Qubool Hai 8th November 2013 Written Episode

Scene 1:
Location: Asad’s and ayan’s residence and asad’s office.
Dilshad is shocked to hear what rashid proposes. She is stunned into silence. She asks him to realise the gravity of what he is trying to insinuate. She asks if he’s sane. he says that he has got sanity after a long time, and knows what he is saying. just then, shirin turns over in her sleep, and he gets cautious and asks dilshad to meet and talk to her. She says that what he is trying to do is impossible. He says that only she cane make it possible. but she doesnt listen to anything, and bidding him goodnight, she cancels the phone. He is tensed. Later shirin wakes up and finds rashid tensed, and asks if he needs an ything. He denies and leaves. Shirin finds his phone and sees that the last dialled number is dilshad’s. She is distraught.

The next morning, zoya is anticipating that dilshad and asad must be excitedly waiting downstairs for her, to wish her on her birthday. She thinks that this must be indian tradition to not wish at night. She also expects the drawing room to be decorated. But as she comes down, she is surprised to see that it isnt decorated at all. She pacifies herself saying that asad must be wanting a simple birthday for her. She finds asad coming to her, and thinks that she finally would be wished by him. All ready and dressed up, zoya asks asad if he has forgotten anything. He, with an evil smile, says that he forgot to wish her. she is finally happy that he would do what was most needed, when he deflates her excitement and disappoints her by wishing a simple GOOD MORNING. While he enjoys, she is fuming with rage. She thinks that dilshad must be definitely remembering it. She asks him. He says that dilshad is outside. she presumes that she must have gone out, to get a gift for her. But he tels her that she has gone to a friend’s whop has become a granny. He asks her why’s she all dressed. She says that atleast he noticed, and waits for him to wish her borthday. He raises her hope, by saying that he is uncomfortable how to wish people, and wonders how to wish dilshad’s friend. She is in a rage. She wonders how could everyone forget the birthday, and blames it on the prevailing tensions. She finds the newspaper, and gives him it, so that he notices the date. He again goes on to pretend as if there’s nothing special about this day or date, and goes on to tell about the bad stories printed. Zoya gets angry and asks him to notice the date. He apologises profusely, that hw couldnt have forgotten it. Then he says that he has a very important meeting, and leaves hastily for it, leaving zoya distraught.

Later, she is trying the rose petal plucking way, to find if asad would wish her or not. It gives her the idea that assad wont wish her. She vents out all her anger on the flower, and is determined that asad would wish her. To cheer herself, she goes into poetry….
Sar se pao tak nhu kayamat…Frankly m quite a dish….
Lekin yeh jalwe hai bekar, jab tak Mr. Khan nahi karenge wish…!!!!

She gets excited seeing asad calling. He confirms if she is going to be home. she all the more gets excited. she asks if he remembered anything. He says that he left an important file at home, and is ending someone to pick up. She cancels the phone in rage, while asad is amused at the other end.

Scene 2:
Location: London Resort, panchmarhi
The quirky host goes on to explain about the specialities of thei resort. all listen excitedly and amusingly while farhan is tensed. He says that he would call for, when anything’s needed. Nazma does an imitation of the host, after he walks off. Farhan pretends to have work, and leaves, asking them to carry on. Nikhat makes up for him, seeing them tensed, that he had already told be would be busy in work.

Scene 3:
Location: At the dargah
Dilshad tahnks ther lord, for saving rashid life’s and getting him back with them. As she opens her eyes, she is surprised to see rashid standing, in front of her. she begins to walk away, but he stops her. She asks him to go and rest. He says that its difficult to rest, when the heart is restless. she is overwhelmed with sadness. He says that he knows that she came to pray for him. He holds her hand through the wall, and asks her to listen to him, for this sake itself. She confronts him. HGe says that what he told last night, wasnt just talk, and its actually the truth. He says that he has been very late, but after the accident, life is very unsure, and death may come knocking any minute, and he doesnt want to go without rectifying his mistakes. He says that had something ahppened to him last night, he wouldnt have been able to ask for forgiveness and she wouldnt have been able to forgive him. He says that he wants to spend the rest of his lfie with her. She asks how is this possible. At the dargah, dilshad asks about shirin, and rashid says that he would talk to her. She then sks about asad. He says that this descision would be difficult and they might get ugly too, but he would get out of it, and be with her for the rest of his life for sure. He says that the society might resist it, and thinking about that they let their life go past by, but now he might die any time. Dilshad stops him and akss him to never repeat such things. Meanwhile, while they are holding hands, razia sees them from a distance, and is shocked.

Scene 4:
Location: Ayan’s residence
Rashid is attending a business call. Shirin walks in, sits beside him, and asks him to rest. Rashid says that he isnt going to office, and was calling from home only. Rashid remembers what he told dilshad. He goes on to say that it might happen, that in the coming days, someone might come and stay here. She asks who. He says that she should listen patiently what he is about to say. but before he can, razia calls shirin aside. She leaves. rashid is tensed.

Scene 5:
Location: Asad’s residence
Zoya is intentionally banging around things, to get asad’s attention to her rage. But he goes on with his work. Asad finds ayan sneaking behind zoya, who’s drinking water, with decorative arrangements. Zoya is about to turn and see ayan, when he hollers at her, and she turns around, surprissed at hi,. He calls her to himself. While ayan ducks behind the sofa, asad asks for water. zoya asks if he also needsa memory pill for water, or almonds which are good for memory. He says that he wants just water. As she gets to pouring water, he asks ayan to leave. While she enters from the other door, asad motions ayan to leave. In doing so, ayan breaks a vase. she is about to turn, when asad pretends to have a backache, and divert his attention. she picks up the file for him, and he leaves to see whats happened outside. Asad goes on a rant as to what could have caused the problem. Zoya asks if she can go to her room. He says yes she can. She goes in a rage. Asad is relieved that he can finally plan her surprise. The screen freezes on his amused face.

Precap: Asad expresses how he has planned for the surprise for zoya’s birthday celebrations.

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