Choti Bahu 1st July 09 – Written Update

Part 1

The episode begins with Radhika telling Amma and Devki that she will tell Shastriji the real reason she cannot get married again. Amma is angry and says what will you tell? You will tell Shastriji the truth and spoil Vishaka\’s life? Before you think of doing that, I will put coals in your mouth and make you dumb, so think before doing anything.Radhika says mere paas aur koi chaara nahi hai, ek byaatha ka dobara shaaadi karne ka paap main apne babuji ko nahi karne doongi (I don\’t have any other option, I will not let my father commit a sin by getting me married again). Devki is upset and looks down. Amma has her eyes wide open in anger. Radhika says I have always agreed to what you have said but not now. Anna lists her hand to slap Radhika but stops and says tuko haath lagaiyke haath kaun gandha karega(if i touch you, my hand will get dirty, an insult). Amma says you forgot how indebted to this house you are and today when the time has come to pay it back, you are stepping backwards? Amma goes to Devki and asks her if Shastriji wants to think about her marraige, then what is wrong in that? Devki is in tears. Amma says this girl has herself said she does not want any of Vishaka\’s right or her husband, then why is she crying today. Why doesn\’t she end this daily drama and agree to the marraige? Radhika looks at Amma. Amma says I knew this would this would happen and says paraye kabhi apne na ho sakat hai, gandha khoon gandha hi rehvego(other blood can never be ours, dirty blood will remain so). Amma says due ti this girl\’s paaps/sins, our house is struggling in the sea and we are not able to do anything. Amma tells her to leave the house.

Just then Shastriji comes and asks what is happening. Amma says nothing is paap ki jhad ko aangan se utakar phek rahe hain (just throwing this sinful seed out of our house). Shastriji says there is no need to do anything like this, Radhika is my daughter, how did you think of throwing her out. Amma says but because of her you had to listen to so much in society, she is not listening to you and answering you back. Because of her you are not eating or drinking. Shastriji says this is between Radhika and myself and we will resolve it. Amma says don\’t you feel even a bit of anger at her? Shastriji says I am not angry, just surprised and Radhika knows that till get get an answer to my questions, I will not eat. Radhika is shocked. Shastriji says that is why please tell Radhika to give me an appropriate reason for not wanting to get married. To my brain it doesn\’t make a difference if I am not eating or not talking to her. Now its very late, it is not good to stand out. Shastriji leaves, Radhika looks at him.

Part 2

Meanwhile in PB, Dev picks up the Kanha locket and is looking at it and is upset. He looks at Vishaka who is sleeping and then leaves the room.

Back in Vrindavan, Devki takes Radhika inside and says bitiya, I know what must be going through your mind right now, ek bhyaata rehte huye ek stree doosre vivaah ke baare mein soch bhi nahi sakti (i understand what must be going through your mind, a married woman cannot think of marrying again), but your case is different Radhika. You agree that the sindoor on Vishaka\’s forehead is in the name of Dev Babu? In front of society, Vishaka is Dev Babu\’s wife, then you have to forget that Dev had put sindoor in your maang/forehead. Radhika is in tears and crushed. Devki looks down. Devki says tu soch rahi hogi beta ki teri ma kitni nishtor hai, sirf apni sagi beti ke bare mein soch rahi hai, par tu nahi jaanti bitiya ki us shaadi ke baad ka ek ek pal maine gabrane ke tarah bitaya hai (you must be thinking why your mother is heartless and thinking only of her real daughter but since this wedding, every day I have lived in fear). Devki says many times I thought of telling your father the truth, if he finds out that in place of Vishaka you sat for the pheras/ceremony and that we cheater the Purohit parivar and that an unmarried girl is staying like a wedded woman and that you did not get your rights, everything will take his life. Will you be able to bear all this Radhika? Which father has treated you like his own daughter, will you be able to hurt him so much?

Radhika folds her hands and says I know Shastriji will be hurt after hearing the truth but I will not let my father commit a sin like this, remarrying his already married daughter is a sin I will not let him do. Radhika wipes her tears and says therefore it is good if I go tell Shastriji the whole truth. Devki is shocked. Radhika is about to leave but Devki stops her. Devki says please don\’t tell Shastriji the truth, I will tell him the reason you don\’t want to marry. Devki folds her hands and says please give your mother a chance and she leaves.

Meanwhile in PB, Dev is sitting on the swing in the patio and sees Dadi. Dadi seems upset, she comes there and asks him why he didn\’t sleep yet. She sits down and then asks if he fought with Choti Bahu. Dadi says I know Choti Bahu came late during dinner and that you are upset about it, but the truth is she hasn\’t learnt to handle all the work yet but she will learn. Dadi says I am just worried because she is being overly influenced by Mrinalini, till Radhika was here she was fine. Dev looks at Dadi when Radhika\’s name comes up. Dadi says Radhika usse samjhati rehti thi par Radhika ko toh…( Radhika used to explain to her but now Radhika…)Dadi stops and Dev looks at her. Dadi then says but Radhika had to leave for her house one day, but you don\’t worry your mother has talked to her, you don\’t get upset, you work the whole day and come home tired.

