Choti Bahu 2nd July 09 – Written Update

Radhika is giving Shastriji tea to drink. Aama is surprised and is happy thinking Radhika has agreed to the marriage. Shastriji corrects her and says no I have caved in. Shastriji and Radhika are together walking to the temple. He sees Radhika smiling and expresses that he wishes that she remains like this forever. He says that you have abided to all that I have said, why would I not listen to you this once. Radhika in turn says I was blessed the day you found me, nothing will ever happen to me as long as I have your support. They go to temple and Radhika sings the aarti. Some lady asks Shastriji when the deep(lamp) pooja (prayer) is. Radhika is listening in. He explains that the pooja is on Amavasya. He says it is for married woman, you have to fast in the morning, then light a diya in your husband\’s name, and finally feed 5 married women. Those who do that, their husband will be always protected by God and if you have ever done some mistake, then this pooja will cover it all. Shastriji says he has some work to do and he will be back. Radhika says she will wait for him and in the mean time clean. On her way out, three women stop her. They ask her why she has removed the sindoor (vermillion) from her forehead. Another adds, when she went to her sister\’s she was wearing sindoor and when she came back she no longer wears it. One of them says have you met someone there that made you forget your love for Kanha. It is good that you have worn that sindoor in the name of kanha, many gopis do that, but if you had worn it for someone, he would have died. They laugh and leave Radhika shocked.

It is evening. Dadi asks Vaishali whether Dev has called. Vaishali answers when he called in the afternoon he said he was busy with a meeting. Dadi is getting angry and says that Dev is troubling them. Dev suddenly reaches home. Dadi scolds him and says it is good you have come; otherwise I would have gone to the office to take you. Dev excuses himself. Dadi says what else you will be sorry for. Keshav told me that you hadn\’t eaten this afternoon. Dev says he ate a little. Dadi says that\’s it you will eat in front of me. Dev replies that he still has work to complete. Vaishali says he will send it to the study room, but do eat. Dev leave. Mrinalini is standing in the room opposite and sees Dev walk by. She overhears Dadi and Vaishali talking how Dev is working too much since he took that project. Vaishali says he just wants to complete his father\’s wishes. Dadi says I understand but he will fall sick if he works non-stop. They both leave. Mrinalini is thinking you are worried about this now, but soon you will have to worry about the izaat(reputation) of this house.

Radhika is in her prayer room and thinking about what the women at the temple has said and then what Shastriji said about the deep pooja. Radhika decides she will do the pooja even if people will talk, as she will do that for Dev\’s safety. Govind Gopal Radhe Radhe is playing.

It is morning. Aama is chanting prayers. Devki comes to her with her food and says I must tell Vishaka the importance of this pooja to her. Aama cribs that if she stopped thinking about Radhika \’ her favourite, she would have thought about Vishaka. She says she has already told her and explained to her. Devki asks her not to speak like this. She says she had called at home and they said she was out, and she was not picking her mobile. Aama says everything will be fine, why are you worrying. Devki retorts I am worried as Radhika is no longer there to help her. Aama says my grandchild does not need the help of this cursed one, I have explained to her all the rasams. Devki says they will have to leave early tonight, Mahamanji will come. Aama is happy to hear that as it\’s been a while that Mahamanji has come. Aama sees Radhika and her face changes. Aama asks why she is dressed like that. Radhika says she also wanted to go with Ma for the deep pooja. Aama asks but why? Radhika says she has kept the fast, and now wants to put her diya in the water. Aama starts to yell that she has no regard for our reputation, that everyone is talking about her sindoor and now she wants to do the married woman\’s pooja. I know she is doing all this, so that everyone knows she is married. Radhika says it\’s not like this. She asks Devki to explain to Aama. Aama gets angry and says what will you explain to me, it is enough that lalla has agreed not to marry for now, but why are you intent in ruining our reputation. Devki agrees and says Aama is right and you will not come. Radhika says I have to do this pooja, for his health and happiness. She says it is every married woman\’s dharma (duty) and even I am married. Aama tells her to shut up, how she could even think about this. She tells Devki to understand that she has no regard for this family\’s reputation. She says it is good that the Purohit\’s have thrown her out. They have not noticed that many women have just entered their house and have overheard. One of the woman speak up and says we came to wait for Devkiji but it seems we came at the wrong moment.

