Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 25th September 2013 Written Episode

Part 1

Dips is cribbing about Madhu calling her Chawlbala when she runs into Pabho who asks Chawlbala?? Why so jealous of Madhu? Dips says me? Pabho says can see from ur face! Pabho asks why Chawlbala? Dips says out of love..!

RK congratulates the girl saying come for rehearsals tomorrow..! She thanks him! Her mom holds on to RKs hand and says.. baby is so excited and ur baba already so this movie is hit! All smile..! Mehul keeps mum! RK asks Bittu talked to bank manager? Bittu says not responding! RK says he was confident in the morning and was gonna meet in the evening what happened now? RK asks to find out! Bittu goes to find out! RK walks inside the mansion and finds bank manager yapping with Kuku! RK says ask wife not to keep karvachauth vrat as u will live 100 years.. ! He says u came to give loan at home! Kuku says one sad news u may not get loan! RK says why? Bank manager says need proof movie is being made! RK says not taking loan to sew clothes! The bank manager says.. two days time..the day u do mahurat will get loan! Kuku says the news is so painful ..ur tummy will ache! Kuku says no news of movie. heroine.. n director looks like hasnt taken a bath in years! RK says mahurat will happen in two days with ganesh staphna! Kuku says dun have heroine will do mahurat with Bittus face? RK says.. ur welcome to attend mahurat shoot in two days ..come with cheque! Bank manager says if not work out wont get loan! RK wishes good nite to all and bad nite to Kuku Sikky!

Media asks RK about heroine .. finance ..! RK says lemme answer..! He says got heroine for movie! Kuku-Sikky shocked! RK says financing loan with bank ..! RK says he has promised to give loan on day of muhurat.. and the scale of movie will be decided on that day! RK says me RK invite u all to the mahurat of my movie..! He says this dhamaka.. this class.. this quality.. u have seen in ur dreams.. not in real.. so u all are invited at Sitara studio at my movies mahurat at 5pm..! RK says till then take care..! RK invites Kuku n Sikky saying Extra and Gang u r invited too!

Madhu asks God if she did anything wrong? She says dun wanna hide anything from RK and dun wanna break Pabhos heart either! Madhu says ..God please set things right.. too many exams and if he takes more exam.. she wont make modak! RK says striking deals with God? Asked for discount or asked which blessing is on sale? Madhu says stop it! RK says tum to aisi na thi. .kuch chehre gusse me bhi aache lagte hain! Madh usays dun put butter n RK says .. is galat faimi me jena chod do ke jab bhi muh khota hun tumhare bare me bolta hun! MAdhu asks so who u talking of ? RK says hte damsel ..who has come in my life! MAdhu slams his trousers on his shboulder n says dun care! RK says her eyes..big like ocean her apple .. MAdhu says.. told u dun care! RK says din hear.. as lost in her dreams! MAdhu asks who is she? RK says heroine of my movie! Madhu asks sachi? RK says.. Muychi! RK says Simmy Khanna 5’7 and has done some ads! MAdh usays thank u Bappa! RK says got my perfect heroine.. will set screen on fire..! Madhu asks outside? RK says dunno how many girls are after RK but trapping RK is impossible..! RK says.. is kanya ko dekh ke lagta hai.. don is gone! Madhu says..if u say again.. don is gone.. n doni too..! Madhu says wanna sleep on couch>? Get up with twist in back..! RK picks up Madhu puts her on couh and sleeps next to her! Madh usays dorr is open n RK says its closed n as per punishment m on couch! HE switches lights off and then puts on! Rishbala snuggle n wish each other.. good nite and sweet dreams..!

Radha tells PAbho every couple have touf times. .even Rishbala and now all is well ..both love each other..! Pabho says its not too small..! RK says saying tiger is deer.. it does not simplify things..! Four pheras wedding ..attempt to kill RK … then remarriage and then Sultan.. Pallo killing her hubby … so much ups n downs not in Mahabharat even! Radha says all events had reason..! PAbho says..reasons cannot justify tensions.. .din ask al lthis for RK .. thot Madhu is ideal for RK but iss chand me bhi daag kum nahi hai.. ! She says have lived life like a long meditation ..he has faced many touf times. .cant let him face more..! Radha says…Madhu is good girl n has love for RK ..can do all for RK .. n can do more…she has made this mansion .home.. she has made RK a human from stone. .we need to move ahead! Pabho says.cannot forget past.. else one subject would not be history..! Past always clouds our future.. if shadow is cool calms future.. ! RAdha says dun agree..! Madhu has accepted me and RK with our bad times..and taught to forget past..! Pabho asks to stop siding with Madhu n she says cant. she has supported us so we have to support her..! Radha says lots happened in RKs lief… n RK is resposible himself..! PAbho says so dun agree to right Madhu? Radha says.. proud of the girl that despite RKs weakness.. Madhu has accepted RK n loved RK wholly .. n i think Madhu is ideal for RK .. good nite! Pabho says maybe for u.. she is ideal but not for me!

Dips comes with glass of milk for Pabho ..! Pabho says dun be happy that ur winning any race..! Dips feigns ignorance..! Pabho says the amount of eye i keep on Madhu .. i keep on u too..! Dips leaves from there..!

Part 2

Simmy is getting ready in the morning along with her mom..! Roma comes and says rehersals are of Simmy so dun waste time.. ! She asks Simmy if she remembers her lines? Dance steps? She asks them to reach fast to the shoot..! Simmys mom keeps interrupting the make up person …and sends him off..! She asks Simmy if she understood all ?? She shows her how to shoot romantic scenes.. dropping pallu…! Simmy worries about Roma and her mom says let ur magic work on RK ..n then RK will scold Roma! She taunts about Roma …saying she is just a junior artist..and Simmy says u r same ..!

Part 3

Radha is discussing costume for Bappa and Madhu says Raksha dhaga for RK .of yellow color! Madhu says..lets ask Pabho about all this as she is eldest! Radha says yes.. she is more knowledgeable! Madhu asks anything special u want for Staphna? She says full devotion and Madhu assures n says will make Modak. myself! Radha says Madhu has to do eveyrhting herself..! Pabho says its good thing not one for complaint! Pabho says am sure Vighan Harta will clear all problems! Pabho asks for Madhus kundali ..and Radha is taken aback..!

Precap —- Mehul says this girl wont change nor improve..we gotta find another girl! Bittu says.. Mahurat is tomorrow. .from where will we find another girl? Mehul says there is one girl…there is an audition that i din show anyone. she is perfect! RK is taken aback!

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