Jodha Akbar 2nd October 2013 Written Episode

Scene 1
Jodha is sitting and crying in some isolated place and remembers jalal’s words that you will remain in this room captured, i want you to remember your cheap deed jodha ask why you you have came here hiding me from all jalal says because i dont want anybody know about your deed nobody should see you like this it is not appropriate jodha cries. jalal sees a hair of jodha on his shoulder and remember how he saved her then words of jodha outside mandir when jodha took his side then horse riding with her maham comes there and ask where is jodha he says where she should be maham ask where he says in palace i didnt want people to know what jodha did she did a big mistake maham says she dont want to stay here she want to go back to amer then why you bring her here jalal says because i think what she was not in her senses Jalal takes Jadha’s side, he realized that both he and Jodha are sailing in the same boat, that his pain is the same as Jodha, he lacks real relations as with Jodha. Finally he says that Jodha is always a responsibility for him as a begum of Mughal Sultanate. he says i want to be alone for some time and leaves maham is stunned.

Scene 2
Maham is agitated in her room when Salima comes there. Maham tells about pir sahab words for Ajmer Sharif and the begum who will accompany her. Salima tells her that she is worried about Jodha and Maham says that her room is in west. Salima says that she wanted Jodha to go with Jalal and wants only good for Jalal. Ruks tells Hoshiyaar that she will be the one who will go with Jalal to Ajmer.

Scene 3
Hamida who is with Ruks opens a door of a room and finds Jodha in that room and that sun rays was falling on Jodha while she is sleeping. Hamida says that now Jodha will go with Jalal and Ruks is angry. Jodha wakes up, greets Hamida, Ruks leaves from there.

Scene 4
hamida says to jodha i have also gone through same phase but this doesnt suite a amer king and wife of agra so please dont do this again jodha ask how do you know that i was in isolated room hamida says i didnt know i was following priest’s order he said that jalal’s life is in danger. She teel her everything and says i know nothing is alright between you and jalal but fate has chosen you to go with jalal to ajmer jodha says but i cant hamida says i request you to go jodha says dont request me like this i will go not because fate has choosen me but only for you hamida blesses her.

Scene 5
jalal is bathing in his shahi bath tub ruks comes and gives him bath, she is in very angry state jalal ask showing love or anger? ruks says you know me so you should know i am angry or not jalal ask what happened she says you know Allah rakha sahab he says yes she says he came and told that your life is in danger and one wife will go with you to ajmer on which sun rise falls first i was going for the rays but saw jodha in that room and rays falling on her and ask why you decided to take her when you hate her so much he says i didnt know about it all, but if you want to go i will talk with hamida she will allow ruks says i know you can talk for me but it is about your life and if priest has said that then you should go with jodha only. She leaves jalal is thinking something.

Scene 6
jodha is in garden with salima making pigeons eat salima says thank God you are save and see you both are going to ajmer jodha say i am going only for hamida salima says dont say like this if you are going you should pray with ful heart, you do your prayers every morning with full heart then in ajmer also go to God with open heart jalal comes there and greets salima she greets him back and leaves. jalal says pigeons do not only feel hungry but thirsty also, he put some water in their tub he says do all things fully jodha says whose life is empty then how can she do things fully jalal says you are expert in taunting. H says if hate me so much then why are you going to ajmer she says because of hamida jalal says if you are the last person even then i will not ask you to pray for me because you cant oray for me with full heart just say to hamida that you will not go. jodha says you are the king then why you need me to say this go and tell her he says that you think i fear of hamida jodha says i dont know but i cant deny her and if you are talking about prayers than i will definitely pray for a king as king’s life is important for many.

Precap-jalal comes in jodha’s room she is sleeping, he grabs her dupatta and throws it away, jodha gets up and says it doesnt look like you are a king doing these kind of things jalal fumes

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