Pavitra Rishta 7th July 09 – Written Update

Part 1:

Vinod comes home with Punni in his hands. Sulochana asks,” Vinod, Are you going somewhere?”. Vinod replies,” Yes, Mom. I am going to get Manju from her mom\’s place”. Sulochana replies,” Why? Let her stay their a couple of days. Her mother will like it and so, will she”. Vinod replies,” Well, we were going to watch a movie”. Everyone is suprised at this romance. Vaishali says,” Alone! I will go too”. Vinod replies,” Not this time. I only go two tickets. Next time”. Vaishali says,” Everything is planned and we don\’t even know?”. Vinod replies,” Manju doesn\’t know either it is a suprise!”. Vaishali is about to say something when Archana interupts her and says,” Don\’t listen to her. Today Punni will eat with me!”. Vinod says Good-bye and is in a very happy mood. On his way out Sulochana reminds him to take Manju to a nice restaurant too. They then show Manju standing all alone in the middle of a party in her house. Her mother see\’s her and comes up to her. Her mother says,” What\’s wrong?”. Manju replies,” Ajit is still mad at me”. Her mother says,” Come …Come”. Manju says,” BUT!”. Manju goes to her brother and congratulates him. He looks at his mother. She says,” Why are you looking at me. You\’re sister came to solve things first now stop being stubborn there is nothing above love”. Manju continues,” Her a wrist watch in a lettuce design. You like that right??\’. They hug. Manju says,” Leave the anger!”. Her brother says,” Ok!”. They have a family hug and their mother smiles. [Very Sweet Moment] You then see Vinod coming very wet and soggy. He takes off his wet jacket and fixs his hair. He is about to ring the bell. When all of a sudden he hears,” HAPPY BIRHTDAY TO YOU!”. He opens the door and see\’s a bunch of people and Manju\’s mother just fine. He then remembers what Manju said about her mother being sick. [ She LIED] Vinod thinks to himself,” How could Manju do this, lie and not even invite me to the party?”. He enters. You then see Manju talking to her brother she says,” HAPPY?”. He replies,” HAPPY! Today has helped me forget everything that happened. Now, that Archana\’s marriage is broken with a high class society. I would have felt really bad if that happened”. Vinod then spots Manju and her family laughing and smiling in the corner he is walking up to them. HE IS VERY ANGRY and HAS HEARD EVERYTHING!

Part 2:

Vinod is face to face to Manju\’s brother. Vinod says something about Dushmani and betrayal. [ Manju is VERY UPSET! at this point ] Manju\’s mother says,” No, you are misunderstood”. Vinod replies,” NO today all of them have been cleared. Ajit you\’re wedding broke because of WHAT YOU DID! Ohh.. and how can I forget you [ Manju\’s mother] You came to say sorry to my mother right. My mother became the bigger one and forgave you. I cannot believe that you would plan such a thing! AJIT! How could you do such a thing to someones sister when you have a sister yourself! TELL ME THE TRUTH DID YOU DO THIS ! I WILL SEND YOU TO JAIL! [ He greabs him by the collar] I WILL NEVER FORGIVE YOU ! I have forgotten that you are Manju\’s brother!”. Manju\’s brother says,” Enough is Enough! You have talked enough! It is true I HATE ARCHANA! She ruined my career!”. He then looks at Manju and then says,” Of course I wanted Archana\’s wedding to break. But, I didn\’t do it”. Vinod replies,” LIES! You are doing this to save you\’re sisters wedding! No one else could have broken this wedding besides you!”. Ajit says,” I DIDNT BREAK THE WEDDDINGGG!!!!! Why would I do that? You\’re sisters wedding broke because of her character? So, many boy\’s have already rejected her. It was bound to happen again!”. Vinod says,” SHUT UP! Don\’t you even say one more thing about my sister! If I want I can say anything and get you to say anything. I won\’t do that because you will embaress my sister AGAIN! Right, Manju! They are happy that my sister\’s wedding broke and maybe you are too! Since, you lied at home and came here to celebrate!”. Manju says,” Noo…”. Vinod says,” You\’re right! I never could understand you\’re family. I know that you\’re house has no place for my family. But, now I know there is no place FOR ME! You have broken MY TRUST! … you will be punished! [ EVERYONE IS SCARED!] AJIT you were happy with breaking my sisters wedding RIGHT! Now, listen and listen well. I am leaving MANJU HERE FOREVER! So, YOU know what heart ache you get when you\’re sister is sitting at HOME!”. He LEAVES! Manju is running after him and crying [ FIRST TIME SHE IS BEING SINCERE!] Her mother stops her and says,” STOP! He didn\’t think once that you are his wife and his childs mother. If you run after him today DO NOT EXPECT ANY SUPPORT FROM US!”. Her mother leaves and so does her brother. Manju is left their crying. [Back at Manav\’s house]
Manav\’s father looks at the food and says,” Could you not make anything better???”. Manav\’s mother replies,” In order to make something good, you need good supplies, which you need money for, which we don\’t have a lot of and, you\’re father didn\’t leave anything here beside you which is no GOOD!”. Her father replies,” And you are good?”. In the midst of all of this Manav is thinking about Archana\’s house. Where Archana was making Pakora. Manav says,” The pakora are really good !”. Everyone looks at the food and they see no pakora they are all confused!
Part 3:

Her mother says,” HEY!”. Manav\’s brother says,” This is a Pehdi”. Manav\’s mother says,” This is not a pakora??”. Manav says,” Noo.. I was thinking of something else”. Manav brother leaves and reminds him that the food is NOT PAKORA!”. Manav father says,” You ate pakora at the temple today?”. Manav replies,” No..”. Manav\’s father replies,” Then who\’s hand made pakora did you eat today?”. Manav replies,” No.. Onne…”. Manav\’s father replies,” Don\’t lie to me. This is the first time you are stuttering while talking to me, you didn\’t come in between our fight and, you were lost the whole time. Don\’t hide it from me. I see it in the nataks. It is either when a hero has been beat up by his father or they are in love”. Manav looks down. His father continues,” I didn\’t do anything too you so, are you in love”. Manav is shy and gets up and walks away! Manav\’s father thinks to himself,” If Manav finds a ood irl his life will be perfect!”. On the other side at Archana\’s house her father is saying the exact SAME THING! Archana is giving everyone there food. Once Archana is gone her mother says,” We can\’t find the perfect boy sitting at home we have to search for him!!!!”. Her father then smiles and is thinking about everything that Manav is done that is so PERFECT! [ YES! ] They show a park. Vinod is sitting their very upset. A old man comes up to Vinod and says,” I hhaavvee beeennn hunnggrryy forr 2 dayyss. Can you spare some channggee? God willl bleessss yoouuu”. Vinod is getting out the money and gives it to the man he bless\’ him. Vinod then sees the movie tickets in his hands. He rips them up and is about to cry[ =[ ] He then see\’s a couple laughing and sitting together. He then remembers when that used to be him and Manju. They show a scene where Vinod was freaking out about how they will get married because he is middle class and they are high class. Then Manju is explaining to him that she will adjust and so will her family by accpeting his family! Vinod then thinks to himself,” What happened Manju you helped Ajit in such a low deed? You said you would adjust and you couldn\’t even accept one family?”. On the other side. Manju\’s mother is yelling at Manju saying,” STOP THIS CRYING! Before, the wedding you said BIG things like you can\’t live without each other! You married him going AGAINST ME! What happened now? Where did you\’re love go? If he really loved you he would never even speak about leaving you! At least once he should have thought about you and his daughter! I know that we are not family so, we don\’t expect any respect but, too you???

Part 4:

Manju\’s mother continues,” YOU WERE SOOO sure that he would give you hapiness! NOW LOOK! That\’s it until he doesn\’t come here and ask for forgivness, YOU WILL NOT GO BACK TO THAT HOUSE!”. Manju is scared and Shocked. She says,” Mom…”. Her mother says,” Do you not have any self respect?”. Manju says,” I do… but, Vinod has alot of good things too. I know I don\’t like that house. But, I cannot hear anything against Vinod…”. Her mother replies,” I am not saying anything against Vinod. But, listen… Vinod could leave you at any time for his family. You have NO effect on him. If you want to have some effect then you have to make him go seperate from his family. For that family you SLAPPED you\’re brother! That house was never yours and never will be! You\’re Saas & Archana as long as they are there you will always get treated as a in-law [ She moves beside her ] You are this house\’s daughter. I cannot see you bowing down to them everytime! I\’m you\’re mother! There is nothing above you\’re hapiness for me! What ever I will do is for the better for you! DONT THINK ABOUT THE FAMILY! THINK ABOUT YOU”RE SELF! All the things her mother has said are echoing in her mind. She is crying. This Concludes the Episode!

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