Balika Vadhu 25th September 2013 Written Episode

episode starts with Jagya comes to see Ganga with Manu.

Ganga and Jagya realises there love in their heart.

Sanchi thinks that Anandi plans to spoil Jagya and Sanchi’s relationship.

Sanchi tells herself that she wants Jagya in her life.

Shiv comes to console Sanchi and she asks Shiv that Jagya has to marry her. Shiv tells that all problems will be solved soon.

Ganga tells all the truth about Ganga’s nieghbour. Sanchi calls Jagya but he does not pick up the call.

Sanchi talks with Jagya’s photo and she tells that Jagya does not pick up her call as he is much angry with her.

Sanchi calls Sumitra but she also does not pick up the call. Sanchi thinks that they also known that she talked bad about Jagya’s family.

Sumitra thinks what she will talk to Sanchi as Jagya is also not there so she calls Sanchi.

Sanchi tells her that she will not live without Jagya.

Precap: Sumitra get shocked when Sanchi told bad about thier family .Jagya marries Ganga in front of his family. All get shocked.

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