na woh bahut door dikhaye deti hai aur dhoodhne pe bhi nahi milte (the things which are right in front of your eyes look like they are very far and you won\’t get it even if you find it). Dadi says but if you remove the idea of it being far, then you will find what is right in front of your eyes. Dadi then points him towards the study. Keshav leaves and Dadi is smiling and says jodi acchi jamegi(it is a nice pair).

In Vrindavan, Devki is asking Amma if she is sure Radhika has removed her sindoor because of Keshav and not anyone else. Amma says what you do not beleive me, before Keshav reached there only I talked to Dadi and she has assured me that she will join Radhika and Keshav and now see the first stage was reached, mit gayo hai radhika ke maang se sindoor (the sindoor has been destroyed). Devki recollects what the priest said (the one who she went to to break the marraige) and says whatever is happening I don\’t know if it is right or wrong, the bond made by god, by breaking it we are committing such a big sin. Amma curses Devki and tells her you cannot do anything but cry.

Shastriji come in and is about to say something when he notices Devki\’s face and asks what happened. Amma says no nothing has happened but Shastriji says I can see tears, Amma says they are tears of happiness. Amma says Dadi has given us good news, Radhika has removed the sindoor in the name of Kanha, you understand what this means no? Shastriji is happy and says yes that means she is ready to perform her wordly duties, now soon we will see Radhika as a bride. Shastriji says now I know why Devkiji, you were looking worried now because you are happy for her but also upset that she will leave soon. Shastriji says Raghuveer is going to Delhi tomorrow, I am sending some prasad(temple offering) there.Amma says very good.

Part 2

Purab is on the phone with Vishaka and asks where she is and the crew is waiting for her. Vishaka says that is why I called Purab because I can\’t come for shooting today, Purab says please don\’t crack such big jokes cuties. Purab says main nahi aa sakti, main nahi aa sakti, yeh sun sunke pehle hi mera heart fail ho chuka hai (listening to you say you cannot come given me heart failure), someday I will die. Vishaka says it is very difficult, Mrinalini got to know about my shooting; she said she would not tell anyone but I don\’t trust her one bit and I cannot risk it. purab gets angry and says half the shooting is over, I took a risk signing you and now half the shooting is left, what do I tell the producer. Vishaka says I understand but please handle it today, I made such a nice image with great diffulty, how do I ruin it, I cannot come for shooting. Just then Mrinalini enters and Vishaka turns around and is shocked.

Mrinalini says of course you can go, why did you cut the phone, you must not waste such a good opportunity. I know you don\’t like me but I didn\’t realize you hated me so much that you would waste your career in the process. Mrinalini says go Vishaka go, live your life, if you fulfill your dreams then I will feel that I have fulfilled my dream. Vishaka just stares at her. Mrinalini says I will help you with full sincerity and honesty, noone will even know, nothing will be ruined, this is my promise. Vishaka smiles.Mrinalini says I will throw this bag of clothes out of the window and you catch it. Vishaka says but I did that yesterday, Mrinalini smiles and says now you have to agree that I am your friend, we even think alike. Vishaka nods happily, Mrinalini wishes her all the best. Vishaka leaves, Mrinalini smiles and throws the bag down.

Part 3

Dev is sitting and thinking, Birju walks in and sees Dev upset. He sits down and calls Dev, Dev is startled and looks at him. Birju says I know what kind of storm you are facing right now but if you are sad like this, everyone will come to know. Dev says what do I do Birju, I try so hard to bring a smile to my face but I cannot get away from this sadness, I think sadness is linked to my life, now I have to learn to live with it. Birju looks upset and holds Dev hand to tell him something. Keshav comes in and Birju leaves on seeing him. Keshav says I was searching for you in the study, dev says come let\’s go. Keshav looks at Dev says you aren\’t looking well, are you ok? Dev says I am fine, please don\’t call me Dev Babu, just Dev since we are of the same age and working together. Keshav picks up the files and seems happy while talking to Dev. Dev asks how come you look so happy today, did you get some good news. Keshav says asha ki ek kiran jagi hai, aise lagta hai ki mujhe mera pyar mil sakta hai (I have now that I will get my love). Dev looks confused and says love? Ok all the best and then says cynically if someone gets love, nothing better than that. Dev says my good wishes are with you, Keshav thanks him.

