Choti Bahu 3rd July 09 – Written Update

Part I

Vishakha is with Deepika and the Purohit clan doing pooja. Deepika asks if she performed some rites and Vishaka nods confused. Deepika tells her she has to complete the pooja only with Dev and she leaves. Vishakha is looking around for Mirnalini who comes with her friend Ramona. Ramona looks at the thali in Vish\’s hand and asks if she is doing pooja. Vish says she has to because the family is forcing her. Ramona says its ok she also came to the pooja only because an article is being printed about her in a magazine and she needs some pictures in this setting. Vish is floored. She asks surprised if she is really getting her own article. Mrinu tells Vish that Ramona is one of the best known socialites here and is a big wig and will certainly help her. Ramona tells Vish that she has a friend named Chetna Sinha who suggested the herione in the last film by “papa”. Vish asks who is papa and Ramona says thats Yash uncle. Vish is shocked that Ramona knows Yash Chopra. Mrinu says Ramona not only knows them she parties with them regularly. Ramona gives vish the card for her friend and tells her to meet this person whenever she is in Mumbai and she\’ll call her friend and inform her about Vish beforehand. Vish is excited and says Ramona can really help her.

Vaishali hears the last part of the sentence and asks Vish what she needs help with. Vish says that she was trying to get Dev a gift which she couldn\’t find in Delhi so this lady will help her get it from abroad. Vaishali says to do that later and to come and finish the pooja. Vish comes with Vaishali to Dadi and tells them that she was waiting to light the deep because Dev is not here and she did not feel like doing it without him. Dadi just shakes her head in disappointment. Vaishali says Dev is here as Dev comes and says he was late because he didn\’t want to leave the work in the middle. Dadi again shakes her head. Vishakha is doing the rituals and on the other side Rads is doing the rituals too.

Part II

Rads and Vish are doing their pooja simultaneously. Vish puts her diya in the water but when she bends down the card that she had of Chetna Sinha falls in the water too. She hurriedly tries to grab the card and in the process she pours water over her diya and it goes off. Purohit family is upset. Dadi scolds Vish that her laparvahi has caused such apshagun. Vaishali tells Deepika to give Vish another diya. Rads on the other hand prays that this pooja she is doing for Dev\’s wellbeing and she did great mistake taking off her sindoor and not keeping her wifely duties so this is in remedy for it. She puts her diya in the water and is about to get up when Mahamanji calls to see who it is.

Radhika gets scared and turns around and Mahamanji asks who she is and why she is doing the pooja alone. Some ladies with him say that this is Radhika and she is not married so why is she doing this ritual. Shashtriji, Devki and Amma hear and are shocked. All villagers gather and start to says that Radhika is breaking all rules and this should not go unpunished. One woman says that they already had many questions regarding her birth and status but now they have to question her character too. Mahamanji says that she doesn\’t have sindoor and mangalsutr so she is not married and he asks if she doesn\’t know this is a sin for unmarried girls. Radhika is quiet. The villagers get angry and say that Radhika should be punished for this while the Shashtri family is worried and unable to say anything.

Part III

Dev feels strange and feels like Radhika is in trouble and he takes out the kanha locket from his pocket. He says that he knows no matter what Radhika says she always takes any decision to make others happy. He says he wishes for once she would take a decision for herself and fight for herself. He says it almost as a prayer looking at the kanha locket. In Virndavan, Radhika gets some courage and asks the villagers to listen to her first. She says she has not broken any rules or committed sin. The ladies get angrier saying how she is defending herself. Radhika says she has done what is her rightful adhikar. She says she has considered herself kanha\’s wife and is living her life like his Meera. One lady says they had believed her first when she had said this but now she has removed the sindoor from her head so they can\’t take her for face value. Mahamanji gets angry and says this girl has defiled the pure atmosphere of this festival. She has hurt the emotions of all the married women who do this pooja piously and still instead of apologizing for her mistake she is defending herself shamelessly so she deserves to be punished. He gets furious that Radhika has sinned and is then comparing herself to Meera.

Suddenly Shashtri ji speaks up. He tells Mahamanji that he doesn\’t live in Vridnavan so doesn\’t know about Radhika\’s kanha-bhakti. He explains how Radhika is the greatest kanha bhakt in this region and when she sings arti the whole environment becomes pure. So there is nothing wrong with her comparison to Meera and its not wrong if she considers herself Kanha\’s wife and does this pooja. He asks Mahamanji not to get involved in this matter as he is a guest and that they\’ll solve this issue amongst themselves. Mahamanji says that he is a guest so he won\’t interfere but he tells the villagers that what happened is great apshagun and they all will have to bare its consequence. The villagers get scared. Shashtriji says again that he not only knows but truly believes that Radhika is like Meera bai, because even Meera bai was greatly insulted in her time. He asks why they never understand the true nature of people when they are alive and ridicule them and its only when they leave us that we understand them for what they were and then worship them like gods. He says he won\’t let that happen to his daughter. One guy says that he may believe anything he likes about his daughter but a decision will be made regarding this matter tomorrow in the panchayat. Shashtri ji says that\’s fine because he knows that Kanha is with his daughter and his bhakti in Kanha is with him. He takes Radhika away.

