Pavitra Rishta 26th September 2013 Written Episode

Episode starts with Purvi giving the storeroom key to Soham.

Purvi asks Soham to hide in storeroom.

Arjun walks in and hears some noise at storeroom so he goes and searches the store room.

Soham hides under something but Arjun does not see Soham. Purvi comes in the storeroom and tells him this room is very dusty so leave. Arjun tells Purvi to clean the room tomorrow. Purvi says ok and he leaves the room.

Archana calls Purvi and asks her if she has any information about Soham. She tells she will informs her.

Purvi’s servant sees Soham in store room and gets shocked. He goes and sees the newspaper and calls police and informs about Soham.

Purvi tells Soham that servant is new and he saw his photo in newspaper so he informed the police about him.

She says police is on the way.

Purvi asks him that please surrender but Soham does not listen to Purvi words. He tries to escape but suddenly Arjun entrs and sees him.

Arjun tries to catch Soham but Soham gets escaped from Purvi’s house.

Police calls Manav and they inform about Soham.

Police arrests Arjun as Soham hides in Arjun house.

Precap – Archana scold Purvi because she did not tell her about Soham.

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