Aama tries to cover up. She tells Manju, the women who talked that Devki was ready since a long time. She tells them to go ahead; she will come with Devki as she too wants to do darshan of Mahamanji. They leave. Aama tells Radhika that if she cares about her father at all, then she will not come near the pooja\’s place. Otherwise, my limit of tolerance will be crossed and you have no idea what I can do. Radhika tries to follow them, but Aama stops her. Aama puts the lock on the door and takes the keys with her. Dadi asks Vaishali where the Bahus are. Vaishali says she is here if she wanted something. Dadi says they are taking too much time, the kirtan will start and they have to go the ghat too. Vaishali tries to pacify her and says that they will come soon. She shows Dadi that someone has put the wrong colour of cloth on the statues. Dadi says it must Choti Bahu. Vaishali tries to explain that she must not have known that today a different colour must be adorned. Dadi says but why, don\’t they do pooja in their house. Vaishali has no answer. Deepika comes there. Dadi asks where Choti Bahu is, Deepika says she will go and call her. Vaishali stops her and tells her to change the cloth of the statues with the green ones. Dadi asks where is Dev. Vaishali says I totally forgot to tell him to come early today. Dadi says but this is a big pooja for them. Vaishali says I know but he left early in the morning. Dadi is getting angry and says what is important like that, this has been happening for the past 10 days. It is important that he sits for this pooja. Dadi asks Vaishali to call him and she will speak to him.

Dev is in the office, talking to some people. They are looking over the plans of the plot. They say it is quite cheap but for the irrigation plot, they will have to give some bribe to the authorities. Dev retorts if he has to bribe for this dharmic land, he will get another one. He tells them not to suggest these to him henceforth. The phone is ringing. Dev gives it to Keshav and says to tell he is busy and he will come later. Vaishali is obstinate and says she needs to speak to him now. Dev answers the phone and asks what the matter is. Vaishali explains that she forgot to tell him about the pooja tonight. Devs says but it will take him a long time to get there. Vaishali tells him to get to the temple then.Dadi is angry and says this is why I should have talked to him. She asks what is he busy with. Vaishali says she does not know. Dadi says we have to leave now. Vaishali points out that Choti Bahu is not ready yet.

Mrinalini enters Vishaka\’s room. She says how come she is not ready. Vishaka replies when one does not feel like getting ready, then one takes a lot of time. I am so fed with these heavy saris, jewelleries and on top of that these poojas, as soon as one ends another begins. Mrinalini says you are newly married this is why; otherwise I keep away from these. Vishaka complains that she has to keep fasts etc. She says she will go mad with all these rasams and wonders how will she get away from these. Mrinalini assures her that she will, and she has talked to Ramona. Vishaka asks who? Mrinalini explains that she has a friend who is a casting director, who suggests people to big banners. Vishaka says but when. Mrinalini says tonight, she will be there. Vishaka says but you are not coming. She answers she will come by later on, sight-seeing. Deepika enters and overhears the last part about Mrinalini making her meet someone. Deepika says that Vishaka is not wearing jewelleries. Vishaka says she is fine like she is. Mrinalini whispers in her ears to go away quickly, otherwise she will dress you like a D-grade heroine. Vishaka takes Deepika away. Vishaka and Mrinalini signal to each other.

The sun is setting. The women are walking to the temple and are gossiping about Radhika. They are talking about how she was thrown out from her sister\’s house, that she is not wearing sindoor, that she must have done something bad for them to have thrown her, that they should not be deceived by her nice nature, as it is kalyug. They wonder what she has done, and whether Shastriji knows about this as he was the one who supported her when she wanted to wear Sindoor in Kanha\’s name.

Devki and Aama are reaching there and call the ladies who were gossiping. Aama asks them how are they; they turn their face and go away. Radhika is getting harassed thinking about what the woman said that if she had worn the sindoor for someone and then took it off, he would have died.

On the other side, everyone greets the priest Mahamanji. Shastriji says it has been a long time since they saw you. Everyone in vrindavan came knowing you will be performing the pooja. Radhika is trying to call someone. The kirtan has started. Radhika asks Kanha to help her perform her Patni dharma. She says you know everything, why I need to do this pooja, the mistakes I have made, the promises I broke, by performing the deep pooja, everything will be fine thereafter. Please help me Kanha, please. She stands up dejectedly. Suddenly she hears a cow, and sees a kid with it. She asks him to unlock the door for her. She opens the door, but the kid and the cow is nowhere to be seen. The kirtan is over. Radhika takes her taali and sets off. The women gather on the side of the lake and do as the Mahamanji priest tells them to do. Radhika is hiding behind a rock a bit away from them. The women gathered are doing the aarti of the Yamuna River and let the deep float on the river. The priest explains the importance of this for the married woman and Radhika is listening. He says to pray for the welfare of your husband. Devki is tensed and is thinking that she has broken the most important patni dharma, I have broken his trust, and such a big thing has been hidden to him. When he will learn of this truth, how will he handle it, please god always be with him, keep him safe from all these worries. The women start to leave.

Precap: Radhika starts her pooja, puts a bit of sindoor in the water, does the aarti, leaves her diya to float and bows. Suddenly someone calls her and asks who this is. (I think it is the Mahamanji priest)

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