Pavitra Rishta 3rd December 2013 Written Episode

Panditji asks Ankita’s mother to wash groom’s legs. Archana says she will wash his legs. Sulochana and Savita insists to do it. Pandit asks them to do together. They does the ritual one by one. Naren thanks them. Rushaali and Shirish smiles. Panditji asks them to put the water on the plant. Naren asks for his plant and puts the water on his cactus plant. Archana and Sulochana feels strange. Nikhat and Farhan of Qubool Hain comes to attend Ankita’s wedding. Savita greets them. Nikhat tells that they have to come anyhow as she has threaten them sweetly. Savita says she had joke with them. Savita asks them to meet Ankita and Naren and give them best wishes. Purvi searches for Arjun and wonders why he didn’t come till now.

Panditji starts reciting the mantras while Naren is trying to see Ankita’s face. Panditji says he can’t see the bride face until the rituals are done. Naren asks him to call the rituals. Panditji is quite shocked. Naren takes Ankita’s photo in his camera. Panditji says you can’t see her face. everyone are surprised to see his behavior. Archana tells Teju that Naren seems to be strange. Teju says he is talented and genius. She praises him and says Ankita is lucky to have Naren. Naren and Ankita exchange garlands while the mantras is being played. Naren holds her hand, Ankita asks him to leave her hand. Shashank comes to Ankita’s home and finds the door locked. Her neighbour informs him about Ankita marriage venue. Shashank leaves.

Purvi comes to Arjun’s house and rings the bell. Ovi opens the door much to Purvi’s displeasure. Purvi asks, what she is doing here. Ovi says this is my house. She tells that Arjun told her that you wants to come in his life again by winning him again. Ovi smirks and goes inside. Purvi shouts at her and enters the house. She asks, winning him again? What do you mean? I didn’t lose him. She asks, what is her problem. Ovi says it is her home. Purvi says Arjun said that he is lonely. Ovi says Arjun must have said that in anger as they had fight. She says she went to her friend’s place for two months and speaks blah blah….she says you can’t digest that I lived with Arjun for 20 years. She says she didn’t go from his life. She says Arjun called her and tried to convince her to come back. Ovi keeps on lying to Purvi. Purvi is shocked. Ovi says Arjun lied to her. Purvi says she don’t believe her. Arjun comes and asks his wallet from Ovi. He is shocked to see Purvi. Purvi tells Arjun that she is sorry for not giving him chance to explain. Arjun says he has lied.

Arjun tells Purvi that he did wrong with her but he has moved on in his life. I never saw Pari, and Pia is brought up infront of him. Ovi has taken care of me. Purvi is shocked and teary eyed.

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