Mahuva n chandra tell that this is not true n when this girl cannot read or write n laugh followed by saagar,
sagar runs around vidhya telling i know a,b,c….z but u donno that also n tells shame shame puppy shame every donkey knows ur name
The doctor tells vidhya beta if u cannot sign atleast u could put ur thumb impression n asks her to do so. Her mother in tells her to put the thumb imp, vidhya tells but maa i didnt come here for property…. her maa tells beta i know but this was ur baba\’s last wish n to b here this is the 1st step.
Then she puts the thumb impression, n the lawyer tells now this house n property belongs to vidhya.
Next the doctor tells lookin at sindhoora “beta if u have ne problem regarding nething or anyone u could come to me
Chinu takes vidhya to a room n tells u fresh up n come down for pooja,later in the night i\’ll shift u to upper room.
Vidhya goes to the bathroom but is annoyed seeing everything, she keeps lookin at everything as she donno what is what. Therez a bath tub……..she is standing. Sagar comes in n she looks at him he asks her what r u looking she tells i wanna bathe, he tells go have ur bath go… vidhya tells but i donno how to operate these taps, he tells her turn that tap she goes n turns it on water falls on her(shower is on). saagar claps his hands n tells u got wet now sindhoora di will throw u out of the house n runs away from there.
Then vidhya goes down n her mom asks chinu what happened arent they coming down, chinu replies no they said that they will not come. vidhya tells all this is happening because of her n she will call them.
There in a room all the 3 sisters n karthik(mahuvas husband ) r there. mahuva tells looks like vidhya will throw us out of the house…..then her husband laughs n tells ur dad gidnt give me chance to laugh but now when he died he gave me a big reason to laugh (what a pair sagar n vidhya) he tells ” raghav banaye jodi ek paagal aur ek anpadh gori”Chandra tells i think even sindhoora didi got hypnotised by vidhya coz see shes sitting calmly not even responding.

Sindhoora bursts up just shut up all of u n throws a vase down. n tells if given a chance i will …. shez interrupted by vidhya.
Vidhya tells di i came her only beacuse it was baba\’s last wish n i came here for keeping up my promises that i took with sagar when i got married.
Sindhoora tells, “over told what u wanted to say” now tell what made u come here, vidhya replies mom is calling u all for havan. chandra n mahuva start ,tell her we r not coming….blah blah
Then sindhoora tells v r coming u go. After vidhya leaves they ask her didi y u do like this, she replies gimme 1 month n i\’ll show hell to this girl. She keeps boasting about her promises naa now in a period of 1 Month i\’ll make this girl bend on her knees n tell “please i wanna leave this house” just in a month
Sindhoora goes down n tells all the brahmins dat they\’ll be getting Rs 11,001 and a shawl as Dakshina.
she asks vidhya go to get it, vidhya goes up n mahuva n chandra show her some money n tell this is 77,007 rupees ,count if u want. Vidhya tells no u did it naa what is the need for me to count(she doesnt know counting only) They put the money in the envelopes.
Then they go down n vidhya starts giving them, a brahmin opens the envelope mean while saagar is there too , n tells whats this 11 Rs , every one checks their envelope\’s n tell this is our insult .we wont stay even a second more n leave from there. Sindhoora keeps begging please wait . But they leave.
She insults vidhya n tells what hav u done, now how will my dad\’s soul rest in peace. Vidhya unable to explain anything remains silent crying