Veera 20th February 2014 Written Episode

Veera says she is leaving today, and asks how will now Gunjan get out her anger and hatred for her?? By hurting others you can never be happily rubbing off your anger.

RV and Veera in Gurudwara and RV asks to support Veera while she fulfills her dream. Veera says she is going to bring happiness in life of Biji, MC, and RV… but till then please take care of them bahe guru. They turn around to meet Nana-Nani of Veera, and RanVeera acts as if they both don’t know them and Veera asks, who are they and RV explains they are from next pind coming for religious tour, and to take their blessings.. Veera happily takes their blessings. and hugs her nani. Nana thanks RV with eye contact.

BD is with friends and they are discussing how and why she hugged BD, and that BD has done magic on her.. BD is confused, and his friends pulls his leg, saying she is in love with you.. inititally he is on cloud nine.. and when his friends confront BD, BD says.. I will then have to break her heart, as I have no that view. And his friends assure him that Veera is going out today. and BD says.. oh so i will act as if I like her so I don’t break her heart before she leaves, doesn’t look good na… His friends enjoy his changed expression… but BD asks what is she drags me to airport, in her so called love thing… I will go till delhi airport… And they all leave.

At home, R and MC have kept all her luggage ready in hall, and she asks why?? Why are they in hurry to kick me out… I can reach Delhi even if I leave after an hour. and R says, we cannot trust traffic.. and she agrees … While RV hurries her to leave… Bank people come and Veera is confused, to which RV makes excuse.. and before any further question, Pind people come in to bid farewell, and R takes bank people inside and requests them to take care of the situation in front of Veera, so she can go happily.

People starts gifting Veera, and BD and his friends reach the place. Veera takes excuse from RV and goes to him,… She is hesitant, and says thank you adding she never thought she would ever thank him. But since he supported her yesterday when she needed it… she thanks him. She also tells him, she always thought he was nalayak, but, now she is sure, he is good at heart. and leaves saying, she will miss him and their fights.
Veera gives hug to R and MC, and leaves giving final glance at BD, and BD’s friends asks him what about his plan to go to airport.BD says, why should I give her any attention in front of pind people.

Veera hands over sim to RV saying she will not require it when she reaches to London. and leave sitting in car. BD and his friends come and says she left. BD is upset, and decides to go home.

Ratan thanks bank people and they start with the procedure.

Balwant is shocked to know this and shares with bansuri and BD hears all this. Balwant decides to help, but Bansuri stops him. BD realizes that it must be for Veera’s study.. and Veera must know it.. he calls her but cannot connect to her.. and he decides to stop her from going abroad

Precap: RanVeera reach airport, and BD starts driving off in speed.

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