Part IV

Purohits come back home and Vaishali tells Birju to set the dinner as everyone is hungry. Deepika goes to help and Vish and Mrinu sit down chatting. Dev starts to go to his room and tells Vaishali he doesn\’t want dinner. Vaishali tells him to eat something as he worked all day and he hasn\’t eaten anything. Dev says he ordered food for lunch and he is tired. Vaishali insists that he eats dinner and he agrees. Dadi was looking at Vish the whole time who was busy chatting with Mrinu. After Dev leaves Dadi scolds Vish for not being concerned about Dev. She asks Vish why Vaishali had to insist Dev to eat and why Vish didn\’t say anything. Dadi says its because of such behavior from Vish that Dev walks around sad and taken so much work load on himself. Vish gets a little angry and says its not because of her that Dev is upset.. but Vaishali motions Vish not to say anything standing behind Dadi. Vish remains quiet and Dadi asks her to continue what she was about to say. Vaishali clams Dadi down and takes her away while Mrinu walks away thinking what Vish was about to say.

Later, Vish is walking to her room when Mrinu meets her in the hall. She asks why Vish answered back downstairs and Vish says that Dadi was making a big deal out of such a small issue and she had to answer as Dev is the real reason for the distance between them not her. Mrinu has a sympathetic look and says they are both in the same boat. She has a husband who cannot love her and Vish\’s husband won\’t give her his love. She tells Vish not to get angry about it because its not her destination. She tells Vish that she is not going to be in this house forever as she will soon realize her dreams of becoming a star and then the same people who curse her now will stand in line to get her autograph. She tells Vish to chill in the meantime. Vish says she is worried because after that music video fiasco Dev is keeping an eye on her and she can\’t do anything. She leaves frustrated and Mrinu starts thinking.

Radhika brings water to Shashtriji and he tells her to sleep as he knows after today\’s events she wont\’ have any peace of mind. Radhika starts crying and apologizes for the insults Shashtriji got today due to her. She says because of her he had to even argue with Mahamanji and the villagers all raised their voice at him. Shashtri ji assures her that the day he got her from Kanha as a gift he had prepared himself for such hurdles. He asks her to be strong as even Meera bai had to endure such things all through her life. Radhika leaves and Shashtri ji thinks to himself that even though he gave courage to Radhika he is worried about tomorrow\’s outcome. He wonders what mindset the Panch would be in and thinks that even though he is praying for the best, he is also prepared for the worst.

Part 5

Purohits are having dinner and Mrinu asks Dev about the land he saw in Vrindavan. Dev tells them that a decision has not been made as the trustees were going to meet tonight and decide but he had to leave the meeting in the middle due to the pooja so a decision wasn\’t made when he left. Keshav walks in at that time and tells Dev that the trustees have decided to make the mutt in Vrindavan. Dev is surprised and says he had told them to look at another site. Keshav says that all the trustees agreed about the Vrindavan plot and Dadi also says she likes the trustees\’ decision. She says if Dev\’s dad was here he would also have chosen that land only. Dev is silent.

At night Dev is sitting in a rocking chair with a book with his eyes closed and Mrinu comes to talk to him. She slyly tells him that she understands his reason for not wanting to do this project in Vrindavan as he won\’t be able to face his in-laws after what happened that night. Dev gets up and asks what night she is talking about. She says about the night when Amma and Devki came.. and then she pretends that she wasn\’t supposed to say anything. She tells Dev to forget anything she said and leaves. Dev goes to the kitchen and Birju asks him he he wants something. Dev asks if he will give anything he asks. Birju wonders and Dev asks him to tell the truth. He asks what happened the night I was away from Delhi and Birju turns away. He says not to asks him anything and Dev says that he cannot lie today and if he does then Radhika is not there to make him understand so he will loose his Dev bhaiya forever. Birju tells him not to say such things and Dev asks him if Radhika left this house of her own will. Birju can\’t lie nor tell the truth so Dev puts his hand on his head and gives kasam to Birju and Birju says “no Radhika didn\’t leave this house of her own will”. END.

Precap: Dev says he knows something big is being hidden from him and to find out the truth he is going to Vrindavan.

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