Kehta Hai Dil Jee Le Zara 3rd October 2013 Written Episode

The episode starts with Pradeep and Rishi having a beer, while Dhruv looks at them from far. Pradeep asks him to marry Saanchi and take her with him after marriage. Rishi says lets see what happens next. Dhruv is shocked.

Sunil and Prachi and looking at each other. Saanchi teases her. Rishi comes back with Pradeep and says he have a good time with Pradeep. Dhruv comes and says he was drinking outside and if he is clear and open minded then he would have drink here. Sunil’s mom asks him to shut up. Saanchi looks shocked. Sunil’s mom asks who are you to say this. Sunil’s father gets hyper and asks him to shut up. He says he is seeing from the day 1 about his interference and asks him to be neighbour and don’t try to become relative. Nani says he is a good boy. Sunil’s mom says that she wants him not to attend her son’s wedding. She tells Saanchi to throw Dhruv out if she wants the marriage to happen. Saanchi looks at Dhruv. Everyone else is shocked too. Rishi looks at Saanchi and Dhruv.

Rishi asks her not to say this and says Dhruv will not go anywhere. We are here to celebrate and says he said bad about your brother but he was right. He asks the question as he saw something. Rishi turns to Dhruv and says you said right. He says the fact is I don’t drink infront of Didi and Jija. They knows that I drink outside. He tells Dhruv to be careful as it is the wedding day. Rishi then tells Aaji and Nani that everything is alright. He says let us enjoy and have fun. He suggests that they shall play the antakshiri.

Dhruv comes to his home. Dilshaad comes and asks what is wrong with him. Dhruv says you want me to understand that I am wrong. She says whatever you did was right and what Rishi did was also right. Dhruv gets angry and says he has lied. He says he is not feeling good as Saanchi ji deserves someone better. She wants someone who understands her, she hates lies. Dilshaad says Rishi is the best partner for Saanchi. And asks what he is worried. She says everything will be good. Dhruv is still unconvinced.

Sunil’s mom tells Saanchi that they will leave now and will come tomorrow with the haldi shagun. She tells Saanchi to inform them about her decision about Rishi. Sunil thanks Saanchi for everything. Meena says don’t thank him as you are a son in law of this house. Rishi thanks Saanchi. Saanchi says she should have thank him as he handled the situation. Dhruv looks from his balcony. After they leaves, Saanchi looks at Dhruv. Nani calls her.

Prachi blames Dhruv for spoiling her function. Nani and Aaji says he didn’t do anything wrong. Advait asks her to open the gifts. Prachi asks Advait to gift her which he have hidden in his pocket. Advait gifts her mobile cover, prachi gets emotional and thanks him. she says she will call them after going from here. Aaji says you are going from this house, but not from our heart. Nani asks her to invite them to her place. Aaji jokes that Prachi’s inlaws asks her to wear saree. Advait asks her to keep her phone safe.

Dhruv comes and says I know you were in problem because of me. Saanchi says but nothing has happened. Dhruv says actually he should not have said anything. He asks whether she is angry. Saanchi says no. And asks him to apologize to Rishi. Dhruv says are you serious. Saanchi says you should thank him also because he handled the situation from getting worse.

Dhruv sees Sunil’s mom and sister. He greets them but they didn’t say anything and leaves. Rishi comes and asks him what he is doing. Dhruv says sorry for his doings. Rishi asks him to do mistakes and his impression will go up. Dhruv is shocked.

Saanchi welcomes Sunil’s mom, meena and Rishi. Rishi stares at Saanchi and tells her that she is looking very beautiful with open hairs. Dhruv feels bad. Saanchi looks emotional and teary eyed while the song yeh kabiraa…..fakira….. Dhruv wipes her tears. Advait comes and pats on Dhruv. Dhruv come out of the dream and looks at Saanchi. Saanchi hugs Prachi.

Saanchi comes with a bowl of haldi to Dhruv and smiles at him. She then applies haldi on his face. Dhruv takes the haldi in his hand and apply on her face. Saanchi smiles and leaves.

Rishi tries to flirt with Mugdha on the pretext of wiping the haldi from her face and says that her face is very soft. Mugdha leaves as she feels unconfortable. Dhruv looks at him and feels something is fishy.

Sunil’s mom asks Aaji and nani that they will do the engagement of for Saanchi and Rishi tomorrow. Nani says they have to talk to Saanchi first.

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