Pavitra Rishta 7th January 2014 Written Episode

The episode starts with Naren complaining about pain to Ankita. Ankita looks at the wound and puts ointment on it. Sunraha haina tu plays…..Purvi is on the road and thinks about RK’s marriage proposal. She thinks how could he blackmailed me to marry him. She feels miserable. She thinks that only RK can save Arjun. Naren’s employee Pooja comes home and asks Ankita to get Naren signatures on some papers. Ankita asks the servant to bring tea. She asks Pooja to sit. Raunaq comes and tries to misbehave with her. He asks her to come to his room. Pooja refuses. Raunaq holds her hand. Ankita comes and shouts at him. She asks, what do you think of yourself a rich person. You don’t have any right to misbehave with any girl. You didn’t get any licence to do cheap things. Ankita asks him to think about Kinnari and stops the nonsense. Raunaq shouts at her and is about to slap her. Ankita stops his hand and makes him remember that she is his sister in law. Sunanda comes and asks, what is happening? She scolds Ankita and says, don’t forget he is the son of this home. This is not your chawl, this is karmakar house. Ankita says, Raunaq misbehaved with that girl. Raunaq says, she is lying. Ankita says, I am not lying. And tells her to ask Pooja. Sunanda asks Pooja to leave. Sunanda tells Raunaq that this kind of behavior will not be together. She says I don’t warn again and again. Raunaq is angry at Ankita and says, I will make sure you will pay for this.

Purvi comes to the police station and requests the constable to let her meet Arjun once. He says, only family or friends can meet him and asks her to leave from there. Purvi is sad……Arjun feels pain in his head….benaam rishta plays…….Arjun thinks to bear the pain.

He breaks down at one point of time. Police constable sees blood coming from his head. Ambulance comes. Arjun is taken inside the ambulance. Purvi sees him and asks, what happened to him. Constable says, this happens with bad guys. Naren says, I have to rush to the office. He asks Ankita to finish the food fast. Naren says, I am the best. Sunanda asks Ankita to take care of Naren.

Naren says, I will do whatever my Ahana’s say and will never leave her hand. Rushaali asks him to take another driver as Ram singh is not here. Naren insists to drive himself. Sunanda asks Raunaq to drop them to the office. Raunaq says, am I their driver. Sunanda orders him to drop them to the office. Raunaq says, Ankita is bro’s aaya/caretaker. Rushaali asks him to shut up. Naren thinks he is joking. Naren asks Raunaq to come and calls him a driver. Raunaq is irked. Purvi is walking on the road, Soham asks her to move aside. He sees her and asks the driver to drive the car. Purvi is thinking about Arjun and wonders how to save him.

Soham brings some guests. He says they are going to be Mansi’s inlaws. He shows Mansi to them. Mansi asks, what are you saying? Soham says, you will be happy and asks her to get something to eat. Naren gives directions to Raunaq and calls him driver. Ankita smiles.

Ankita gets Mansi’s call. Mansi tells her about Soham bringing bar owner home for her alliance. She says, he will get me married. She asks her to do something. Ankita asks Naren to come with her. Naren asks Raunaq to take them to Ankita’s home as Mansi is in trouble. Soham calls Mansi, meanwhile is speaking with the guests. Mansi brings the tea. Soham asks them to say yes to the proposal. They nod in a yes. Soham makes Mansi sit with them. Soham blesses her. Shashank comes and asks, Did Mansi agreed to this proposal. Soham asks him to go. Shashank says, you are spoiling her future. Shashank says, Mansi will marry with her consent. Shashank and Soham engage in the fight. Ankita and Naren comes there.

Shashank tells Ankita that I love you and I can’t let Mansi sacrifice her life. I will not allow anyone to ruin her life. Raunaq hears them and thinks of a plan.

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