Choti Bahu 17th June 09 – Written Update

Part 1

The episode begins with the entire family waiting for Vishaka to explain where Radhika was. Vishaka says you all know how innocent she is, she found out a peer baba (some person who does prayers) and she went there because she found out the prays at night and the ashes from the prayer are good for the house. Dev is irritated and makes a face. Mrinalini and Arjun are smiling. Vishaka says in reality, there was no peer baba, someone took advantage of Radhika and trapped her. Vishaka says when Radhika didn\’t come home till late, I sent Dev to search for her. Dev is just looking at Vishaka , hurt and stunned. Vishaka says the fault is mine, I shouldn\’t have let her go, please forgive me Dadima, I promise you that this won\’t happen again and if she wants to go out, she will tells the family members. Vishaka says thank god Dev saved her in time otherwise God knows what would have happened. Vishaka folds her hands and says she hasn\’t come out of the shock yet, I request all of you to not ask her anything more about this or she will be more worried.

Mrinalini smiles. mrinalini says bas karo Vishaka (enough Vishaka) then goes towards her and says tumhare behen ki galtiyon ke liye tumhe haath jhodne ki koyi zaroorat nahi (you don\’t have to apologise for your sister\’s mistakes). Mrinalini says anyways Radhika is everyone\’s favorite here, even if she does something wrong, she will be forgiven easily. Vishaka tells everyone no no the fault is all mine, not my sister\’s; if you want to punish anyone, punish me. Dadima tells Vishaka to calm down, the problem is solved and tells everyone to go sleep. Chacha says accha tamasha laga hai(nice show here) and then goes to sleep. Dadi tells Vishaka to go rest, she has to get up for Aarti tomorrow.

Part 2

Next norning, Radhika gets up when when someone knocks the door, it is Birju. Birju brings milk inside and says please have this elaichi milk, all your fever and pain will go away. Radhika is just sitting with her head on her knees not saying a word and not looking at him. Birju says please get well soon, Radhika says I am well. Birju says, Radhikaji you also, how did you get trapped in this peer baba trap? Radhika is looking confused, Birju says every fourth person is a crook here, not like in Vrindavan. Vishaka told everyone how you were hoodwinked by that peer baba and went to meet him. Birju says please ask me next time if you want to meet someone like this, I know who is real and who is fake. Radhika just looks at him and then down. Birju says please call me if you need anything and then he leaves. Radhika has tears in her eyes.Outside, Dev is waiting and as Birju comes out, Dev asks him how is Radhika? (Radhika heard Dev and turns her head). Birju says she looks very scared, God knows how much time she will take to get out of this shock. Dev seems upset and wants to enter her room but then tells Birju to take care of her and then leaves.

Meanwhile, Dadi and Vaishali are in a room, Dadi asks Vaishali what she is thinking about. Vaishali says I am thinking sometimes God really takes away the brain of his followers. Dadi looks at Vaishali. Vaishali says yes, I am talking about Radhika, she is such a big Krishna Bhakt, being so intelligent she was hoodwinked by a peer baba and she went out without thinking of the faily\’s name. She should have atleast thought that she is living with her sister\’s in-laws. Dadi gets up and says I know why you are upset, but see we know Radhika from so long and we know she is intelligent but sometimes intelligent people also do something for the good of her family that she should not have done. Vaishali says but she could have told someone and gone.Dadi says people don\’t think at such times and she is from vrindavan where a saint is a saint, not like the city where people are like this also. If she knew this was going to happen, she would never have gone. Dadi tells Vaishali please forget all this now and forgive Radhika. Vaishali says ok.

Vishaka is pacing her room, Mrinalini walks in and aks what happened now, everything is sorted no? Vishaka says no things have got more confusing, Dev now knows I did the music video. Mrinalini is shocked. Vishaka says now a sword is hanging over my head, he had threatened me that he would tell everyone the truth but I only told some lies. Vishaka asks Mrinalini when he comes and asks me, what do I say? Mrinalini says don\’t worry, we will think of something but what happened to the producer, was Dev able to convince the producer? Vishaka looks confused, but Mrinalini makes her sit and says first tell me about the music video, Vishaka says he must have stopped it. Mrinalini says because of this small incident, don\’t forget your dreams.

Part 3

Mrinalini says hurdles like this will keep coming, but you keep an eye on your goal, Radhika will continue to come between you and your goals, but you have to remove this hurdle, only then you would reach your goal. Dev enters, both ladies look at him. Dev says I need to talk to talk to my wife in private, so if you could please… Mrinalini says sure and she leaves. Dev tells Vishaka angrily you lied to easily in front of all family members, not once did you think of your sister who is suffering and is quiet. Vishaka looks down. Dev says even I could have told them the truth but I kept quiet because I respect your sister\’s efforts. Right now I handled everything and the music video won\’t be released. vishaka jumps for joy all of a sudden and says really, then? Dev looks at her with disgust and says whatever happened is a lesson for you, everytime me or your sister will not come to save you. Vishaka looks down.

