Veera 31st January 2014 Written Episode

Veera and friends are at Veera’s place and Ratan serves food to them and Veera is happy, R also goes towards BD but BD says they will like only desi food and everyone praises the food.. Veera’s one friend.. (dunno the one with BD) gets up and starts taking the picture. she also decides to take pic of BD and BD gives poses, Veera tells him to stop all this and asks all her friends to lets have Bonfire for fun. and BD asks what is that, Veera’s friend explains to him, it is basically getting logs and setting the fire everyone else sits around and have fun… BD laughs at idea saying, look at people’s brain.. We just got back electricity, and here she wants to have fire log.. (Siddhi Baat No Bakwaas..) BD suggests Kabadi between pind and sheher people.. and Veera rejects saying using brains will not spoil his image.. both have argument and calls each other Nautanki.. and One friend suggests, to have Nautanki (play).. But then on what MC suggests that have it on Heer-Ranjha, all agree, and Veera imedietly says, she will be Heer and Karan as Ranjha… But BD disagrees, saying why outsider should be Ranjha… and says he will be… both have argument, and MC says to throw chunri and Veera reluctantly goes up and has confidence that luck is with her, and Karan will be the one.. she throws it and it lands on BD who says, this is my pind and its wind will always support him, and hence it is finalized on BD..

Gunjan and Ranveer are walking, and Gunjan asks for assurance that her wishes will get fulfilled by visiting the place? and RV agrees, and both move ahead, G saying she will wish to go aborad as soon as possible. and asks what about him? Before he answers, winds starts blowing and G Hugs RV tightly scared. It starts raining. And G is surprised at unexpected rains. They both go and take shelter under tree… G says she will first arrange her duppatta.. and it flies off on bish with thorns,..
RV with some trouble gets it, and G is shocked to see blood hurts on hand.
Both reach Darga and pray, G is done praying RV says he wishes all the wish G comes true.. and G is shocked.. Both get up.. and RV is about to leave.. but G stops him and asks, why and what is this? Friendship? Sympathy? or Regret? RV is about to say.. But G says.. this is Darga, don’t you dare lie … RV says, its none of those.. and requests, no more question and moves ahead.. She looks at him, and recollects all her time she spent with him..realizes, that it is none of those it is LOVE!(OMG Soo Soon, Sooo Finally) … RV calls her to move out.. and they leave…

Veera is looking at her and Karan’s pic, and is happy, her friend comes in asks.. she realizes and asks why is this love so hidden? are you as well, waiting for Karan to come and propose to you, and Veera disagrees, what would be difference between me and other typical girl,, but she is first waiting to tell and talk to veerji, and friend, says.. your veerji loves you alot, and she agrees..

Precap: Veera tells RV about her love for Karan..

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