Choti Bahu 22nd June 09 – Written Update

Part 1

The episode begins with Dev unpacking his luggage and looking upset. Keshav comes in and tells Dev tomorrow Updhayay will be coming at 7am to show us the land, please be ready by then. Dev tells Keshav to rest, they wish each other good night. Dev is thinking about calling home and so he calls and Vaishali picks up. They exchange pleasantries and Vaishali asks if he reached Mathura. Dev says yes, we are staying overnight here and then tomorrow going to Agra. Vaishali says that means tomorrow you will be out, be careful. Dev hesitantly asks if everything is ok at home, Vaishali laughs and asks why are you asking, you only left today but since you ask, I have to tell you that everything is ok. Dev says no I was just worried. Dev says please call me if there is a problem, Vaishali says even if there is no problem I will call you and give you all the news from here. Vaishali blesses Dev that he will do well and make his father\’s name proud.

Radhika is closing the curtains for Kanha , she hears some sounds, she turns around and aka who it is, but doesn\’t see anyone. She walks hesitantly to see, she goes to her room but doesn\’t see anyone and then walks back near the temple area. All of a sudden, someone catches her hand, Radhika is shocked. It is Purab,

Part 2

Purab is holding Radhika\’s hand, she is shocked, comes out towards a bit of light, Purab says hi cuties, Radhika is shocked to see Purab, he is shocked to see it is Radhika and not Vishaka. Both say tum(you) at the same time. Purab says what are you doing here, Radhika says why have you come here? Purab says that\’s a funny question, I have to come to see Vishaka. Radhika tells him you don\’t have any shame, you have come to meet Vishaka in her sasuraal(in-laws place). Purab says me and shame, your sister called me here herself. Radhika says look I don\’t know why Vishaka called you here, but right now it would be good if you leave. Purab says I will not leave without meeting Vishaka.

Radhika folds her hands and says Purab Vishaka is Choti Bahu, her one action will ruin everything, i beg you to leave. Purab says anything for you cuties, you are telling me so sweetly to leave then I will go but tell Vishaka I came here, Radhika says ok. Purab says waise yahan aana waste nahin hua, usse hi tumse bhi mulakat ho gayi (this trip wasn\’t a waste, atleast I got to meet you). Radhika is irritated, Purab is about to leave, Radhika says leave where you came from, he says using the pipe? Radhika says yes where you came from. Purab is about to leave but then suddenly he bends down and says jaane se pehle ek baat kehna chahta hoon, jab bhi tum itni sweetliez baat kati ho, mujhe bahut achha feels hota hai(before leaving I want to tell you that when you talk to me so sweetly, I feel very good) Suddenly all the lights of the house come on, all the family members are standing and watching. Radhika is shocked, Purab is looking around. Vishaka has her eyes wide open. Mrinalini is looking around at everyone, Everyone else, Dadi, Vaishali, Vivek are all staring and shocked and has their mouth wide open.Radhika removes her hand from Purab\’s and stands there

Part 3

Mrinalini speaks up and says see, I told you all I saw someone coming this way. She walk towards Radhika and asks her what were you doing with so late at night here and who is this guy and how did he come here? Vishaka is looking down, Dadi and Vaishali are shocked. Mrinalini says Radhika andhere mein is ladke se mil rahi hai, jaan pechaan kafi achchi hogi(she is meeting him here at night, she must know him well). Arjun says wait bhabhi and he goes towards Purab and catches his collar and says who are you and what are you doing here? Purab is looking at Vishaka helpless, he looks around. Arjun says let\’s call the police, Puran says police, whys? Purab moves slightly towards the center and says I haven\’t come here on my own, I have come here, because…he then lifts his hand towards Vishaka. Mrinalini realizes that Vishaka called him. Vishaka is shocked and nods her head no, then Purab moves his hand towards Radhika and says haan, Radhika ne bulaya(Radhika called me).

Radhika is shocked to hear this. Purab says it is my fault to come here so late, but I am very sorry. Purab says Radhika is my old friend, she will feel bad. Birju and Vivek are shocked. Purab goes towards Radhika and says next time you want to meet me, please you come, that is better. Radhika looks very shocked and upset. Purab says bye and leaves. Arjun says some stranger guy comes to meet Radhika at night and you all don\’t say anything., we will call police. Chacha says if we call the police, it will be our reputation that is ruined right, Arjun says right. Chacha says sikka apna ki khota hai(the fault is within our own), Radhika looks at him, Chacha asks Radhika what is going on, he asks kab se chal raha hai yeh raas leela(since when is this going on?) Mrinalini says Radhika tumhe us ladke ko is ghar mein bulakar zara bhi sharam nahi aayee?(you didn\’t feel shame calling him to this house?)

Part 4

Mrinalini goes towards Dadi and Vaishali and asks what work was there that could only have been done at night. Dadi and Vaishali are shocked. Mrinalini says dekh liya aap sabne apni laadli Radhika ka charitra (you all saw your favorite Radhika\’s character?) Radhika is very upset. Dadi stops Mrinalini and says what kind of language is this. Chacha stops Dadi and says what language are you talking about, ok even if Badi Bahu uses better language, whatever Radhika did, will that be good too? Chacha says this girl was sent here so that Shastriji name and teachings will be kept safe, but we now know her character. Radhika is shocked. Vishaka is looking down.

