Jodha Akbar 24th October 2013 Written Episode

Scene 1
Mehndi ceremony starts, jodha is pulled by other girls to center and she dances happily in mehndi ceremony on song mehndi rachayo, jalal comes from behind curtains and stealthily looks at her smilingly.. Jalal keep watching, javeda wants to go to dance but maham stops her, all are smiling seeing jodha’s dance, maham again stops javeda saying your mehndi will destroy. Jodha is dancing and sees jalal stealthily looking at her, she feels shy. Kids come and says that you dances, wish jalal was here, he asked us about mehndi but we told him that boys are not allowed, jodha ask what did he ask? They tell her everything, jodha thinks jalal knew that boys are not allowed even then he came here, he is very stubborn.

Scene 2
jalal is in his room, keep thinking of jodha dancing seeing her dupatta. Jodha comes in, jalal says so you put mehndi in your hand, jodha says asking or telling? Jodha says when maan entered harem that became story but you also came there even knowing that you were not allowed, jalal says ok tell me my punishment, jodha says we dont punish for small things and you pardoned maan so i am pardoning you, jalal gets up and looks at her mehndi and says its beautiful, jalal says you are not punishing me bcoz you started to like, you dont hate me now, jodha says are you in senses, i have to give you punishment to clear your mind, she says you will do 500 push ups, jalal ask thats it, jalal takes off his dress, jodha ask what are you doing, he says i cant do push ups with this dress, he is bear bodied, jodha looks away, jalal ask her to look otherwise she will say i was cheating, jodha slightly looks at him, jalal do push ups and screams, jodha stops him saying what people will think outside, jalal says i will stop but you have to massage my shoulders, jodha agrees, she massages it and murmurs i gave him punishment and he is getting massage from me, he is jalad not jalal, jalal takes deep breathes jodha ask him not to, his voice is going out, jalal says people will what jodha ask jalal to do that he is taking deep breathes, jodha leaves, jalal says good night and smiles.

Scene 3
in morning, jodha makes sukanya ready, sukanya says people say jalal do not have heart, but what i saw is that he have it, when hawai got mad i was afraid but jalal remained cool didnt make it a issue otherwise my marriage would be at halt, i would have died, jodha stops and says its your marriage, be happy and forget everything.

Scene 4
sukanya’s barat comes, all are at gate, rituals are being done, jalal looks at jodha and remembers his marriage, mena do jalal’s tilak, color got on his nose, jodha points him but he doesnt understand, jodha says to kid look your jija is fool, kid goes and tells him, jalal wipes it, jalal now points at jodha’s nose, she tries to wipe when kid tell her that he was making her fool, his nose get red due to color and your by rubbing it, jodha smiles when jalal smiles at her, she thinks like his words his doing is also twisted.

Scene 5
sharif is playing with sand, adham comes, sharif says bomb will blast in few hours, adham ask if you fail? Sharif says thats difference between us, my ace card will destroy everything, when vanjidar(sukanya’s husband) father will ask for tomb of ratanpur from jalal, adham ask if jalal give it to them then sharif says its important tomb for him, he will not give it. They cheer for jalal jodha fight ahead otherwise jalal’s loss of that tomb,
In hall all are seated, when announcer announces about the gifts in laws will get, father in law(fil) of sukanya says that there is no name of tomb in this list, jalal ask what, it is my property, fil says sharif promised it to them, sharif denies it and says how can i do that, i know that tomb is important for you, you became governor of punjab from that tomb. Bharmal ask fil why you want that, fil says for safety, you had to marry your daughter with mughals and all rajvanshis became your enemy, if we get that tomb we will be save, jalal jodha are stunned to silence, all looks on.

Precap- maham says i am sure sharif is not telling lie, fil says you are lying, your son adham, sharif and you. Jalal shouts enough.

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