Pavitra Rishta 4th October 2013 Written Episode

Episode starts with Manav asking Archana about where she is going and archana replies that she is going to Canada.

Manav asks Archana that why she didn’t inform him before.

Archana tells him that very soon she came and Manav calls Ovi and asks her why she going in without informs him.

Manav comes to office and he asks office staff where are you DK sir he informs he going to meeting so Manav calls Purvi and asks her where is going DK sir she tells she don’t know they are didn’t informs her so Manav gets angry and he scolds of both of them.

Arjun comes to Purvi’s home and he tells about his meeting and Purvi asks him that he informs her father he tells know so she asks him why he doesn’t tell him.

DK comes to meet Manav and he invites the party him.

Manav and Archana both are talks about DK sir and his new client.

Precap Kamla says to Vitthal she is not good mother she doesn’t know what her daughter is going throw Archana says to her that we will get her out of this trouble and this is her promise to her.

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