The producer is having his morning tea and the phone rings. It is Mrinalini, she asks him what am I hearing, you aren\’t releasing the music video? the producer says yes you heard right Madam. Mrinalini says don\’t forget I paid you. The producer says yes but take it back, it\’s not more important than my life. Mrinalini seems irritated, the producer says I could not stand in front of Dev, he is a Purohit. Mrinalini says hello, even I am Mrinalini Purohit. The producer says you are just Purohit, he is Dev Rajpurohit, I can\’t go against him, please forgive me. First you sent that girl and told me to show her a good time and Dev came behind her and you didn\’t tell me. If I knew I was taking pangas with Dev Rajpurohit, I wouldn\’t have even spoken to you. He shuts the phone. Mrinalini is upset that Radhika spoilt her plan and says I need to take care of this girl soon.

Vishaka brings breakfast for Radhika, Radhiak says she isn\’t hungry. Vishaka says sarcastically, why aren\’t you hungry? What do you want Radhika, that you fall ill and I get the blame? Radhika looks hurt and upset. Vishaka says because of you Dev has screamed at me and on top of that he asked me to save your name in front of the family, and when I told some lies to end the matter, I even got a scolding for telling lies. Radhika is upset. Vishaka says khaan kholkar sun le Radhika, theek se khaana peena aur apni tabiyat sahi kar, mujhe tumhari bimari ka karan nahi banna samjhi (eat and take care of yourself got it, I do not want to be responsible for you illhealth). Radhika wipes her tears and says nothing like that, I am fine.

Just then Dadi enters,Radhika sees her enter and Vishaka acts all sweet, (before she was sitting on a stool, she comes down and sits near Radhika) and says sweetly, you have to get better Radhika, I don\’t want my sister to be ill, first tell me you want to have juice or breakfast? Keshav also enters the room. vishaka tells Dadi, see she isn;t listening, please tell her while I get milk sent to her. Dadi takes the glass from Vishaka who leaves. Dadi tells Radhika that what happened was a bad incident but you have to forget it and move on and for that you need strength. Keshav keeps looking at her. Radhika says Dadi, I don\’t feel like eating anything. Dadi says fine, have juice, have breakfast later. Radhika has juice and Keshav asks how are you now. Radhika seems surprised that Keshav is there.

Part 4

Keshav seems happy to see her well. dadi tells Radhika see how worried Keshav is about you? If you get better, everyone will feel happy, especially keshav, now drink soon. Dadi says if not for yourself, then atleast for others and Radhikla drinks. Dadi then tells her to take rest, everything will get better and then leaves.

Downstairs Dev is pacing in the living room,Keshav comes down. Dev asks Keshav, any improvement in her health? Keshav says no, how will it improve, she isn\’t eating but Dadi forced her to have juice. dev seems upset. Keshav says when will we leave for office? Dev says today we will work from home, we will be needed at home today. Keshav says you are right, we will work from home…then hesitates and says ok I will get files from my room and leaves.

Dev wants to go up to Radhika\’s room but is hesitating. Radhika is sleeping on the floow in her room and is thinking of what happened with the producer and is upset in her sleep(she is holding her head). She screams and gets up, Dev hears it from downstairs and runs. Vivek stops him and says Dev where are you going. Dev says that Radhika…Vivek says you have forgotten what you promised me, you have to stay away frok Radhika and take care of your responsibilities, whatever you do will affect your family. Vivek holds his hand and says do not forget you are a Rajpurohit.

Dev bends down and look at Vivek and says is waqt main sirf Dev hoon bhaiya, sirf Dev aur mujhe kisi ki koi parva nahi, jo hoga woh dekha jayega(right now I am just Dev , Just dev. I don\’t care about anyone, whatever happens will happen). Vivek looks shocked.Dev says it will be good if you move from my path and let me go.  Dev then wants to leave, Vivek is still holding his hand, he removes Vivek\’s hand and then goes towards Radhika\’s room.Dadi and Birju heard Radhika\’s voice and they both go up as well. dev knocks on Radhika\’s door and enters, she turns away from him. dev is about to touch her shoulder but does not, he just sits there. Dadi and Birju are rushing towards Radhika\’s room, Vivek sees them and stops them and asks them where they are going and Birju says they heard her scream, Dadi says in this situation, I don\’t know what must be going through her mind. Keshav also comes there. Dadi is worried and about to go into her room but Vivek says I just came from her room, she had a bad dream and that\’s why she screamed, she is trying to sleep again, but if you go in again, her sleep will be spoilt. Dadi says Vivek is right, she needs rest, we will meet later. Keshav seems a bit suspicious.

Radhika tells Dev to leave, and that she is ok. There are tears in Dev\’s eyes and he cries and says I know you don\’t need anyone, but I cannot even come and sit next to you? Is it necessary that everytime you push me away, even in this situation. Radhika says kisi bhi halat mein hame is baat ki anumati nahi hai ki hum paas aaye, kaisee bhi paristhitee me, hame kamzor nahi banna hai ek doosre keliye, hame jina seekhna hoga(in any situation it is not ok for us to sit together, we should not be weak, we have to earn live). Dev says jise khd se bhi zyada pyaar kiya ho, uske bina kaise jiya ja sakta hai(how do i live without someone who I have loved more than myself?).

Keshav is outside listening to all this, he is watching them from behind!! He is shocked!

Precap: Everyone is at the dinner table, Deepika is complaining about going somewhere. Arjun says if I don\’t go to work, who will go. Dadi says if Arjun cannot go, Dev will go.  Dev looks up.

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