Choti Bahu 24th June 09 – Written Update

Part 1

The episode begins with amma shouting at Radhika to sit in the car quickly. Radhika sits in the car and keeps looking back at the house while holding her Kanha. Meanwhile, Vishaka is talking to Purab on the phone and says ek number ke pagal ho tum, kya zaroorat thi yahan par aane ki, kaunsa kaam tha tho subah tak intazar nahi kar sakte the, aur aana hi tha toh kam se kam ek phone tho kar diy hota mujhe (you are crazy, what was the need to come here, what was the important work that couldn\’t wait till morning, and you should have atleast called before coming). Purab looks confused and says your upper switch is off and says you only SMSed me to come for a meeting at 9pm at night. Vishaka says I messaged you, you think I am mad? Purab says then who called me some ghost or some dream? Just then Mrinalini enters and Vishaka tells Purab I will call you later. Mrinalini asks who it was, Vishaka says noone. Mrinalini asks Vishaka why are is tensed now Vishaka, your biggest thorn Radhika is out of you way.

Vishaka says Radhika and a thorn, I don\’t understand you Bhabhi,why did you bring up the previous incident, you knew where she has gone right? Mrinalini says yes, I knew and you knew but the family didn\’t know and this was the only way to remove her. Vishaka says was it necessary to remove her? Mrinalini says tum bholi ho Vishaka,(you are very innocent) you don\’t understand that the biggest barrier to your dreams is that Radhika. Vishaka looks surprised and starts thinking. Mrinalini says whenever you wanted to go somewhere or do something, she used to stop you because she was jealous of you Vishaka. You wanted to fulfil a dream and now you can live your life the way you want. Vishaka nods her head.Mrinalini says but we have to be careful and make sure Dev doesn\’t know any of this because Dev knows the truth of the previous night(Radhika and producer). If Dev comes to know what happened tonight then he will know that Radhika lied for you today also. Vishaka seems scared and says no no, I will not let him know anything, noone will tell him anything, neither me not the family. Mrinalini seems happy at the thought.

Part 2

In the morning, Amma is asking a bus driver about the bus to Vrindavan and then asks Devki to board the bus quickly. Radhika is holding her Kanha and looks back. Birju says Dev Babu ghar pe hote to is tarah aapko kabhi nahin jaane dete(of Dev was at home, he would never have let you go like this), Radhika says it is good he wasn\’t there at the time, otherwise the matter would have got worse. Radhika says main jhaanti hoon jo kuch bhi ho raha hai, mere kanha ki marzi se ho raha hai (I know whatever is happening is with the wishes of Kanha). Birju says till now you are holding your sorrows close to your heart Radhikaji, Radhika says jab tak mere Kanha chahein (till my Kanha wishes so). Radhika asks Birju before I leave, can I ask you for something? Radhika says can I call you brother from today, Birju looks at her, she says meeting you and talking to you, I have always felt that way that I am with my big brother. Birju is in tears and says what kind of big brother am I who lets her sister walk away insulted like this, just kept quiet and watched. Radhika says no nothing like that, you have always supported me. Radhika says kabhi Vrindavan aana huya toh is behen se zaroor mil lijiyega(if you ever come to Vrindavan, please meet this sister of yours). Birju says if I had my way, I wouldn\’t let you go but see the irony of the situation that I was chosen to drop you. The bus driver asks everyone to board the bus, and Amma calls out to Radhika to come and sit in the bus. Radhika tells Birju that she is going and boards the bus.Birju seems upset.

Meanwhile Vaishali walks into the puja area and sees the lights lit near the tulsi tree and Dadi sitting there. She offers Dadi some prasad (temple offering) and Dadi tells her to sit. Dadi says aaj subah ki puja min koi jaan hi nahi thi, aisa lag raha tha ki sab kuch zabardasti karvaya ja raha ho, choti bahu ka bhi man nahi tha puja mein (there was no life in todays prayer, felt like it was forced and even choti bahu\’s heart was not in it). Vaishali says it is the first time she is handling everything on her own, that\’s why. Vaishali says har baar uski madat karne radhika uske saath rehte thi (everytime Radhika was there to help her), whatever happened yesterday night, I think choti bahu is very upset by all this, god knows how long it will take for her to forget all this.Dadi I think we all were very dependent on Radhika, we forgot that all this Choti Bahu is only supposed to do, now I don\’t know is choti bahu can handle all this without Radhika. Vaishali looks at her and says all the stuff for the ekadashi has come, let us take a look. Dadi says Radhika hoti toh….khair(if Radhika was there…but) then stops and they both go.

