Choti Bahu 6th July 09 – Written Update

Part 1

The episode begins with Birju telling Dev nahin Radhikaji apne marzi se ghar chodkar nahi gayi, unhe apmanit karke dhakke dekar unhe nikala gaya(no radhika did not leave on her own, she was insulted and thrown out of this house). Dev is shocked. Birju is crying. Dev is in shock and his anger mounts(they show his right fist tightened). Birju leans on his shoulder from behind and is crying. Dev is in tears asks she was insulted and then thrown out of this house but why? Everyone liked her so much so what happened, what did she do? Birju says no she did not do anything, she was just at the wrong place at the wrong time and everyone saw something and assumed it to be the truth. Dev asks what everyone saw. Birju says at midnight in the patio, she was with a man. Dev is frowning. Birju says and everyone thought that….Dev asks who was that guy, Birju replies he doesn\’t know. Dev says when it was a stranger, how could anyone think such bad things about Radhika. Dev says he could have been a thief, she could have been with him for any reason, so then how could they put such an accusation on such an innocent and pure girl like Radhika. Dev screams at Birju and says mujhse yeh baatein chuapayee kyun gayi, jab main lautkar ghar aaya toh mujhe yeh baatein bataye kyon nahi gayi (why was this hidden from me, when I came back, why didn\’t anyone tell me?) Birju says because I don\’t know why, I am a servant here and I did as I was told. Everyone told me to keep quiet and I kept quiet.

Dev is angry and leaves the kitchen and then enters Vivek\’s room.

Part 2

Vivek sees Dev and asks how come you did not sleep yet Dev? Dev just stares at Vivek and comes in. He asks Vivek how did you let such a thing happen? You had promised me that you would take care of Radhika. Vivek looks shocked. Dev says I remember every word you told me, you told me you don\’t worry, everyone will take care of her, nothing will happen to her, you go peacefully. Vivek tries to smile and says Dev aisa kuch bhi…(nothing like that) and then he sees Birju at the door and he knows Dev knows the truth. He is shocked and Dev says you forgot your promise, forget your promise you forgot humanity, Radhika was alone in this house, she was under our shadow and it was our duty to protect her but she was insulted and thrown out of this house? Dev is in tears. He bends down near Vivek and says you knew that the accusation against her was false, before accusing a girl like Radhika, even God would think twice. Vivek looks down. Dev says with such a girl, such an injustice was done sat and looked on quietly.

Dev gets up and walks away but looks back and says I will ask Ma and Dadi, how did their conscience let them bear it? Vivek stops Dev and says please dont talk to them about this matter and says if we kept quiet, it was only for the sake of this family. Dev says ek beguna ko saza dekar is ghar ka kya bhala hoga bhaiya(by punishing an innocent one, what good will come to this house?) and now it has become very important to know what has happened that Radhika was quiet but why? Vivek looks down. Dev says usse beguna saabit karke main use is ghar mein wapis le aaonga (I will prove her innocent and get her back in this house). Vivek and Birju look on.

Dev then proceeds towards the dining room area where Dadi and Vaishali were leaving. Vishaka was leaving upstairs. Dev says Dadi, Ma I have to tell you all something. Vivek and Birju come to the living room area. Vishaka turns around. Vaishali says now? Dev says yes now, I have decided that the new mutt will be built in Vrindavan. Dadi says but you were thinking…Dev interrupts her and says I have taken this decision after lot of thinking. Vivek looks up. Dadi, Vaishali and Vishak seem happy. Dev says noone can change this decision and there will be no delay in getting this started. Dev leaves and Dadi says I am proud of his decision.

Part 3

Back in Vrindavan, Amma is telling Devki all the people have become against Shastriji, this unlucky girl has done such a deed that god knows if the panchayat will forgive him. Every resident of Brij is talking about only one thing, Radhika has put an obstacle in the puja and Shastrji also defended this kulakshini(devil/witch) instead of scolding her and even argued with the mahanmanthji, kudh hi jaake kulhadi pe paar maro hai (he hit his own foot on the ax). Amma says God knows what punishment he will get and what more we have to see because of this janamjali(insult word). Amma gets up and walks and says where is this girl, before the residents of Brij give a punishment, I will send her to hell. I have lost all patience, I have to show Radhika her proper place. Amma goes to search for Radhika.Radhika is in her room and is praying to Kanha, Amma gets there and says what drama are you playing now, your desire to ruin this house has come true hasn\’t it? The panchayat is on Shastriji because of you. You call yourself Kanha\’s wife, why didn\’t your mouth catch fire before speaking such a lie. Amma says you think I don\’t know who you consider Kanha, what are you doing in the room, come out.

