Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 17th September 2013 Written Episode

The episode starts with Harish says sorry is more big than any mistake. Adi says to officer that he wants to talk to his brother for 2 mins. Adi tells Rubel that he don’t want to talk. Rubel says I know, and it is fair enough. He asks him to listen to him. He says my explanation can’t change the situation of you or our family. He says I always compete you for everything since my childhood. He says I compete with you and I admit it was my jealously and incompetency. You always won and I felt more jealous. He says I brought you in this condition but I am not happy. I messed it and cries. He says Chachaji and his family manipulated him and took the advantage. He tells Adi to forgive him and make him lose. Adi turns to him now and says my younger brother have grown up today. You won today. Both the brothers hugs and cries. Rubel says sorry. Avantika tells Harish that Dad has won. Rubel says he will surrender and will be happy living in this lock up. He says he is feeling guilt free. Adi jokes that this is not a 7 star hotel sweet where you can enjoy. He says he talked to Pankhudi about it.

Rest Coming soon..

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