Vishaka comes over there (she overheard the conversation) and Mrinalini behind her. Mrinalini says it hasnt even been 24 hours and they are already missing Radhika, you know what is going to happen? Vishaka says what? Mrinalini says when dev gets home, they are going to tell Dev what happened yesterday night, when he comes to know, he will tell everyone the truth and get her home once again and once she comes here, she will be your bodyguard again. Vishaka says what do I do? Mrinalini says you are intelligent Vishaka, I am sure you will think of a way to keep the family shut, just a few lies and acting, just remember that Radhika is the only barrier to your dreams. Vishaka nods yes.

Part 3

Radhika is in the bus, remembering what happened the previous night and what the family members were saying about her and how they threw her out,she is holding her Kanha and crying. Devki touches Radhika\’s shoulder and cries and says says jo kuch bhi huya, usme mera bhi swarth tha (whatever happened, I also had a greed/need for the outcome). Devki says how many nights I didn\’t sleep thinking that somehow you would come back. Radhika looks at her, even yesterday Amma and I came to take you from there, but I never thought that you have to leave that house in such a way. Devki folds her hands and says please forgive me my daughter, I had never wanted you to be insulted like this, tujhe mei hi hai lag gayi beta (you got my ill wishes). Radhika holds her mothers hands and says no mother,whatever happened, everyone had wanted that no and now I am going back home now so why the tears. Devki is still crying.

Meanwhile Dev and Keshav stop at a rest stop, Dev asks the driver where he could get a car charger for the phone, the driver says an hour from there is a market. Keshav says if you need to make an emergency call, please use my phone. Dev says yes I need to call home, i am feeling worried, you please have tea. Dev calls home and Vivek picks up the call. Dev asks Vivek I just called to ask if everything is ok, Vivek asks him why he is asking that way. Dev says I couldn\’t sleep last night, has a weird feeling,

Vivek says everything is fine here. Dev asks Vivek how is Radhika. Vivek hesitates and says she is fine and says you have gone there for some important work, it is good if you concentrate on that important work. Dev says ok and closes the phone but still seems worried. Vivek puts down the phone and sees Birju.Vivek calls out to Birju and Birju asks how could you do this, you promised Dev that you would take care of Radhika, khayak rakhna to due, log unpe lalchan lagate rahe aur aap chup chap sunte rahe (far from taking care of her, they kept insulting her and you kept quiet)and now he called and asked how she is and you lied saying she is ok? Vivek says what else would I have told Dev, Birju says the truth that you couldnt keep your word.

Part 4

Birju bends down near Vivek and says kitna apmanit kiya sabne unhe, chartiraheen kaha, dhakke dekar, unhe darwaze se bahar kar diya aur aap tab bhi chup chaap sunte rahe (they insulted her, called her characterless, thre her out and you still kept quiet). Draupadi also suffered atrocities and Bheeshmapita kept listening to it quietly and you are Bheeshma right? Vivek says what do you think, I didn\’t feel like stopping the atrocities against her, but I was quiet because I also wanted her to leave. Birju is shocked, Vivek says I want Dev to be separate from Radhika, just think if yesterday Radhika\’s name was attached to Dev then even Dev\’s reputation would have been ruined yesterday, wouldnt the family members be upset, because of Dev I kept quiet.Dev is looking at the land that they had come to see and Dev asks Keshav to walk in separate paths and meet at the old temple. While looking at the greenery Dev is thinking that in every living thing, there is Radhika. Suddenly he imagines Radhika smiling and standing behind him(teri har jhalak me dikhe jo rab is playing) and she disappears. Dev looks around and then thinks about their first meeting scene and the the holi scene. It is almost evening. Dev is thinking of all the memories (phool bangla, vrat savitri).

Radhika is in the bus iin tears, Devki is watching her. Meanwhile Dev is walking around with Keshav and the person showing the temples and they decide on the spot being the choice to build the temple. Dev decides to drop the third person and then asks Keshav if he wants to stop at Vrindavan to see his parents, keshav says they aren;t there next time I will meet them.Dev and Radhika\’s bus pass each other, he sees her and is shocked, he tells the driver to stop and gets out of the car and goes towards the bus. He has stopped and is thinking

Precap: Vishaka is telling everyone at the dinner table that Dev praises Radhika\’s Kanha Bhakti a lot and if he finds out that she did something like this, then he would be very upset and I don\’t want him to upset about anything. Dadi says I understand Choti Bahu, you are worried, we never thought about this. Mrinalini says Vishaka what do we tell Dev about this, we will tell him she wanted to leave for Vrindavan. Vivek says Choti Bahu is right, we have to hide this from Dev. Suddenly Dev enters and everyone looks at him.

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