Balika Vadhu 20th November 2013 Written Episode

The episode starts with Shiv asking Anandi to share her thoughts and why she went to Durga Devi hospital to check the records. Arland says she doesn’t want to tell him but ibis a matter of his trust on her and tells everything in flashback. Shiv says, it means a dead baby was born through Mom’s womb. He is shocked and shaken by the revelation. He asks, are you sure that you didn’t do any mistake. hand( says she read it many times and details was same. Shit/ says, I want to see those records for my relief. Dadisaa inaugurates the balwadVplay school. Mannu walks inside first, Jagga and Conga smiles.

One lady says it is a play school for kids. Someone says it is a good thing you have done for kids. Dadisaa says she didn’t do anything and says it is indeed Camp’s idea to open the balwadi. Conga asks the kids to play. Conga tells them that someone will be there to teach the kids and look after them. Sumitra smiles looking. at the kids playing. Conga asks Mannu to join the kids. Conga makes Sheetal’s son sit on the toy horse. Sheetal thanks her and Conga says she wants to give best to the kids. Other lady praises Dadisaa. Jagga says to Conga that he searched her and everyone are happy because of her. Dadisaa says, she wishes to come her instead of staying at home. Conga suggests her to become head incharge of the balwadi. Bhairov says I will go now. Nan& says he will stay here.

Shiv and Anandi comes to the hospital Alok sees them and hides. Somehow he manages to escape from Shiv’s eyes but Anandi feels Alok’s presence and turns around to see Alok leaving. Shat asks, you are looking at whom? Arland says I felt papa was there. Shiv says he is at Nagra now. He asks her to come. Superintendent tells Shiv that he can see the records. Anandi tells the details. Hospital employee checks the records and says record by this patient’s name is not with us. hand( says she saw the records and asks him to call Ramesh singh as he knows about it. He says he is on leave. Anandi asks him to give the register. Anandi checks the register and recalls the page number 176. She burns the page and found it to be torn. Shiv is shocked and says the page is torn. hand( asks the hospital employee, why it is torn. He makes an excuse. Shiv thinks to talk to superintendent.

Daddu reads in the newpapers about the vegetable prices hike. Meenu is lost and says she is preparing cauliflower. Daddu says he didn’t ask that and asks, where is your concentration?

Alok comes home. Daddu asks, how you came so soon and came running. home. Alok is tensed and says he didn’t went to Nagra as his car stopped midway and he got it repaired. Daddu gets busy in phone call. Alok says to Meenu that he got saved and their work is done. Ira comes and Alok says he came bock citing his car problem. Superintendent tells Shiv that entry is not allowed for anyone to the record room and no one can torn the records. He tells Anancli that without signing the form, nobody can see the record. He says nobody saw it after you. I don’t know who has torn the page. Shiv says I understand it and thanks him. Shiv is heartbroken and shattered. Anandi says she read it correctly. Shiv says someone torn the page and ibis clear that you are saying. the truth. I haven’t born to maa and someone is hiding. the truth from me.

Quote: Half truth shakes the human. Human gets restless to know the full truth. This restlessness push him in dilemma.

Precap: Some goons enter the bus and threaten the passengers. Someone is running. in fields covering. himself in a shawl and suddenly comes in front of Dadisaa’s jeep . Seeing. them he hides his face so that they won’t recognize him.

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