Mrinalini and Arjun pass by and stop to talk. Arjun asks her if the plan went off successfully, Mrinalini says Vishaka is in her control. Arjun asks her what next, Mrinalini says I will make Vishaka dig her own grave. Since I cannot talk about Dev and Radhika, ruining Dev that way is difficult but I can use Vishaka as my pawn. Mrinalini says you are talking to Vishaka\’s new best friend. Arjun then starts flirting and asks how much longer like this. Mrinalini says be patient, Vivek is suspecting us. Arjun turns her around and holds her arm and Radhika walks by and sees them. Mrinalini notices Radhika and removes her arm. Radhika passes by.

Radhika goes to Vishaka\’s room in search of her and cannot find her. Mrinalini comes there and says she has gone for her music video shooting. Mrinalini says I only sent her and I promised I wouldn\’t tell anyone either. Why are only you taking responsibility to save her hmm?Radhika says aap meri behen ko behkane ki koshish na kare toh accha hoga, use galat salah naa de ( if you don\’t try to lead my sister astray , that will be good, please don\’t give her wrong advice). Mrinalini says please explain to me where I am trying to lead her wrongly, whose idea was it to go for the shoot? I only told her that I will support her, she trusts me now you also trust me. Radhika says my sister cannot tell good from bad and that is why she trusted you but I wil explain to her. Mrinalini asks Radhika why do you think I am against you, I even know about you and Dev.

Part 4

Radhika looks at her shocked. Mrinalini says if I wanted I could have told everyone no, but I didn\’t why?  Because I consider Vishaka my friend and I didn\’t want to do anything to hurt her, or that her sister\’s name should get spoilt. Now what other proof you want from me.Radhika says main is ghar main sirf meri behen ki vajey se hoon,maine aaj tak kisi ke bhi zindagi main dakhal nahi diya, aur apni behen ki zindagi bachane ke liye main kisi bhi hadh tak ja sakti hoon (I am in this house only because of my sister, till today I haven\’t interfered in anyone\’s life ut for my sister I will go to any extent). Mrinalini keeps staring at her irritated. Radhika is about to leave when Mrinalini throws a magazine down in ager. Radhika comes back and says jo log mujhe mom ki gudiya samajhte hain, unhe bata dena chahti hoon ki meri mooh me bhi zuban hai aur main bhi sach bhol sakti hoon isliye sapne me bhi mat sochiyega ki aap mere behen ko nuksaan pahunchayenge (I would like tot ellt hose who consider me a wax doll that I also have a voice and I can also tell the truth so in your dreams also don\’t think you can hurt my sister). Mrinalini looks angry. Radhika turns around to leave and Mrinalini holds her arm and stops her and says oh so now you are threatening me? Just then they hear Dadi\’s voice searching for Radhika. Mrinalini says you have made the biggest mistake of your life not trusting me, understand, you better understand? Mrinalini leaves, Radhika looks worried.

Just then Dadi enters saying she was looking for her, Radhika asks how she can help. Dadi says Keshav forgot his dabba, can you take it to him. Radhika is shocked, Dadi says since he doesn\’t know anyone here so he knows you guys, so will you go? Radhika says ok, Dadi tells her to collect the dabba from the servant. Dadi smiles as Radhika leaves.

Dev and Keshav are in the office discussing work. Dev asks Keshav to search for some files in the record room,he leaves. Dev is meeting some people about the temple work. Just then Dev sees Radhika entering the office and seems surprised. She spots him and they stare at each other. He seems surprised to see her there with a tiffin. Dev then tells the peon to see what Radhika wants, Radhika asks for Keshav, the peon asks her to follow her, Dev\’s eyes follow Radhika wondering where she is going.

Keshav sees Radhika entering with the lunch box, asks her to come in. Keshav clears the chair for her and Radhika says Dadi sent food for you since you didn\’t eat the previous day. Keshav says should I eat alone, at home I eat with everyone that\’s why I cannot eat alone. Please sit with me, I will eat. Radhika looks down, Keshav says I asked you as a friend, if it is a problem, then it\’s ok. Radhika says no it\’s ok please go wash your hands, I will remove the food. Keshav walks away happily but hits his hand on a nail. Radhika checks his arm for the hurt, just then Dev walks in and sees Radhika holding Keshav\’s arm and i shocked.

Precap: Dev asks Keshav if he knows Radhika from earlier, Keshav says actually I was going to get married to her. dev is shocked but at the last minute she refused saying she is married to Kanha.

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