Dadi says wait let Radhika speak in her defense. Vishaka is shocked. Dadi goes towards Radhika who was that man and why had he come? Mrinalini says wait Dadi, she brings Vishaka to the center and says tell the truth to everyone, (Vishaka is frightened) tell the truth that the peer baba story you told that day was false, that you were covering up a shameful act for your sister, say the truth. Vishaka looks perplexed, Mrinalini says see your sister is ruining your family\’s name, you have to tell the truth one day Vishaka, say it. Vishaka says haan. Radhika is shocked. Vishaka says haan maine jhoot bola tha, apni behen ka naam kharab hone se bachane ke liye (yes I lied to save my sister\’s name) Radhika looks so hurt. Mrinalini says everyone heard now, or is there everything to be said? Mrinalini goes towards Dadi and says you all saw the first truth, now the second truth your Choti Bahu has told you, on top of that Radhika\’s silence tells us volumes. Dadi says wait Badi Bahu,I want to hear the truth from Radhika. Dadi says Radhika, who was that man? Radhika looks at Vishaka who is in tears and nods no.

Meanwhile, Dev cannot sleep and gets up, he tries calling home but has a low battery. Dev comes out to the living room, a caretaker asks him if he needs anything, he says a charger. The caretaker says there is no charger for this phone, Dev says no problem, I will get it from the market. Dev is about to leave, the caretaker stops him and says I heard you are making a temple here, we are very fortunate, but don\’t mind if I tell you something, it would be better to search for land in Vrindavan than here, it is a very pure place. The caretaker says in every boy in Vrindavan there is Gopal. The caretaker says in every boy in Vrindavan there is Gopal and in every girl Radhika. Dev is very happy to hear this.

Meanwhile Dadi asks tell Radhika, who was that man, why was he here. Mrinalini says tell Radhika, give us a story and tell that Vishaka was lying, tell no. Dadi says Mrinalini wait, let her speak. Radhika keeps looking at Vishaka and she keeps nodding no in tears. Mrinalini continues, say something no Radhika.Radhika screams nahi, meri behen jhooti nahin hai(my sister is not a liar), Mrinalini and Arjun both smile, so does Chacha. Radhika says Mrinalini Bhabhi ne jo kuch bhi kaha, woh sab sach hai (whatever Mrinalini bhabhi said, everything is true). Vivek and Birju look at each other. Radhika says that man just came to meet me, I only called him.

Mrinalini says, so she confessed. Mrinalini goes to Radhika and squeezes her hand and says don\’t think you will be excused for this behavior, you will be thrown out of the house.(she looks like a demon doing this).Dadi says bas, and holds her head. Chacha goes and holds her and makes her sit. Chacha says see what Mrinalini is saying is also right, if something like this happens, then our family reputation will be spoilt. Radhika crys. Chacha says, rishta kya hai hama is chokri ke saath mein (what is our relation anyways with this girl)

Part 5:

Chacha tells Dadi shashtra mein likha hai kya ki bahu ki behen ko palna bhi hai aur jhelna bhi hai (is it written in the shastras that you have to bear and bring up the daughter in law\’s sister?) that too, after such an incident. Mrinalini comes to Dadi and says I don\’t understand why don\’t you tell her to leave. Dadi seems in shock. Mrinalini says is this because this girl keeps praying to Kanha the whole day, is that why? Mrinalini says Dadi, why are you quiet, can you not see that this girl has done such low and dirty behavior? Dadi is quiet, Mrinalini says by keeping quiet, are you saying that whatever this girl has done is right? In fact, every daughter, sister and daughter in law should do stuff like this only. Vaishali finally says enough Mrinalini, stop screaming at Dadi, we are thinking and trying to understand. Mrinalini says what is left to understand, what is left to say. We all respect Dadima and that is why we are waiting for her decision but by keeping quiet, she is saying that she doesn\’t care about what happened, the big ideals and traditions that we uphold are so hollow that anyone can break them.

Dadi says bas badi bahu, bas (enough, stop it); tum jaisa chahti ho, waisa hi hoga(what you want, that will happen). Mrinalini, Arjun and Chacha are all smiling. Radhika comes running and folds her hands in front of Dadima and says, dadima aisa mat kahiye, main maanti hoon mujhse galti huyi hai, lekin us baat ki itni badi saza mat dijiye dadima.(I know I have made a mistake but please don\’t give me such a big punishment dadima). I promise you I will never repeat this again. Vaishali says Radhika, tumhari galti maafi ke layak hai hi nahi (your act is not forgivable). Vishaka is in tears. Vaishali says it is better if you leave the house. Radhika looks at Dadi, she doesn\’t say anything. mrinalini says should I call security to throw you out? Birju and Vivek look at each other. Radhika falls down at Dadima\’s feet and says please forgive me, I will never do such a mistake again, please don\’t throw me out, please forgive me. Dadi is about to touch her but stops. Mrinalini says ab ho gaya rona dhona, ab baki logon ko sona bhi hai (done crying cos others have to sleep here). Radhika touches dadi\’s feet and then leaves.

Everyone is following her out. Radhika is about to go upstairs to get her stuff but Mrinalini says where do you think you are going, your stuff will be sent to you but your presence here will spoil this house, now go. Mrinalini takes Radhika by her hand and drags her out.Radhika keeps looking at Vishaka, who doesn\’t say a word, just keeps  looking at her. Radhika keeps looking back at everyone and crying. Dadi and Vaishali are upset. Vishaka is in tears. As Mrinalini opens the door, someone is at the door and they are all looking outside shocked.

Precap: devki asks Vishaka te guy who came to meet Radhika, that was Purab right? Vishaka looks down and nods yes.

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