Radhika comes out, Amma says why are you crying, I know these are all crocodile tears. When I forbid you to go and perform the puja, then why did you come? I even locked you in, you got out calling one of your lovers. Shastriji arrives there and is shocked to hear this. Shastriji says Amma, you locked Radhika? Amma says yes, I had no other choice. Shastriji says Radhika is my daughter, she is not a prisoner that you locked her up. Radhiak is in tears. Shastriji says I am ashamed to think you did this to her. Amma says what about what she has done? Shastriji says she has not done anything wrong, I know and Kanha knows, therefore I am not scared to face the panchayat. Now please go and rest. Amma says I am trying to rest but rather than see the destruction of my family, I ask God to drown me in the Yamuna. Amma starts fake crying and then leaves.

Back in Delhi, Vishaka is in her nightgown getting ready to sleep and is combing her hair. She says soon dev will be in Vrindavan to construct the mutt and I will be on way to Mumbai, no boundaries, just freedom. Dev enters and goes toards Vishaka and says you knew Radhika was insulted and thrown out of this house and even then you were quiet and didn\’t do anything. Vishaka is shocked. Dev says how could you let that happen? Dev says main such jaanna chahta hoon Vishaka, kaun tha woh aadmi (I want to know the truth, who was that man). Vishaka says what do you think I didn\’t try to save her? I also tried to prove her innocence in front of the family, but she should have helped me. Even I was thinking that why did she call that man here? Instead of helping me, she accepted the fact that she only called him here. Dev is shocked. Vishaka says then what could I do, how could I help her in front of the family members? In front of my eyes, my sister was insulted and thrown out and I was quietly watching. Dev says par main chup nahin rahonga (but I will not keep quiet). Vishaka is surprised. Dev says I will go to Vrindavan and get the truth from Radhika. Vishaka is shocked. Dev says I will bring out the proof of her innocence, Dev then leaves the room, Vishaka says now I am no longer worried about the truth being out, by the time you get back, I will be far far away in my land of dreams and then laughs to herself.

Part 4

Vishaka is by the tulsi tree and smiles and says to herself that this is the last time I will be doing puja here, today Mrinalini will give me the money and I will go to Mumbai. Vaishali comes and gives her the plate for starting the puja, she starts the puja. Dadi and Vaishali look at each other, Vishaka is smiling while praying. Vishaka offers Dadi and Vaishali aarti. Dadi sees Birju walking by and asks how come he got up so early. Birju says I have to pack up Dev\’s stuff, he wanted to leave early. Dadi is surprised. Vaishali says where? Birju says Vrindavan. Vaishali says he already left so and that too without telling anyone? Vishaka is smiling from ear to ear. Vaishali asks what was the hurry. Vishaka turns around and smiles to Kanha. Suddenly Dadi tells Vishaka, Choti Bahu you also pack up yout things and leave for Vrindavan. Vishaka is shocked. Dadi says it is the duty of the wife to be with her husband, and Dev has gone for some good work, you stay with him and be his support. Vishaka says but there are so many responsibilities here. Dadi says you stay a few days with your dad and mom then you will be able to learn the household responsibilities from there and then you will be able to perform your responsibilities better. Vishaka is upset. Dadi tells Birju that once her stuff is packed, leave her at Vrindavan. Vishaka is upset.

Meanwhile in Vrindavan, a basket of flowers falls from Radhika\’s hand and she is picking it up. Shastriji comes and tells her to hurry and prepare for the aarti. Radhika looks worried, Shastriji tells her not to be upset and have faith. Radhika leaves with Shastriji, Amma and Devki looks at both of them. Radhika is leaving, Amma watched her. As Radhika walks by to the temple, everyone in town is looking at her and whispering and pointing at her. She reaches the temple, and Nandu comes running saying Didi didi. Radhika asks him why he is so afraid, Nandu says the temple., Radhiak says what happened to the temple. She takes Nandu and runs towards the temple, all the villagers are whispering, don;t let her go to the temple and they lock the temple gates and lock it. Shasstriji arrives and asks what is happened, Radhika says they are locking up the temple. Someone tells Shastriji that all the people should listen, as we all know the panchayat has been called on Shastriji and till a decision is not made, the temple gates will be closed. Till a decision is made on Shastriji\’s adopted daughter, he cannot take part in any temple activity nor perform in any puja and he cannot call himself Shastriji till a decision is taken. Shastriji and Radhika are shocked.

Precap: The Panchayat member is saying that you have to remove Radhika as well as your family from Vrindavan. Amma, Devki and Shastriji are shocked, The Panchayat member says this is our decision and it has to be implemented now. Suddenly Dev says rukiye(stop). Shastriji is shocked to see Dev there.

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