Jeannie Aur Juju 1st January 2014 Written Episode

The audience is cheering, Boss is the only judge . Vela as an anchor welcomes everyone to the beauty contest and he praises himself as well and exits after asking them to wait for the contest to start .

In the makeup room , Jeannie is getting ready while the kids help her, chatur enters the room to check durga who is on the other side . He is horrified as her make-up is so funny . He tries to clarify whether she applied face powder or cement . Jeannie sends the girls to help durga with her makeup while chatur goes out thanking Jeannie .

Juju and Priya arrive and they take their sets beside boss, juju mutters about the contest getting over so Jeannie can doze, Priya hears it and asks juju what are you muttering about Jeannie? Juju first changes the topic by praising her get up then smartly replies that’s we have a meeting at morning session so she needs to not be lazy Priya taunts that she should go now itself, she even warns juju to be unbiased towards Jeannie, boss says the same to Priya regarding mooni which comes as a blow for her but a boon for juju .

Vela enters another make up and wishes a girl good luck for the contest and goes to check mooni , he praises her looks and says she can win even by casual look and their cute Nokia jhoks starts .

Dr Dr is brooding over something, chatur asks is he sad as his wife is not participating in the contest? Dr Dr says I am still single, I was thinking how about having an health contest and healthiest person winning a prize .
Vela comes and sits beside them, he brags about mooni winning the contest, Dr Dr and chatur embarrases Vela who leaves because of it .

Juju checks the time and sees only 45 mins are left, he is worried and prays to god to save Jeannie .

Genius makes durga look pretty indeed, junjun while coming does magic and a stunning purple dress appears which she gives to durga to wear it but first they decide to work on her hairstyle .

Vela appears on the stage again informing everyone with cheerness in his voice that there are 10 beautiful contestants who are participating in the contest which consists of 3 rounds .

The first round starts as well as the jalwa bg, all the contestants one after the other enters with catwalk and exits, juju is irritated as they are taking a lot of time .

Finally vela makes his entry on the stage again and informs about durga being the next contestant.

Durga enters the stage looking very different, all are amazed, chatur and kid’s happiness knew no bounds, they cheer for her and her catwalking is too good impressing all the judges .

Now Vela announces Jeannie as the next contestant, Priya puts up a long face . Jeannie and mooni are alone behind the curtain, mooni taunts Jeannie who is nervous, she shuts her eyes and becomes confident .

Now marwajan bg plays, Jeannie slowly enters with grace in her poise, juju is totally amazed, she catwalks and gives a smile while making soft movement of her body .

When she is about to resume her catwalk, mooni does magic which causes her one of her heels to break which causes imbalance to Jeannie and she losts her poise + confidence .

Juju silently asks her to be confident while the kids cheer hare for her, then Jeannie opens the other sandal and picks both in one of her hands and her poise is back, she after giving a bowing poise makes her exit while twirling the sandals with a style in her hand .

The audience cheer greatly for her, juju even whistles which offends Priya .

Vela is back on stage to announce that mooni is the last contestant of round-1 .

Priya confidently says to boss and juju to see mooni’s magic on the stage .

Jeannie is back on stage and wishes luck to mooni saying now its her turn , mooni appears to be worried, Jeannie sternly says her don’t worry as I won’t do the same with you as you did to me because my juju reached me not to cheat as honesty always pays .

Mooni goes for her entry .

Precap :- The top 3 contestants durga, Jeannie and mooni are dressed in lehenga-choli, first durga catwalks then mooni catwalks and adaabs to all then its Jeannie who walks with perfection with no pretence, juju by fingers indicates her its perfect

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