Part 3

Dev smiles and nods at Dadi and then tells Dadi come, I will leave you to your room. In Vrindavan, Radhika has reached the temple and rings the temple bell and says kyun kanha kyun, kyon baar baar aap mujhe aise duvidha pe lakar khada kar dete hain, aaj tak maine aapse kuch nahi maanga, jo kuch bhi huya, woh maine apna bhagya samajkar sweekar kar liya, phir kyon meri bhakti ki pariksha li jaati hai (why are you bringing me to such a point, till today I have never asked you for anything, whatever you gave me, I took it as my fate and accepted it, then why are you testing my faith again and again?) With your permission, I got married and with your blessing, I considered myself a wife. Today with all my dedication, I want to fulfil my patni dharm, how can I get married to someone else? Radhika folds her hands and says ever since I remember, I have prayed in this temple, and today I will remain in this temple till you don\’t solve my problem. Radhika starts ringing the temple bells continuously.

Meanwhile, Devki comes to Shastriji\’s room, Shastriji asks Devki if Radhika told her anything, Devki says no. Shastriji says what mistake have I committed, I consider her a gift from God, a child who society kept insulting time and time again because she is an orphan. Whenever she was insulted, I felt like hiding her in my chest, but today society\’s question is attacking me, for the first time, I agree with society. Shastriji starts crying and says I don\’t understand why she isn\’t agreeing for marriage after removing her sindoor. Does she not want me to be free from my father obligations? She needs to answer me why she doesn\’t want to get married. I will go talk to her now. Devki stops him and says we had forced her to get married earlier too, but she accepted Kanha as her husband and everyone compared her to Meera and she wasn\’t wearing sindoor. After that, she started wearing sindoor and people started complaining and maybe she was affected by that and remved her sindoor but that doesn\’t mean her faith is any less. Devki says she was Meera and will remain meera. Please respect her faith and don\’t force her to get married.

Shastriji leaves the room. In the temple, Radhika is still ringing the bells, Shastriji hears the bell ringing, and arrives there. Radhika is talking to Kanha and says jisse ek baar pati maan liya jaye, kya usse bulana aasan hai, main to majboor hokar maathe se sindoor pooch dala par iska matlab yeh toh nahi ki mera unse rishta hi toot jaye.(whoever I considered by husband, can i forget him so easily, I removed my sindoor due to being forced but that doesn\’t mean my relationship has ended). Shastriji is looking at her. Radhika says I don\’t need anything from this relationship, no name, no love, no rights, I just want to be considered a married woman and live like meera. I don\’t have permission to live like this. Shastriji says you have the permission. Radhika turns back in shock.

Part 4

Radhika goes towards her father and Shastriji says forgive me my daughter, I was so blinded by the ways of society that I wasn\’t able to see your love for Kanha. I wasn\’t able to understand that you removed the sindoor to protect the family name and today the same family is forcing you to give up your love for Kanha? No my daughter, whatever you want will happen, I will not let you hurt yourself; your pain hurts me more than you. Till you yourself come and tell me you want to get married, I will not speak a word on marraige. Radhika folds her hands and bows down (a new bhajan is playing, krishna hare om, krishna hare). Shastriji tells her to come home.

Next morning in PB, Vaishali is giving the maids instructions on what to make for breakfast. Dadi notices Vaishali doing all the work and asks where is Choti Bahu, she can atleast learn while she watches you. Vaishali says I only told her to go rest after the puja, thought I would handle work myself today. They see Dev leaving for work, and Vaishali asks Dev how come so early, Dev says he needs to leave to see soem videos of the proposed land for mutt. Suddenly Mrinalini comes and asks why noone sent lemon juice to her room, noone cares about her. She sees Dev and says so early to work Dev? Dev nods and is about to leave but Vaishali wants to feed him breakfast but he says no, I will be late. Just as he is about to leave, Mrinalini says yes work, you have to work extra hard, so that everyone doesn;t realise that Choti Bahu doesn\’t do any work at all. Dev turns around and says Mrinalini Bhabhi, Vishaka aapko kaam dene ka mauka dena chahti hai taaki aapka is ghar mein importance bani rahe warne aap hi kahaenge ki mujhe to koi poochta hi nahi(Vishaka wants to give you a chance to work so your importance is maintained here, otherwise you only complain that noone cares). Dadi and Viashali are happy that he answered back. Mrinalini is thinking about what to do next.

Vishaka tells Mrinalini do you know how difficult this is for me Bhabhi, I never even lifted a needle in my own house and for all work Radhika was there but here there is so much work that I don\’t want to do nor can do. I don\’t want to be a housewife. Mrinalini says then why are you here, free yourself from these boundaries and complete your wish to be a star.Vishaka says but first I need to be a mother. Mrinalini says what? Vishaka says only by being a mother will I get the family wealth. Mrinalini is shocked and says Vishaka are you insane? How can you play with your future? After being a mother, who will ask for you, your career will end before it began.

Part 5

will post detail soon-

vishaka says she needs the money. Mrinalini tells Vishaka not to have a child since she would ruin her chances being a star. Vishaka asks how will she get money. Mrinalini says she has money that she saved and some she got from her parents and she will give Vishaka. Vishaka is very happy.

Radhiak offers Shastriji tea and he drinks it, Amma is surprised, he tells her he has agreed to not come in between Kanha and Radhika. Amma is shocked and starts cursing Radhika. She warna Devki about Radhika and how the entire house will dorwn

Precap: Villagers ask Radhika why she is doing a married woman\’s pooja, kanha is a god, he doesn\’t need long life. One village lady asks kahin tumne kisi aur ko apna pati nahi maan liya (have you considered someone else your husband?

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